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Five Things

Well, the HH and I just returned yesterday from a quick weekend jaunt to Montreal to visit with family and friends (more on that next time), which means I haven’t had time to cook over the past few days.  A food post will have to wait, and so. . .  

Since I was tagged recently by the lovely A-K of Swell Vegan to tell 5 things about myself, I thought I’d share those those today instead.  Spending 6 hours in the car yesterday did afford some time to think of new things to include (which seems to be getting harder and harder, as the blog itself more or less broadcasts such info daily!).  Here goes:

1) Even though I was born and raised in Montreal, I am one of those few ex-Montrealers who prefers Toronto to my native city.  I moved here in 1983 and feel as if Toronto is where I really grew up and developed an adult identity.  I love that Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world; that it’s number three in the world (only after New York and London) for live theater; that it hosts the “premier[e] film festival in North America” as well as North America’s largest literary festival; that it’s the original home of comedic greats like Mike Myers, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Martin Short and Jim Carrey; that is has fantastic, world-class restaurants, as well as personal favorites like this and this and this. So come on, visit!  I’d be happy to show you around when you’re here. 🙂 (And no, I don’t work for the tourist bureau!)

2) I am a real sucker for sappy movies and even some television commercials: like every female character in Sleepless in Seattle who was confronted with that scene in An Affair to Remember, I turn on the waterworks if I watch anything sentimental (and especially anything with sad puppies. . .*sigh*).  When my sisters and I were kids, we’d tease my mother mercilessly about her “soft” streak.  For years, I was mortified to have inherited her mushiness; more recently, however, I’ve just come to accept it.  So, I’m a sap; what the heck.  (The first time the HH observed this trait in me, he had glanced over as we sat beside each other in a darkened movie theater; there I was, silently watching the film, my cheeks streaming with tears. At first, he found this odd behaviour a bit alarming; nowadays, he just rolls his eyes and hands me a tissue).

3) Some people are ocean people; some are woodsy-forest people.  I’m in the latter group (it’s one of my “dog-like qualities,” the HH tells me).  One of my friends was literally so drawn to the ocean that she quit her job and moved across the country to live near it.  My own dream home would be situated smack in the middle of a huge forested lot, surrounded by meadows and trees of every kind and trails along which The Girls could gambol to their hearts’ content. I love the smells of the forest–pine trees, damp mossy patches after a rainfall, maple sap, fresh grass and even the scent of dandelions.  And since walking is my favorite form of exercise, I love a good walk through the woods (though am not a huge fan of the creepy creatures who inhabit it–viz, bugs, snakes, spiders, etc.) This isn’t to say that I don’t wish to remain close to civilization, of course–just that I want enough space around my home to see trees and green in every direction. 

[“Love to gambol, Mum! Yes, please, go ahead and get that property!”]

4) I wrote my PhD thesis on a little-known American short-story writer named Katherine Anne Porter.  I read her novella, Pale Horse, Pale Rider, as an undergrad, and felt such a strong connection to it that I immediately went out and devoured the rest of her works; I decided then and there that I’d have to write about her.  While researching my thesis, I discovered that I was even more entranced by her astonishing life–much stranger than fiction–than her writing.  To learn more about her, you can go here.

5) Even though I studied English literature and psychology in university, in a game of Trivial Pursuit, I’d excel most at the category, “popular culture.”  I thoroughly enjoy most movies, television, and trashy magazines.  I am addicted to a soap opera  (thankfully, only one)–something else I inherited from my mother–and I watch faithfully while plodding along on my treadmill.  If I ever won one of those contests to have a cameo role on my soap, I’d be in New York City before you could say “Procter and Gamble.”  In fact, I once created a course at the college where I teach, called “Serialized Fictions,” which dealt with Victorian serial novels, radio serial dramas, serialized comic books, and, yup–soap operas.

Well, for this one, I think I won’t tag anyone specific, but will open up the fun anyone who’d like to play along.  Consider yourself tagged!


9 comments to Five Things

  • You make Toronto sound amazing! I’ve never been, but I would love to visit someday, and I might have to take you up on your offer. 😉


  • Romina,

    C’mon down! (But wait for spring, at least–no snow!!) 😉


  • Such fun facts!!

    Can’t wait to read about your recent trip to Montreal!!


  • It’s cool to see the facts.

    Thanks for the mallow tip. I already have a deal with Alice at anglefood for a group order. I haven’t ordered yet because I’ve been trying to perfect my own. I suppose I should cave and order. Maybe if I see someone elses in the making I’ll get better ideas.

    Bryanna’s marshmallow post is what set me off, I think. lol


  • I think if given the choice of NYC or Toronto to visit, I would have to chose Toronto.

    I too grew up watching that soap and am horrified Lily is leaving!


  • I guess it’s time then that I fessed up to my twice weekly addiction to Tne Bold and the Beautiful…

    You know, we are more alike than I would have believed. I love the beach, but only in winter when its empty. Far prefer woods and hills and absolute privacy.

    Toronto sounds fabulous.


  • Interesting stuff – you have me curious about toronto which is a place I had never been terribly interested in visiting although I would love to visit canada so if I ever do toronto will now be on the wish list – and I love the soap stuff – I go on and off soaps – especially loved the british soaps – they are so grim and gloomy! And I think I am a seaside person because I grew up close to one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world but also love a good eerie old forest (just not enough around where I live)


  • Haha, this tag thing just won’t end… oh well, I enjoyed learning more about you, my friend.


  • VeggieGirl,
    Thanks! The trip wasn’t all that exciting, in the end, but still fun to see family!

    So funny about the marshmallows! I’ll be curious to see what you come up with over the then while (and will post about them as soon as I’ve tried them out).

    Grumpy Chair,
    I know–I was horrified about Lily, too! (Apparently they’ve already picked a new one. . ). As to NY vs. TO, I’ve read that Toronto is like the “New York of Canada” (with Montreal being the “Paris of Canada”). I think it’s more like a cleaner, safer, less crowded New York of Canada. . . of course, that would never stop me from wanting to visit New York!!

    I watched a bit of B&B when I was teaching soaps (need to know what’s out there, after all) but couldn’t get into it. They say women tend to watch the soap their mothers used to watch! And I, too, can’t believe some of these similarities–I keep picturing us in our 60’s clothes (though unfortunately, mine would no longer fit at this point!).

    Oh, and I think you’d love Toronto (in the summer). You must visit some time!

    So funny about the soaps–I had no idea there were so many closet soap fans out there! (What the heck, there are worse addictions, right?). I think you’d really enjoy Toronto. Lots of farmers markets, cool little cafes, and even two waterside areas (though on Lake Ontario, not ocean)–Harbourfront and the Beach. It really is lovely. (Just let me know when you’re ready to visit and I’ll book the restaurant!) 🙂

    Thanks so much. I can understand how difficult you found it after so many rounds of the same thing! You’ve managed to keep finding new and interesting points to mention in your posts. I think I’ve run out of facts already. . . !


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