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It’s Time for Sweet Freedom–and Worldwide Giveaway!

[WARNING: This post is all about my cookbook.  If you’re here for a recipe, you can skip this entry (or check today’s earlier post on Vegetarian Veggie Burgers that Are Made from Vegetables–and new food will return next time!]


I’ve been telling you about it for some time now. . . finally, I’m able to announce that my cookbook will be released and available for sale on May 15th!  I am beyond excited!

Before I provide details on how to purchase a copy, I’d like to say again how very, very grateful I am for all of you out there who read this blog regularly, who leave comments, who test out the recipes and provide feedback, and who’ve offered the most incredible support for this project over the past year or so.  This book would never have happened without all of you!  So thank you, most sincerely, again.  I wish I could bake up a bunch of recipes from the book for all of you–but for now, at least you’ll be able to bake them up on your own, too. 

And so, if you’d like to purchase a copy, here are the details:

Order online: Amazon.com

  • Around the middle of June, the book will be listed on amazon.com and all the other amazon sites (for some reason, there’s a delay to amazon after it is released from the publisher).  Amazon doesn’t automatically keep copies in stock, but will order it from Trafford when you place an order online. However, if enough people order the book, then amazon will begin to stock it (which will speed up delivery).
  • At the same time, you can also ask any bookstore to order a copy of the book for you.  Since this is a self-published book, it’s not automatically stocked in bookstores.  By asking them to order a copy for you, you’re also helping to spread the word about the book! (And I am guessing that they might not charge shipping fees through a bookstore, though you’d have to check with them first).

Order directly from me (Toronto area only–sorry!)

  • You can order a book directly through me, payable through PayPal.  Just click on the book icon at the top left of this page and follow instructions. There’s also a discount for anyone who buys more than one book at a time. (hey, they make great gifts!). 

There will be an electronic book (ebook) as well!

  • If you prefer not to have a bound, paper copy; if you’re trying to economize a bit at this time; or if you simply would rather print the book out yourself, I will have an electronic version available shortly after May 15th.  This version is a pdf file and it is identical to the bound version (including all photos and index), except that it’s electronic.  It will be available through this blog.


To celebrate the book’s release, I’ve decided to give away three paper copies and five electronic copies of the book! Anyone, anywhere can win.  I’m really happy with the final product and would love to share copies with some of you!

All you need do to be eligible to win a free copy of Sweet Freedom: Desserts You’ll Love without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugar is leave a comment on this post, mentioning why you’d like the book.

Now, I’ve noticed that many blog contests offer additional contest entries for those who have a blog and post about the giveaway.  Great idea–but I’ve always wondered about people who don’t have a blog–how do they earn extra entries?  Well, I think I’ve figured out an “extra entry” option for you, too–just see below!

To earn two extra entries (if you have a blog), simply mention the book and this giveaway on your blog and link to this post (let me know you’ve done this in the comments); or you can bake one of the desserts on this blog (check the recipe index) and post about it, also linking to this post and letting me know.

To earn two extra entries (if you don’t have a blog), simply send an email to a friend, colleague, family member, or anyone else you think might be interested in Sweet Freedom, tell them about it, and add a link to this post (y copying and pasting the URL at the top of the page) into your email.  Copy me as well (at dietdessertdogs AT gmail DOT com).  That’s it!

On May 15th, I’ll choose EIGHT names at random and will announce the winners!

I will be away for the weekend, as I’m attending the high school reunion I mentioned back here–but can’t wait to catch up on blog reading when I return (sorry I’ve been so remiss about leaving comments as well).

Have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂

[EDIT, MAY 10JUST A REMINDER: ONLY ABOUT 25% OF THE RECIPES ARE ENTIRELY GLUTEN FREE.  THE REST DO CONTAIN SOME GLUTEN AND ARE MADE WITH SPELT OR BARLEY FLOURS (though many can be easily adapted if you substitute all-purpose GF flour for the spelt). 


230 comments to It’s Time for Sweet Freedom–and Worldwide Giveaway!

  • Have you noticed that some of the comments above are coming in at late, late night and early, early morning hours?? You are one popular girl, Ricki, and duly so: your recipes, photos, and posts are always great!! All the best with your cookbook!!!

  • I’d love to win a copy because, quite simply, your recipes always look fantastic!

  • Brenna

    I’m so excited about your book as baking is my #1 past time. Thanks in advance for sharing your recipes!!!

  • Whitney

    I love your recipes so it would be fantastic to win this cookbook.

  • Colleen

    Would love to see your cookbook! Congrats!

  • Adriene

    I would love to get a copy of your book because my daughter is allergic to wheat, eggs and dairy. I have a hard time finding healthy recipes that she can eat.

  • I am so very excited for you Ricki!! I can’t wait to try out your recipes…. Hope you are doing well and sorry I haven’t been around much lately!

  • Kelsey

    Hi! Great giveaway! I’m interested in the book because while I’m trying to eat healthier, I still like sweets, and find it difficult to trim down the recipes myself.

