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Updates: Diet and Dessert*

*  Or, Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad (sorry, Girls)


[Soy-Free, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Chocolate Buttercream Frosting from Sweet Freedom]

Okay, let’s get to the dessert first (really, we should all eat a meal that way at least once):  I received my cookbook’s (paper) proof in the mail today (the sample that I must approve before production can begin) and I’m thrilled!  Now that the publisher has the approval, they can swing into action and the book should be ready by May 25th (the date by which they’ve promised it will be available).  On that date, you’ll be able to purchase it directly from the publisher or (for those in the Toronto area) from me!  The book will be available through amazon.com about a month after that.  I’m also hoping to offer an e-book version at a lower price, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, if you need a reminder of what types of goodies will be represented, take a peek at the cookbook blog.

As always, thanks for your patience–and thanks for indulging me by allowing me to blather on about this on DDD! I’ll be providing all the specifics about how to order, cost, etc. as soon as I know them. 😀

And next, our “diet” update:  This week marks the end of Phase I (six weeks!) of my anti-candida diet. 

Having spent the last six weeks without the company of any fruit, baked goods, desserts, sweeteners of any kind (save stevia) or any other foods that could feed candida, I’m happy to say that I do feel I’ve made progress. In a nutshell, over the past six weeks:


[Cauliflower Popcorn]

  • I rediscovered the versatility of beans, the allure of cauliflower popcorn (minus the bucket), how much I like fresh beets, and the pleasing simplicity of millet (more on that in a future post).
  • The overweening lethargy and muscle heaviness I’d been experiencing has lifted; I now find it easier to walk around, easier to walk up the stairs, easier to complete my workouts at the club (hey, septuagenarian couple with the matching T-shirts!  Howdy, punky chick with the spiky hair! Nice to see ya, burly guy with the black ankle socks!), and have even extended my time on the treadmill a bit.
  • Many of my sinus problems and much of my nasal congestion have evaporated.  I’d estimate that my sinuses are about 70% better than when I began the cleanse.
  • I’ve lost about 12 pounds.  I say “about” because I wasn’t certain of my exact weight the day I started the cleanse–but I do know it was an all-time high.  I’m now at the lowest weight I’ve been since I started this blog in October, 2007 (yikes! Has it been that long?)

On the other hand:

  • Many of my original symptoms remain.  I’m still experiencing other rather unpleasant side effects of excessive yeast, such as absentmindedness, “foggy thinking,” rashes and absentmindedness (oh, wait, did I say that one already?–ah, you see what I mean).

And so, what’s next? 

Well, according to most ACD sites and experts, one should remain on the diet until all symptoms have abated, or at least six months, whichever is shorter.  Six months??  Honestly, as much as I may be keen on quinoa, think tofu is tops, am enamoured of arame, or even cherish chia, I can’t see living without fruit or most whole grains for that long.  On the other hand (seems I’ve got several hands, here), it’s become abundantly clear to me that I feel better physically, have more energy, and am able to lose weight when I follow a very “clean” and healthy diet such as this.  As long as my system is overrun with that scourge, candida, I’ll be drawn back again and again to unhealthy eating. 

And believe me, the irony of the situation isn’t lost on me: I’m about to publish a desserts cookbook,  yet I suffer from an overabundance of candida–typically caused by too many desserts.  And while the bulk of my diet is composed of incredibly healthy foods–ones I truly enjoy–that’s not to say that those wholesome, healthful foods are the only ones I eat.  My weakness is chocolate, and more than once I’ve been hoist by my own Lindt 70%.  (I’ve probably ingested enough of it over the past year, in fact, to supply all of Switzerland on Valentine’s Day).  Add to that my own baked goods and treats–albeit healthy–and you’ve got too much of a good thing, as they say. 

And so, I’ve decided to forge ahead with the next phase of the cleanse (which allows a wee bit more variety in the diet) and keep at it as long as I can.  The basic approach on the blog will remain the same, and I’m going to attempt to include desserts in moderation (even if I won’t be eating them as much). I’m still determined to achieve that elusive “normalcy” I wrote about way back when the major focus of the blog was the “Diet” in “Diet, Dessert and Dogs”–to be able to eat like a “normal” eater , consuming a wide variety of foods and courses (including dessert) in moderation–to kick this sweets addiction once and for all! (Or, at least, keep trying).

