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What Can I Give You? Giveaway Winners and Fishy Gift



But before I announce the exciting news (not to sound too much like the American Idol results show or anything), I wanted to tell you about a different kind of giveaway–a birthday gift to Momma Fish (mom of the lovely and talented Shellyfish from Musings from the Fishbowl!).

Some of you may be following Shellyfish’s brilliant scheme to fête her mom for her 60th birthday–have a variety of volunteer bloggers send little gifts from around the world, to arrive sporadically for 60 days of birthday gifts!  Shelly was overwhelmed by the response of bloggers who wanted to participate (myself included!).


For my little gift, I decided to send (what else?) chocolate.  This is a uniquely Canadian bar, made by artisanal chocolate makers in Quebec.  I wrapped it. . . .


. . . and miraculously found this perfect card for a Momma Fish! 


[Answer in the first photo, up top.] Happy Birthday to Shelly’s mom, and kudos to Shelly for coming up with such a wonderful, generous, creative gift.

And now, on to the giveaways. . . .

Our top two are:


Ruth from Plentiful Plants-you’ve won the layer cake!  Please contact me at dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom to arrange for delivery of your cake!

And Jes from Cupcake Punk–you’ve won the quart of maple syrup!  Please email me as well at dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom with your address so I can tell the wonderful people at Coombs Family Farms where to ship the your prize!

Congrats to the two winners!  And thanks, everyone, for playing along this time.  (And there will be one more giveaway up my sleeve in a month or so, before the cookbook comes out). 

New recipes to be posted later today! 🙂

Mum, we’re happy for the winners and everything, but don’t we at least get a tiny lick of cake for posing with the winners’ names? Oh, why does it have to be chocolate cake??”


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