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Dog Day: No Food Today

No food today, my love has gone away. . .

No, not really (well, unless you count chocolate going away). 

However, today’s blog title is a bit of a double entendre: first, since today was Day One of my detox regimen (no wheat, animal products, sugar; and NO GRAINS), I do somehow feel as if I’ve had no “real” food yet (though I must admit, I actually ingested a fair amount); second,  as a result of today’s overcast, dreary, and very glum weather, I have no food to share with you all on the blog.  Oh, I prepared something, all right; I was just unable to produce a photograph in which you could actually make out anything recognizable as food (or anything else) beneath the obscuring veil of gray (a pox on that inadequate, gratis camera, I say!). 

For now all I can share is this: I prepared a soup; and the HH and I practically licked our bowls clean when we ate it.  I promise to try again tomorrow (no hardship having to eat it again, believe me), since the weather is supposed to be sunny and more conducive to taking photos.

In the meantime, it seemed as if even The Girls were having a hard time finding food today.

[“Oh, Mum, you embarrass us.  And really, if you gave us more food, we wouldn’t have to eat this crappy green ball.  (Oh, wait a sec, we’re color blind. . . that was just a lucky guess.)”]


8 comments to Dog Day: No Food Today

  • Dearest Ricki;

    I must admit I am puzzled by your avoidance of grains for the week. Why is quinoa, for example, to be shunned? Grains are an important accompaniment to legumes for vegetarians and especially vegans. Of course, everything in moderation, but let’s not ignore the virtues of whole grains.

    Man cannot subsist on water alone.


  • I think soup sounds an excellent food to be eating when avoiding grains! And a curse on the weather for making it hard to photograph food! Isn’t that frustrating when the camera refuses to faithfully report what it seems!


  • I love the dogs playing tug-o-war that is ridiculously cute. I really want to huge your dogs!


  • Best of luck with the remainder of your detox regimen, Ricki!!

    Haha, “the girls” are too precious :0)


  • Hi Ricki–I can relate (unfortunately). I’m going to a nutrition conference in July and they’ve challenged us to go grain free (including quinoa) for 30 days. I started June 1st and am starting to feel it, especially since I’m GF, dairy, soy, egg etc. free. And now chocolate is bothering my tummy. My experiments thus far have not been worth sharing, but here’s one for Tropical bananas…http://www.gfandhealthy.com/2008/04/10/tropical-bananas/
    I look forward to the rest of your posts!


  • Courtney

    Soup is the perfect food for a overcast, dreary, gray day. I have no doubt that yours was delicious!



  • giz

    You are a brave soul – what can I say.


  • Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for asking this question. I’ll send a more detailed response via email, but just wanted to clarify that I absolutely agree that quinoa (and most grains) are perfectly healthy–as you know, I adore quinoa. However, with the purpose of the cleanse being to lighten the load on my digestive system as well as to detox as much as possible, I decided to cut the grains as a way to move one more level toware “clean” eating. I know it’s only for a week–but I’m hoping it will make a little bit of a difference!

    I think I’ll never quite understand the capriciousness of my camera! But it is fun to have to re-cook something delicious, though. 🙂

    Happy Herbivore,
    I think The Girls would be in heaven were you to hug them–lucky for us, they both love people (though Elsie’s a bit iffy on other dogs, unfortunately!).

    Thanks so much! You are truly a consistent cheerleader–and your comments are always so upbeat. Much appreciated!

    Thanks so much for your comment, and for visiting! You’re certainly brave to attempt this for 30 days. . . I’m going to see how I feel at the end of one week and then decide how to proceed from there. But your bananas look very yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I’ll be checking out the rest of your blog archives for more ideas. . . .

    The soup was actually more suited to a very sunny day (which is why it didn’t quite work for this entry). But you’ll be able to see it in the next post! 🙂

    Brave? Or just foolhardy?? (sometimes one can’t tell the difference. . . ) 😉


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