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Shock and Ossify: Raw Fig and Cherry Bars

[Yep, another raw bar. . . and so soon! But there’s a good reason. . . ]

Well, it’s finally happened: after years of needless anxiety before every annual medical check-up (only to be told each time that nothing’s wrong). . . this time, something was […]


Radish and Grapefruit Salad

In the past, I’ve always thought of radishes as kind of a poor cousin to beets: smaller and more anemic, they obviously missed out on the family jewels. Without well-heeled connections or an established vocation, they’re much like the street punk with the pugilistic attitude, slamming your jaw […]


Flash in the Pan: Cocoa Nibbles (or, La”Raw” Bar)

[EDIT, February 2012: You all know I love Ellen DeGeneres, right? And Ellen loves this recipe! I couldn’t be more thrilled that she decided to share on her Going Vegan with Ellen page. Thank you, Ellen! 😀 ]

Sometimes, you just want to eat something now. I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in […]


You Say Potato Curry, I Say Aloo Masala

In my imagination, I’d love to live on a farm. I say “in my imagination” because, in my reality, I’m actually the farthest thing from a farm type of gal (“What the-? What do you mean, 5:15 is the normal time for the rooster to crow?!!” OR, “What do you mean, it’s […]


When Cheesecake is Love*

*apologies to Geneen Roth

[Well, I really hadn’t meant to write about my mother for two entries in a row. Maybe it was all of your wonderful comments about yesterday’s “mom story”; maybe it was an offshoot of Mother’s Day earlier in the month; maybe I’m just […]


Kale and Potato Lasagna*

*Or, Mastering the Legacy of Mush and Goo

When I was a kid, my mother was a fairly conventional 1960s housewife (well, except for the Valium) whose cooking style, too, adhered to convention; she’d cook pretty much the same seven dinners every week, according to the day: […]


Important Matters. . . and Gratitude

As much as I love modern technology, I still believe there are times when good old fashioned paper-and-pen are in order. For instance, I always buy a “real” card (versus an e-card) for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions (graduation, etc.), even if I send along an e-card as well. I make an effort to […]


Sweet Potato and Kasha Burgers

Years ago, I had the pleasure of teaching for three semesters at Toronto’s renowned Ontario College of Art and Design (affectionately known as OCAD–or, when I taught there back in the Paleolithic, pre-“Design” era, simply “OCA”). I loved teaching at a place so much the antithesis of the college […]


Dog Day: Chaser’s First Victoria Day Weekend

For those of you who celebrated (and enjoyed a day off work), hope you all had a great Victoria Day weekend!

Our little Chaser Doodle, unfortunately, did not enjoy the fireworks. . . . [NB: WE didn’t set off any of the offending missiles. . . this was the reaction to the noise outside].



A Win of Omission: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

For me, baking is a form of therapy and meditation rolled into one. Since it’s a long weekend here in Ontario (Happy Victoria Day!); and since I’ve been assiduously following my Total Health course guidelines up until now; and since I’ve got scads of marking to finish before Monday–I decided to take […]