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Hello, Goodbye


Okay, now, prepare yourselves.  I am about to be completely serious (I know!  It’s just so not like me).  No cute little puns, no jokes, no sarcastic remarks about Ms. You-Know-Who and her trademark belly laugh and equally ample lack of talent (Oops.  I guess that sort of did count as a kind of sarcastic remark, didn’t it? Sorry, just can’t help myself). 

But now back to my sober message.

My words are totally sincere, and entirely from the heart:

 You Guys Are Great.  You’re The Best.  YOU ROCK!!

(Sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you or anything, but I just had to say it). 

I simply can’t thank you all enough for the incredible support, advice and encouragement you’ve given me over the past few weeks as I’ve struggled yet again with my diet.  And I can’t express enough what an amazing bunch you are!

Over the years, I’ve dieted countless times, with my weight bouncing up, tumbling down, or hanging on in-between.  And yes, I’ve certainly dealt with setbacks and difficulties in this area before.  Still, while my friends and family are truly supportive and have always accepted me without lecturing or negativity, there’s only so much they can say or do (and they can only say or do it so many times). 

But hearing from readers and other bloggers who have themselves gone through the same food-related challenges and learning about what you do/don’t do, and reading your kind comments–well, that’s just had a completely different effect, one that’s been incredibly motivating and reinvigorating for me.  And even though we haven’t met in person, I feel as if I’ve gotten to know so many of you.

So thanks again, everyone, and thanks for continuing to read.  I love knowing that you’re out there and love being part of this community.

 (Temporary) GOODBYE:

Having said that, I must now bid you all adieu for a short while.  I’ve been so overwhelmed with work quentinbday.jpg (both my job and my part-time business)  in the past couple of weeks that I’ve fallen sorely behind, and I’m sure the stress of never being caught up is also contributing to my illicit chocolate encounters (or should that last simply be “encounters with my friend who also gets me into mischief”?). 

[Agave-based vanilla layer cake with agave-based lemon frosting]

After this past weekend of baking three huge orders for customers in between work, The Girlsmy HH and my best friend’s big bash for her hubby (which is supposed to be fun, right?), I realized I need a bit of time to put things in order. (I’ve said this before, and it bears repeating:  I am in awe of mothers with little kids.  How on EARTH do you get everything done??)


[Sucanat-based Cinnamon Buns]

So I’m going to be taking a break from the blog for a few days until I get caught up and can give it the attention it deserves. 


[Single-layer chocolate fudge cake with agave-based chocolate frosting]

I am feeling forlorn already. . . I can’t tell you how much I will miss the daily camaraderie, hearing from you all, and reading your blogs every day. 

But I promise to have some great recipes when I return–last Friday, I received my copy of Vegan Express in the mail (courtesy of the marvelous Susan V of Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen, as a result of her wonderful Vegetable Love event).  I’ve already chosen the recipes I want to make and can’t wait to blog about them. . . so stay tuned!

“See” you all again soon!


[Oh, Mum, it’s just sooooo tedious when you’re working all the time. . . ]


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  • Falling behind, I know the feeling well. For me, it’s been trying to catch up w/ blogging activities. Sorry you are stressing. See you when you return. Hugs to the girls. : )

    P.S. – I have every plan to bake those bean brownies…once my oven is fixed. : {


  • Enjoy your hiatus! We all need a break once in a while!


  • We will miss you! Come back soon!


  • hope you have a nice break ricki – blogging can be all-consuming and so I think it is good to know you can have a blog holiday and your blogging buddies will welcome you back when you are ready – well I will be anyway!


  • Blog-breaks. We all need them.

    What starts as a hobby nearly always becomes all-consuming!

    Relax, breathe, and enjoy it. You will feel better for the break though you will, of course, be sorely missed.


  • First of all, those cakes look so yummy!

    Secondly, I know exactly how you feel. I used to blog 7 days a week until it became chore like with household things following behind. I took a week off and felt renewed. Also I quit blogging on the weekends. Now it is something I do Mon-Fri for a just a few hours per week.

    Enjoy and I hope you get caught up!


  • I am SO impressed with those cakes!

    Enjoy your holiday; we’ll all be here when you get back! In the mean time, I’ll be going through all your archived recipes for my diet, dessert and dogs fix 🙂


  • You are a real inspiration, Ricki. And your entries make me laugh everytime! I look forward to them. I know how much life can get in the way of blogging (or is it the other way around?) I hope you get caught up soon because I can’t wait to read your future blog entries!! Good luck. You deserve all the best.


  • You can only take so much in your life at one time, and I’m proud of you for recognizing you need balance.

    I’ll look forward to your return when you’re feeling a bit less stressed. 🙂


  • Way to freak me out! I finally find your blog and you have to say goodbye…as long as it is temporary, I’ll be ok! I guess I will just have to work my way through your archives! enjoy the time off! 🙂


  • Courtney

    All of your baked goods look and sound awesomely amazing and delicious! Wow!

    You will be missed while you are gone, however, I hope that your break leaves you feeling a bit less stressed and gives you a chance to get caught up!



  • The cakes are making my sweet tooth act up. Relax and -try- not to stress!! (And eat tasty healthy things!)


  • I will miss you! On the other hand good for you for taking care of yourself!! xo Meg


  • Those treats look amazing!

    I hope you can get everything accomplished that you need to.. I’ve had to take time off from blogging a lot… life gets in the way!

    btw, the salad in your previous post looks SOO good…


  • Enjoy your break! 🙂 The cakes look great and those cinnamon rolls, oh my.


  • We will miss you… I eagerly await your return!

    You’re so wise, though, to take a break when one is needed… Sending lots of good luck and warm wishes for smooth sailing your way…

    Your confections look gorgeous! Wow! Since I am new to your blog, be assured that I am happily enjoying your archived recipes… 🙂


  • Hey Everyone,
    Thanks, all, for your well-wishes (as you can see, I’ve haven’t cut myself off entirely just yet). I’ll post proper replies when I get back, but for now, just. . . THANKS.


  • Awww, enjoy your break! And thank YOU for being a great blogger with such interesting posts :o).


  • Ricki – well done for realising you need a break and taking it. Your blog should never become another “chore”, another thing on the to-do list which grinds you down. Enjoy your break and look forward to hearing about your adventures when you get back.


  • I hope you enjoy your break Ricki. Blogging can be quite a lot of work. Very much looking forward to your future posts.


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