And when I do reach that goal, promoting a dessert cookbook–even baking all the samples that will go along with it–will be not only possible, but enjoyable. 

Because really, never having dessert again would surely suck all the sweetness out of life. 


Um, Mum, while we understand that your book and your diet are important to you and everything, forget about blog updates–how about dog updates?  We have some exciting developments going on, too, you know. What about my new white hairs on my muzzle–or how Chaser managed to catch that Frisbee over the fence yesterday? ”


34 comments to Updates: Diet and Dessert*

  • That cupcake looks amazing!


  • Such exciting progress on your cookbook! And please don’t forget the girls. I’m sure they won’t let you. 🙂


  • I’m so bummed to know that you are not feeling 100%. I admire you for working so hard at the cleanse and doing it naturally.

    I am a fan of the e-book concept until I can get back to owning a library. (All my precious books and cookbooks are in storage.) Keep us updated on the publishing.

    Less dessert posts, more dog posts? You could do a dog dessert post–do you ever make them biscuits? 😉


  • bex

    I seriously cannot wait for the book. Seriously.


  • ooh ooh, book!!!! sorry to hear your symptoms haven’t cleared up 🙁

    ps- i’m guessing the chocolate frosting isn’t related to the dogs? lol… sorry 🙂


  • If the cravings get so bad that you eat the book, then you have a problem. 😀

    It’s very exciting that the book is so close to publication, and I wish you all the best in both sales, and resisting the desserts that you love so much and are so darn good at making. I hope that feeling 100% better will happen sooner than you think.


  • I can’t wait for the cookbook!


  • great post Ricki! i’m pulling for you. i have to say though, the best part of your update was the white muzzle hair comment. i’m sitting here absolutely tickled! my cat watches as i giggle, his ears pinned back, with darting eyes he tries to figure out this madness at midnight – “she NEVER laughs this late at night!” ah, the joy of animals.


  • the more I read about the anti-candida diet, the more I realize I need a cleanse of a similar sort, if not exactly the same. *whimpers* help me.

    *goes downstairs to throw out bread*


    No fruit? For real?


  • What a hopeful, joyful post – your “baby” is about to be born which is just so exciting. It’s more than just being able to publish a book, but you’re allowing so many people who can’t have desserts due to traditional, refined ingredients a chance to have their cake, too!
    And 12 lbs! Ricki, that is amazing – I’m so happy for you. You must feel great. I admire your tenacity, because not eating fruit and grains is probably so difficult. I think your body must be so happy right now!


  • Great news about cookbook – and glad to hear the ACD is helping with some things if not all – I keep thinking of making those cocnut nut thingies again (having made them twice already). Hope you manage to find balance – it is a reminder to me to beware of eating too much cake!


  • so excited about the cookbook…and to think I’ll be pretty much sharing a birthday with your cookbook!
    I’m a huge fan of caramelized cauli, but I’ve never thought to call it popcorn!


  • I loooove cauliflower popcorn!


  • Yes. More puppy updates. 🙂 Can’t wait for the book! Very exciting times ahead for you, that’s for sure! If you go on a book tour, let me know. You’ll need a place to stay in NJ. ;D


  • Great news about the book!

    I am amazed that you can stick to the ACD diet. I tried it years ago and know how hard it is. Probably should try again – maybe it will help my sugar addiction!


  • Yaeey about the cookbook! Amazon.ca won’t be carrying it? (The link to your publisher doesn’t work.) I don’t think I could control those cravings for 6 weeks! It’s hard enough for me to control daily cravings.


  • Courtney

    Congratulations on getting that cookbook copy…it must feel SO good–that is quite the accomplishment :o) AND congrats on lasting 6 weeks on the candida diet! Wow! I am impressed…I know how hard it is to go that long without fruits, grains, etc. You have done and are doing great, Ricki! Hang in there!



  • Lisa,
    Nope, they sure would never let me forget them!

    Still Life,
    Thanks so much for the sympathy! But really, I am feeling WAAAAAY better than before, so I’m happy (so far). The ebook will be available through the blog, so stay tuned! And I LOVE your idea of the dog-dessert post–it will soon be 2 years since we got Chaser, so there’s an occasion! 🙂

    Aww, thanks so much!! I am pretty much on tenterhooks now, too.

    Thanks so much for the well-wishes! And no, never any chocolate for the Girls!

    Thanks for the chuckle! And I hope you’re right re: the symptoms. . . am getting better every days, so here’s hoping.

