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Multiple Blog Disorder (DSM IV)

We’ve been having endless gloomy weather lately, which always gets me thinking in macro mode about my life and career: where they are now, where they are (or aren’t) heading, and where I’d like them to be.  Quite often, it boils down to the issue of focus: I just don’t seem to have much.

In fact, I’m one of those people who might start to clean my house at 9:00 AM by dusting in the living room, only to happen across a stray cardigan lying on the comfy black chair, so I pick it up and take it to the bedroom to put it away, and then notice the dog’s bone on the floor, so I pick it up and take it over to where the dogs’ pillows are, where I notice as I toss it that there’s a full wastepaper basket beside the desk, so I pick it up to take it downstairs to the garbarge can, but when I get there, I notice that big cup of tea I left steeping on the kitchen counter, except by now it’s cold, so I pick it up and put it in the microwave to reheat for 30 seconds, during which time I wander to the kitchen table and notice my daybook that I left there last night, so I pick it up and take it to my office where I notice a magazine I bought last week and never did read, so I pick it up and well maybe there are some good recipes for my blog in here, so I’ll just take a little peek. . .ooh, look, isn’t baby Suri cute?  and wow, I had no idea that there were so many undiagnosed women’s illnesses! and what?  are they kidding?  who’d wear THAT in the middle of winter?? and by the time I next look up, it’s 5:45 PM, I forgot to eat lunch, there’s cold tea in the microwave, my HH will be home any minute, and the house could really use a good cleaning. 

Hmm.  Now what was I talking about?  Oh, yes.  Focus.  

Well, I noticed that this same lack of focus could be detected in my blog. By now, I’ve been visiting other blogs long enough to realize that mine is a bit of an anomaly in the field: it has food info and recipes.  It has diet rants and musings.  It has talking dogs. 

Most blogs zero in on one main theme or topic, but I just can’t seem to narrow it down.  I began to wonder if perhaps I was being unfair to those poor, unsuspecting readers who happened upon the blog and found a recipe, only to return the next day to be faced with a diatribe about chocolate addiction. Or what about those other chocaholics who share my weight issues, and discover a story about how my dear Elsie acquired her name the next time they visit? 

The whole issue got me thinking quite a bit about why I write about the things I do in this blog.  It even prompted me to revamp my “About” page to include a fairly lengthy bit of background.

In the end, I realized there’s no point agonizing about it. The blog is an amalgam of my various parts, and I guess it will have to reflect those. And while I hope it’s not just a “cheese sandwich” blog, it does occasionally focus on the minutaie of my life that, most likely, are of very little interest to anyone else but my closest friends and family (who, as it turns out, have never seen this blog!).  So if I wander from diets, to dessert, to dogs and back again, I hope you’ll forgive me and allow me that little lack of focus.  At least I haven’t offered to clean your house.

Mum, we think the house is just fine as it is.  .  . the dust bunnies just make our beds softer.”


7 comments to Multiple Blog Disorder (DSM IV)

  • I like your blog just as it is.


  • Megan,

    Thanks, as always. But, inspired by you (http://stevemegan.blogspot.com/2008/01/being-david-hasselhoff.html), I may decide one day to change things around here and run a contest of my own!


  • I think your blog is fine for incorporating all the things you love, plus they do relate to each other, so it isn’t that off topic. I say keep on keeping on!

    Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!


  • Jenn,
    Thanks for the vote of approval. (Besides, I’m too hooked to stop now.) 😉


  • I think the title of your blog says it is a little esoteric which appeals to me – as I tend to lose focus in exactly the way you described and I ramble a lot on my blog too! There are enough focused blogs out there for those who don’t want to read your musings.


  • Johanna,

    Well, if I’m a little esoteric, that’s fine by me :). Nice to hear that someone else has a meandering mind, as well!


  • somihn

    Dude, your blog is the first one I ever took the time to actually read. Part of it is because you use words that show up on the GRE (of which I am studying for. In fact, peregrination – which showed up on your blog – was on my practice test the other day! hahahaha). Another part of it is because your recipes are healthy and delicious. And yet another part of it is relating to some of the struggles you share with us. And plus you have an entertaining writing voice that makes me feel like I’m reading a book. So I’m not complaining!


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