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Lucky Comestible III (3): Mango Avocado Salad

[I thought it would be fun to run a little series over here at DDD: I’ll profile one one of my favorite foods, or a food that I’ve recently discovered and enjoyed, over several days.  For this third entry, I’m focusing on Avocados. The series is presented on an occasional (and entirely arbitrary) basis, before I move on to the next lucky comestible. ]

[Sorry about the poor focus. . . that free point-and-shoot camera of mine has been rather uncooperative lately. Maybe time to bite the bullet and finally buy a real camera?]

Well, last Wednesday evening was our final Total Health class.  As it’s been all along, the meeting was terrific, though this final gathering wasn’t about education so much as eating.  We were split into groups of three or four people and asked to cook up a couple of recipes each; then we all sat down together and devoured the feast we’d made.  It was a great way to end the course in a social, relaxed fashion.  When the end of session arrived, no one wanted to leave!  We lingered and chatted for an extra 45 minutes before finally filing out of the house (sorry about that, Caroline).  And so, the question remains: what now?  Do I continue to consume my fruit-and-vegetable, raw-leaning diet?  Or do I slide like a 300 ZX on black ice, right back to my chocolate and high-grain days? 

That, my friends, is the 64,000 Calorie question.  Only time will tell, dear readers, only time will tell. . .

But in the meantime, I sure am going to give it my best shot.  And with salads like this one, veggies and fruits never tasted so good.

This is my own adaptation of a Thai-inspired salad the HH and I had many years ago at a cooking class we attended.  The class was a birthday present for my friends Gemini I and Gemini II (whose birthday, as it turns out, is on the same day!) about ten years ago.  Six of us cooked together and then shared our meal (sort of like Wednesday’s class, come to think of it, except the Thai meal wasn’t nearly as healthy).  I’m not sure why, but I still have a crystal clear vision of the HH that long-ago night, as he chopped onions, sliced mango and juiced limes. . . hmm, perhaps because that was the last time he voluntarily chopped onions, sliced mango, or juiced limes?  Oh, no, silly me–he juices limes all the time; you need those for gin and tonics. 

Anyway, the original salad didn’t contain avocado, of course, but one day I just threw it in, and it made such a perfectly compatible addition to the mix that the mangos and avocados have been keeping company ever since (they’re practically engaged by now).  I’ve also tinkered a little with the seasonings over the years to create what I think is the perfect dressing for this salad.  In fact, the combination of tastes is so summery, so refreshing and so tantalizing that I’ve even been known to eat this salad for breakfast (What? Fruit for breakfast is good for you!).  I use a combination of mint and cilantro, but if you’re not a fan of either, you can leave it out.  (And if you’re short on mint, feel free to drop by my place and grab some from the massive waves of green beside the house–see right). 

Besides tasting great, this dish offers a sweet treat for the eyes as well.

As I mentioned earlier, avocados are a fantastic source of heart-healthy monounsaturates.  But mangos are no slouch in the hale-and-hearty department, either; they’re rich in antioxidant vitamins C and beta carotene, fiber, and potassium.  With all these cardiac benefits, I’ve decided to submit this recipe to Ilva of Lucullian Delights, who is hosting her monthly Heart of the Matter event featuring heart-healthy salads this month. 

Mango Avocado Salad

This refreshing salad combines all five flavors common in Thai cooking: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy, in perfect proportions.  Great as an appetizer or side salad, this dish is best eaten fresh–though we’ve never had leftovers to worry about in our house, anyway!

1/2 red onion, chopped fine (or use white onion and rinse it under cold water to remove the “bite”)

1 clove garlic, minced

1 Thai chili, finely chopped, 1/2 jalapeno, finely chopped or 5 drops Tabasco sauce

1 Tbsp. (15 ml.) extra virgin olive oil

1 Tbsp. (15 ml.) rice wine vinegar

juice of 1/2 lime

2 Tbsp. (30 ml.) agave nectar

1 tsp. tamari or soy sauce

3 Tbsp. (45 ml.) chopped fresh mint

1 Tbsp. (15 ml.) chopped fresh cilantro, or more to taste

1/3 cup chopped toasted cashews or peanuts

2 large ripe mangos, peeled, pitted and sliced

2 large ripe avocados, peeled, pitted and sliced

Place everything except mango and avocado in the bottom of a salad bowl and stir to mix well. 