    Thanks so much!

    Elsie is very glad that she could help you giggle! And yes, where would we be w/o our animals?

    It’s only “no fruit” for the first 2 months or so–then you can slowly introduce other fruits back in. The whole diet is only about 6 months for most people–less if your symptoms are mild. I’d rather be that restricted for 6 months and then be “normal” for the rest of my life, I’ve decided. Eating sweets whenever I feel like it (which is pretty much always) just hasn’t worked for me.

    Thanks so much for the great support! Yes, I do have to say that my body is thanking me now, probably for the first time in 10 years! 😉

    Thanks. Yes, balance would be lovely. 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing offer! If I suddenly find myself with a marketing budget (!!), I will email you asap! 🙂

    Susan G,
    Yes, helping w/ sugar addiction is exactly what the ACD does. And yes, it’s hard, but I finally got tired of being tired and sick all the time!

    YES, absolutely, amazon.com will be carrying the book–but not for about a month after it comes out (I guess the publisher wants to be able to sell if off their own site for a bit first). The site, I believe, is being revamped at the moment, but they will have an individual page for my book from which people can order directly. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your constant support and good wishes–it really does make a huge difference! 🙂


  • That chocolate icing is soooo drool-worthy!


  • Congrats with finishing the 6 weeks.. I wish you continued wellness!.. *and 12 lbs lost! woohoo!*

    I adore roasted cauliflower…

    I’ve been trying really hard to eat wheat free.. (I don’t use much sugar to begin with).. I am really looking forward to your cookbook!


  • Hooray for the impending publication of your book!

    I think it’s great that the ACD has been working to some extent. I’m with you, though; I don’t know what I’d do without fruit! I eat a lot of fresh fruit in my daily diet and I’d be sad to give it up. However, like everything else associated with our well-being, over time, we stop missing those foods we’ve weeded out and our palates change (we both know that happens when making the commitment to be vegan). Good luck with the second phase…I know you can do it!

    I think I’m going to have to try cauliflower popcorn. It looks delicious! Oh, but you know me, I’d eliminate 99-100% of the oil called for, though. 😉


  • I know the cleanse has been tough, but losing those 12 pounds is so great – congratulations! I’ve marked my calendar for the cookbook release. It’s so exciting!


  • Congratulations on moving on to the next phase of the ACD! Bravo for you! I sent the link to your blog to a friend of mine who has been suffering from Candida issues for a while, and she has adjusted her diet according to your info, and she also says she is also very encouraged, reading about your experiences and your progress… Thank you so much for being such a wealth of information and inspiration!


  • Wow a cookbook! But i do hope that u feel all good, not just some. Glad tho’ atleast some part of you is doing good!


  • Jes

    I can’t wait till the cookbook comes out, I must say. And the cauliflower popcorn sounds pretty rad. I hope phase II works out for you! I can’t imagine how hard Phase I must have been!


  • Congrats on your weight loss! I love reading about the changes you made and things you learned along the way. I’ve enjoyed the recipes so much. That is so exciting about the cookbook too. Sounds like things are going well! 🙂


  • I can’t wait for next month!!!

    And congrats on losing 12 lbs! I’ll bet you are looking and feeling great because of it!


  • Congrats on the book progress and on YOUR progress. Seriosly, I can’t wait for your book! It will be available through amazon, so that I can purcase it in Germany as well, won’t it?

    You are putting so much energy into changing and improving your diet, it’s really impressive. I am a huge sugar addict myself and I am eating lots of fruit instead…I wouldn’t know what to do without them.


  • Hi my dear!

    SO many of my clients are on yeast-sensitive diets (many are following Natalia Rose’s new book, Detox for Women). Have you tried taking an herbal product as you cleanse, such as Candex or Garden of Life Fungal Defense?



  • I’m so happy for you, for so many reasons. It sounds like you’re doing much better all around, and I absolutely can’t wait for you book (as I’ve said many times already!). And of course, I would love to review your book when it comes out, too. 🙂


  • Best of luck with the next phase — you’ve got us all behind you for support if you ever get frustrated!
    Can’t wait to see the book on amazon and be able to make one after another of your fabulous desserts!


  • Great news about your book! That cupcake is so perfectly frosted – wish I could do that!


  • cauliflower popcorn? how cute!


  • Congrats on the book!!! I want that cupcake.


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