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A Year, Anew

I wish you all a wonderful New Year.

May 2008 bring with it everyday magic, the kind that makes this year the one you remember right through to the end of the next.

(“Don’t forget that we send lots of licks and tail-wags, too, Mum!”)



Encomium to the Soap Star Bloggers

As the year winds its way to a close, I’ve decided to reflect back on my 2-month long participation in the world o’ blogging and what I’ve learned thus far. So: not resolutions, exactly; just a recap. This will also likely be my final true post of the year (not counting the pre-dated, automated post […]


TV and the Treadmill

I’ve never been much interested in team sports (but even if I were, being perennially chosen as the “anchor” in tug of war, being last–always–to be picked for any team in grade school, and having to wear those navy blue bloomers in gym class, beat every last trace of desire out of me). Instead, when […]


A Joy: Pot Luck Club

I’m still quite new to blogging, and I certainly proved it last evening. At my house was a group of six amazing women–three whom I met at my nutrition school, one from a long-ago volunteer gig, and the last as a participant in one of my (now defunct) cooking classes–and each brought at least […]


Brussels Sprouts Even My Honey Will Eat

Well, I’m behind schedule, as usual, and I’m hosting a pot luck dinner tonight to which the guests will be arriving soon. Of course, neither sleet nor snow nor tardiness nor potlucks will keep me from posting to Holidailies, so this will be a short post.

All the recent talk of veggies got me thinking […]


Dogged Determination to Get It Right

There’s nothing better than celebrating a special holiday with balance. A bounty of food and alcohol may abound, but the best approach is to simply eat well, eat with a level head, and enjoy the abundance without going overboard. Wake up the next day feeling great, ready to take on the day as if the […]


Wishes for a Wonderful Day

Whether you’ve just woken up to find the Big Guy has already arrived, or whether you’re spending your day in some other way, here’s wishing you a day filled with fun, happiness, and the love of friends and family.

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it’s wonderful.

If not, enjoy the […]


Last Minute Christmas Cookie

Talk about under the wire. Here it is, the LAST DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS, and I’m still experimenting with baking cookies (and still posting to Holidailies). And guess what? I think I’ve hit on something.

I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas sugar cookie for years. Ever since I had to alter my diet and cut […]


It’s Not Okay to Be Fat

Am I a glutton for punishment? (or maybe just a glutton). No, I’m not talking about Holidailies. What I’m referring to is a topic so highly polemical that I am probably setting myself up for all manner of excoriation by discussing it. But this issue has been weighing on my mind, and the rest of […]


Cupcake Challenge and a Cookie Recipe

Every year, when my sisters and I were kids, for our birthdays we each got a made-from-scratch, personally decorated birthday cake for our party. One year it was Little Bo Peep, another it was Barbie, still others it was a pretty array of colorful frosting flowers splashed across a chocolate rectangle. Cake, always cake; but […]