Using a vegetable peeler with a zigzag motion, peel the mango, then cut the flesh into small slices.  Place in bowl with dressing.  Peel and pit the avocado and cut into similar small slices; add to the bowl.

Toss everything gently until the fruits are coated with the dressing.  Serve immediately. Makes 6 appetizer or 4 regular servings.

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15 comments to Lucky Comestible III (3): Mango Avocado Salad

  • Looks delicious! Very pretty too! 🙂


  • Mango! Avocado! Nuts! Ricki, that salad is perfect.


  • Yum! I love the flavors you used.. and I agree, mango and avocado are a fabulous combo!

    good luck with the continuation of this way of eating!


  • Summer makes me itch to make salads. I rarely venture into adding fruits though, or avocado! What’s wrong with me?! Must try!


  • This does look lovely but I am not a lover of mangos – maybe I need to acquire the taste like I did for avocados but would be happy to make it with other fruits! Love the mint jungle – wish I had such bounty. And doesn’t avocado remind you of some of those fusty old 1980s recipe books (the slightly out of focus photo reminded me of those)?


  • Oh the flavours! The textures! Sweet & salty, crunchy and smooshy- I sure wish this was my lunch!


  • oh this post makes me crave for mangoes!!! Mangoessss……. Sigh, sadly I’m stuck in the winter months here in AUS :0(


  • It sounds like you have the same brand of camera as me: “Free Point and Shoot.” The specific model I have is the “My parents gave it to me because my niece dropped it and it doesn’t work quite right any more.” 🙂


  • Refreshing indeed. I do like your lucky comestible series!


  • giz

    This would make my tummy very happy.
    Ok, I’m throwing down the gauntlet – I want to lose some weight – I challenge you to a slim down!!!


  • I was short some mint just the other day, when I made mojito cake. Why didn’t I think to just stop by your place?!

    We used to grow mint, but my mom informed me that we stopped due to the fact that it was taking over the yard! (The title of a future cookbook– “Vegan Mint takes over the Yard”)


  • I’d like to ride that wave of mint of yours, darls.

    What a great combination mangoes and avo’s make. If you ever get paw paw’s (papaya), slice one of those beauties in, too.

    Right. No more chocolate! Well, perhaps a little square here and there…you have done a brilliant job. Don’t give up now!!


  • Two ingredients that go invariably well together…Beautiful!


  • That mango salad looks incredible!! I would have never thought to combine mango with avocado but it sounds wonderful.


  • Tina,
    Thanks so much! It’s a great combination for both the tongue and the eyes.

    Glad you think so!

    Thanks so much! I’ll take some “raw” inspiration from you as well. 🙂

    I never used to think about fruit in salads, but once I started adding them, I’ve found I want fruit in almost all my salads now. They really add something special (oh, and sweet–that must be it!) 😉

    I hadn’t thought of the recipe books from the 80s that way, but I see what you mean. More like the 1970s kitchen appliances around here, I’d think. . . 😉

    You’ve summed it up perfectly–that’s the salad!

    Sorry to make you crave. . . but it’s only a few more months, right?

    Yep, that’s the camera–are we using the same one?? 😉

    Thanks! Summer refreshment is always a good idea.

    You’re on–see next L.C. entry!

    You are a riot. I’m sure that cookbook would be a hit. . . 😉

    I rarely have luck with fresh papaya (can’t seem to figure out when it’s ripe and they’re always too far gone by the time I cut them open), though I do love ’em! And chocolate? Um, I’m afraid I haven’t quite ousted it yet. . .though I’m aiming for moderation 😉 .

    Thanks so much! Glad you like the combo 🙂

    It was a bit of a surprise to me, too. . .but you can’t beat the color combo!


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