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As a new blogger, I’m still awestruck by the plethora of different sites, writers, events, and contests that seem to materialize in the blogosphere on a regular basis.  This month, for instance, as I read through the latest post at Forest Street Kitchen, I learned about a December event called Holidailies, where bloggers are asked to post once a day for the month of December.

What the heck, I figured, I’m already stressed out to the max, so why not add yet another item to my “to-do” list every day?

So here I am, determined to post something every day of December (starting now).  I also really liked imagineannie’s idea of having specific themes or motifs for each day of the week, so I’m going to steal that concept and hope she won’t mind.  It must be the perpetual university student in me; I love the notion of organizing in advance, outlining a writing task, even though I’ve not written an academic essay in, oh, maybe 28 years or so.

Especially since imagineannie has been writing about copyright lately, I would never presume to steal her exact topics, which would be outright plagiarism, as we all know.  So instead, I’ve divided the seven days of each week into three topics, reflective of my blog’s title:  Four days about diet and diet-related matters; 2 days about desserts; and 1 day about dogs.  My week will, hopefully, go something like this:

  1. Sundays:  Diet.  Progress Tracker, since that’s my weigh-in day, anyway.
  2. Mondays: Dessert.   Some new little treat for the holidays.
  3. Tuesdays: Diet. Something connected to my own dieting experience, or other ideas about diets and/or dieting.
  4. Wednesdays: Dogs.  Mid-week levity about, or from, The Girls.
  5. Thursdays: Diet. NAG-friendly recipe.
  6. Fridays: Dessert. Something great for the weekend, or information about healthy desserts.
  7. Saturdays: Diet.  More musings, or reactions to other theories or books/blogs/sites on dieting or healthy eating, especially those that have suggestions for eating during the holidays.

So, here it is, Saturday, and already I’d like to break the pattern, as I would LOVE to write about the amazing Frosted Banana-Oat Squares I made for dessert tonight!  But that will give y’all something to look forward to on Monday, I hope.

Looking forward to this, my first-ever participation in a blogging event!


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  • imagineannie

    She doesn’t mind. 🙂 Good luck; I’ll be reading!!


  • Thanks so much for stopping by here. Your encouragement and graciousness are much appreciated (and of course it was intended as the sincerest form of flattery!).


  • Welcome to Holidailies! I love food, and I love dogs, so I am really looking forward to your December entries. Looking around, I love your food pictures. Yummmmmmm. Happy December!


  • Hi Stone Girl,

    Thanks so much for your welcoming message. I peeked at your blog, too, and am sure I’ll enjoy your own Holidailies. From Maui!! I am terribly envious (and also of your recent victory–congratulations!). I noticed that you mention you’re lactose intolerant, so thought you might be interested to know that all my recipes are lactose free, too.


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