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Dog Day: Celebrate All Moms!

Although I am not a mother and I lost my own mom many years ago,  over time I’ve come to feel that Mother’s Day is nevertheless a cause for celebration. 

As Oprah Winfrey is fond of pointing out, motherhood is the hardest job on earth.  I wholeheartedly agree; and the older I get, the more I realize how much my mom accomplished simply by raising three daughters who are (more or less) upstanding citizens.  There are many ways to be a “mother”–whether by blood, adoption, or simply providing maternal compassion and care for someone you love. 

Calling your friend to make sure she made it home safely on the subway?  That’s mothering.  Helping your niece to install that new bathroom wallpaper?  Moms do that. Bringing soup to a sick neightbour?  Definitely a Mama’s job.  Watching out for the welfare of an ailing parent and ensuring that s/he is treated with dignity?  Simply returning the favor of mothering. Raising a domestic pet, one that’s entirely dependent on you for shelter, food, safety?  Those maternal instincts kicking in, whether or not you’re a biological parent, or even a female.  Everyone contains a kernel of “mother” within them.

And so, here’s wishing you all a very, very Happy Mother’s Day, one in which you celebrate the many mothers in your life–as well as your your own role as mother, however it occurs.  Hardest job, perhaps, but also the most rewarding!


Mum, you take great care of us and everything, but sometimes, I just like to pretend that Elsie is my mother. No offence–it’s only because you’re not quite as furry as she is.”


26 comments to Dog Day: Celebrate All Moms!

  • My mom lost her mom when she was just 24 years old. As a little girl I knew this but thought- that not so bad- she was a grown up by then. Now at 29, I have come to realize you are never old enough to be without a mom. Today is one of the most important days of my year- to spend with my sweet mom.


  • chaser and elsie are lucky to have you 😉


  • Happy Mother’s Day to you! If you nurture and love, you are participating in the mothering of us all! 🙂


  • Well said! I’m absolutely the mother of my gerbils, and a second mother to my fiancee (what a lucky guy!)


  • Beautiful sentiment — and so true. We are all mothers.


  • giz

    What a beautiful post Ricki and Happy Mother’s Day to you too. The girls as always have this sweet pathetic poor me look on their faces and we already know how loved they are.


  • Aw, very nicely put. Love the pic of your “kids.”


  • Jes

    What a wonderful post! You’re right, although I still have my mother (who is my best friend too), mothering is an active job for us all. I’d like to think my cats are as happy with my work as the pups look!


  • What a touching post, Ricki. I definitely have a mothering gene. The older I’ve become, the more I’ve wanted to cook food for people, fix them tea, keep tabs on what they need, and tuck them into bed.

    I would be a really good dog mom or godmom. 🙂


  • Thanks, Ricki!

    I definitely think of you as a mom to your dogs. 🙂


  • Haha love what you wrote for what the dogs are thinking.


  • Thanks Ricki! And thank you for another great dog photo. They do know how adorable they are, right?


  • Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


  • Even though you’ve lost your mom, you can still take this special day to honor her. And I bet your dogs wouldn’t trade you for any other mom in the world! 🙂


  • Your post echoes nicely the wishes a wise woman shared on Twitter earlier today: “Happy Mother’s Day to all of us who nurture children, a business, a creative life–anything to which you give your heart, love & devotion.”
    Happy Mother’s Day!


  • *hugs*

    I’m sorry you lost your mom.

    Your dogkids are so adorable!


  • i’m not a mother, but i sure have to agree that being a mother is the hardest job on earth. mothers have done, and do, so very much for us – i don’t know where i’d be without my mother – i love her so very much! what a great day to celebrate all the awesome our mothers have brought us. three cheers for moms and happy mothers day to you, Ricki – the girls are just too cute!!!


  • What a great picture. Happy Mother’s Day, Ricki!


  • I have heard people call it mothering sunday to acknowledge exactly what you say – I agree that we need to broaden our understanding of what it means to be a mother – we could even argue that the support and learning re cooking we get on the blogs is what women used to get from their mothers – so I think we should celebrate the mothering we get from blogs!


  • Happy Day to a fellow dog mom…love your pooches, and all that you offer, Ricki.


  • Such cute dogs-they’re definitely lucky to be with you 🙂


  • Meghan,
    I heartily agree–it’s always too soon to lose your mom.

    Aw, thanks! (Just tell THEM that!) 😉

    I agree–so many of us are “moms”!

    Hope he realized how lucky he is. 🙂

    Thanks so much. Hope your own Mom’s Day was great. 🙂

    Yes, they’ve mastered that look, haven’t they?

    Thanks! Hope your own day was a good one.

    I have no doubt the entire menagerie is lucky to have you!

    Still Life,
    Yes, you’d definitely be a great dog mom. How about if you’re the godmother (dogmother?) to E and C?

    Yay! I certainly FEEL like their “mom”!

    I’m merely transcribing. . . they said it all. 😉

    I’m afraid they do know how adorable they are. . .all too well!


    Same to you! Hope it was a good one.

    Aw, thanks so much. HOpe they agree!

    Thanks for the lovely quote. And so true. 🙂

    Thanks–and I love “dogkids”!

    Your mom sounds like one lucky lady with you as a daughter! Hope your day was fabulous!

    Thanks–took hours to get them to pose that way (ha ha).

    I love the idea of blogs participating in mothering–how true! Thanks for the sentiment. 🙂

    Thanks so much–it means a lot!

    Thanks! And I think I’m lucky, too. 🙂


  • This is the nicest Mother’s Day post EVER! So sweet!


  • What a sweet post Ricki! I love it! I’m a mama to my 3 cats and that’s plenty for now 🙂


  • Hey Ricki! I made your veggie burgers and posted about it on my blog. I thought you might like to check it out.



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