  • jane

    I would love a copy of your cookbook because I have my daughter who is a vegan and I am always looking for new receipes without eggs.

  • Hi Ricky,

    I would love, love, love to have your book! 🙂
    I’ve been trying several of your sweet/dessert recipes, since I found out your blog, a few months ago, when I was googling cupcakes recipes 🙂 They’re so healthy and tasty, it’s pleasure to make them!

    I’m a blogger, I have a blog where I write how life is so different here in Seattle (where I’m living now) compared to way of living in my home country (Portugal). Sometimes, I write and post pictures about the food that I’ve been trying, sometimes from books, sometimes from blogs and other times I make up them myself (the sushi in the following link is an example of the later one).
    In April, I wrote about some of my cooking experiences, although I didn’t wrote much about it, because I wanted the pictures played the major role in this post:

    the drawback is that the blog is written in my natural language, in Portuguese. I just added your giveaway where you may read “Novidades :)” = News, in English.
    Basically, what I’m saying there, is that “the almond pancakes were super tasty, smooth and super healthy, perfect for a different breakfast” – it’s not usual at all to have pancakes for breakfast in Portugal, I think I may say, pancakes are not usual in Portugal 🙂 – and then I talk about the giveaway saying about the free copies of your new book, full of those crazily good and healthy desserts, where the winners are chosen randomly and I make a promise to my readers (which are my family and closest friends):)”If I win I’ll throw out a party in my house only to eat the desserts in the book! So, cross your fingers guys!”

    Thanks for this giveaway!
    Waiting and wishing 🙂

  • Janet

    I would love to win of your cookbooks. I can’t wait to try out your recipes. 🙂

  • Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your cookbook. It sounds like it has been a fantastic journey. I know it must be wonderful reading and full of fantastic recipes.

  • I’d love to win a copy! I’ve been eating wheat/sugar free for several months now, and have been missing my ‘treats’.
    I just found your blog thru “eat me, delicious”… I’m off to read through it 🙂

  • Kristina

    I love to cook!

  • LaShanda

    I’d like a copy because I’ve been thinking of this idea myself. After an elimination diet, I discovered I have a slight dairy and wheat intolerance…and pretty serious intolerance to refined sugar. I was bummed about having to cut this out of my diet, but discovering that there’s a whole sugar free world out there, that’s actually tasty!!

  • A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of your blog last week, but I couldn’t remember the title except for “dessert and dogs” – when I got the Babycakes cookbook earlier today for some reason the name blared into my head and I rushed home to read! I’ve been reading since getting home – about 4 hours ago – and absolutely love what you’re doing. Thank you so much for all of the healthy recipes you cook, especially the lack of white/refined sugar.

    It’s awesome that you’re having a give-away, but even if I don’t win I’ll be ordering a copy somehow when I get some money. Thank you!!

  • Ahhh, I desperately need a copy of your book because I have the world’s worst sweet tooth and need to figure out how to deal with it, without refined sugar. Also, I suspect I have a gluten sensitivity (just a sensitivity). Please, show me the ways of the wheat-free, sugar-free cooking!

  • […] blog and if she saved some of her best for the cookbook – you really need to have this cookbook, Sweet Freedom, publication May […]

  • Anu

    I just started cooking vegan last week and would love this book to learn more.

  • Juliet Thomborson

    I found your blog through Susan V at The Fat Free Vegan. I’d love a copy of your cookbook because I’m a vegan in New Zealand, where it’s hard to find healthy sweets, let alone healthy vegan ones! I’m currently fit, but all of the women on my mother’s side become overweight when they’re middle-aged, so I need to keep making good habits. In fact, I may end up giving this book to my mother!
    Thank you for writing this book and being generous enough to give so many copies away.

  • Hi Ricki – This book would be awesome to have, I have a ton of dietary issues and have only one cookbook so far wit any purely “safe” recipes! I need some tasty inspiration! Congrats on your book, btw.

  • Janelle

    While I don’t have sensitivities to any of the excluded ingredients I am a dessert addict. Losing weight with a dessert addiction is rather tough and I’m always interested in finding healthier dessert options. I would love to have a go-to guide for delicious treats that won’t make my workouts completely counterproductive.

  • Michelle

    I just went vegan this month. I’m used to cooking with eggs, sugar, CHOCOLATE, etc., and need all help I can get!

  • Gave a shout out about the cookbook and contest on my blog.

  • I have a friend who can’t do gluten, and I know she’d love your cookbook. Then again, I just might keep it for myself and invite her over for dessert…

  • I’d love a copy because all of your recipes that I’ve tried have been just amazing!! Congrats on the book release..how exciting!

  • so exciting – congratulations on such an achievement! few things make me so happy as a new vegan cookbook-
    thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

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  • […] adds their own dose of flavor, wouldn’t you agree Ricki? [Ricki has a new cookbook out called Sweet Freedom – desserts without wheat, dairy, eggs, and refined sugar – so I consider her the ultimate expert on […]

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