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A Swell Cookzine for Your Collection

[After I wrote about the Sour Cream and Raisin Tart (or Pie) a few days ago, I received several comments and emails from readers asking how I managed to taste the dessert.  Had I abandoned the ACD? Never fear, dear readers, I am still “on program.”  For now, I’m using the method described by Chef Kevin Dunn, whom I heard speak at a conference I attended a few years back. Dunn had become vegan after training as a classic French Chef.  As an instructor at the Grand Rapids Community College culinary program, he had to prepare typical dishes such as roast beef, chicken, French pastries, and so on.  When asked how he managed, he said, “I taste what I have to in order to ensure quality–and then I spit it out.”  For now, at least, so do I.]


[“Mmmm. . . that recipe looks great!”]

My cheeks are burning a little here, as I’ve been totally remiss about mentioning Swell Vegan’s cookzine that came out a couple of months ago.  I had the pleasure of being one of A-K’s testers way back when and had planned to write about the zine last month, but with my blogging hiatus and all, the post got pre-empted. You’ve probably already read about this adorable, delectable collection on other blogs, but here’s a little reminder of how many winning recipes you’ll find in this winsome booklet.   

I can honestly say I would love to try every single recipe in this collection.  A-K uses creative combinations of standard ingredients to elevate the simple to the superlative. And–lucky for me–many of them are naturally ACD-friendly! Most are also gluten-free.

How do succulent Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers with Millet and Leeks sound? Or what about family-sized Great Aunt Betty’s Oatmeal Bundt cake?  I can’t wait until I’m back to baking and can give the Lemon Zucchini Bread a try as well.  So far, I’ve enjoyed all the recipes I’ve tried from this gem of a zine. 

One of the first recipes I tried as a tester, and one that the HH has requested over and over, are the Sweet Potato Cranberry Scones.  The original recipe called for a glaze over the scones, but we liked them best au naturel:


With the perfect balance of moistness, sweetness, a light crumb and tart cranberries, these will quickly become a favorite for breakfast or any time.  They rarely lasted more than a day in our house!

As soon as I saw the recipe for Mole-Roasted Cauliflower, I knew I had to try it.  If you like spicy food, you’ll love this dish.  While you could certainly serve this as a side to almost any main course, I preferred to snack on the baked, bite-sized florets on their own.


Here’s my version of the Spicy Tahini Stew.  I made a couple of minor changes to the original (using green beans as a stand-in for broccoli, since we were out, and serving over quinoa rather than brown rice). 


The result was an exceptional dinner.  A creamy, tomato-based sauce with a touch of heat and hearty mix of veggies is ladled over a bed of quinoa.  The perfect combination for a substantial, satisfying dinner!

For more information about Swell or to purchase a copy, check out Swell Vegan’s blog or visit Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe.  It won’t break the bank, and you’ll be rewarded with fourteen new recipes that are sure to become favorites in your kitchen.


You’re right, Mum, we love this cookzine, too.  Any chance you’ll be making those Sweet Potato Scones again soon?”

And speaking of cookbooks. . . don’t forget that Laurie is giving away a copy of Sweet Freedom!  To enter, visit Laurie’s blog.

Last Year at this Time: Warm Dandelion-Potato Salad

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22 comments to A Swell Cookzine for Your Collection

  • I just ordered the swell zine from cosmo’s yesterday! so excited 🙂

    I love the pics of your dog with it, absolutely adorable.


  • Everything looks swell! 😉


  • Ooo sounds like a great cookbook! I’m especially intrigued by the sweet potato scones mm. Love the look on your dog’s face in that last photo! So adorable and irresistible!


  • That last pic is just precious 🙂


  • The Girls are as photogenic as ever!


  • Sounds like another FABULOUS cook-zine!! And I love The Girls 😀


  • pups, AK and Ricki all together in one post? my heart can’t take so much goodness.


  • Yum, those recipes all sound amazing, especially those sweet potato cranberry scoesn! I actually have an uncle named “Kevin Dunn”, but he surely is not a vegan. In fact, a couple weeks ago we had a family reunion and he had 2 hamburgers and a hotdog….yikes.


  • Courtney

    I agree–the zine is sooooooo good and all of the recipes are delicious. I am glad the dogs like reading it too 🙂



  • those dishes sound great – hope you wont be spitting out such delicacies for too long 🙂


  • So, did the girls attend modeling school? They are so poised and photogenic. The little cookbook sounds really good, and your photos are wonderful. The scones are practically jumping off the screen and into my mouth, (if only…)


  • What a cute little cookzine… Not to mention, the recipes sound wonderful.


  • Nora,
    Yay! I’m sure you’ll love it. 🙂

    Touche! I was desperately trying to come up with a novel “swell” pun, but my head just wasn’t able!

    Those scones alone are worth the price tag! And Elsie thinks so, too. 😉

    Aw, thanks! Just don’t tell HER (woudln’t want it to go to her head. . . or waistline!)

    Their personal trainer keeps them in line! (ie, moi) 😉

    Yes–and mostly GF, too! (but not raw–sorry)

    Aw, thanks! But it’s the food that’s really good!

    So funny! I guess the name is not that rare. Pretty sure it’s not the same guy!

    Thanks! I just can’t seem to pull the Girls away from it!

    Nope, I have a feeling the tide is about to turn. . . (and the tongue, too).

    Yes, the scones are just wonderful. The Girls, on the other hand, come by it naturally. . . if only I took after them that way! 😉

    Yes, everything I’ve tried so far is terrific.


  • I have no trouble believing that the sweet potato cranberry scones alone are worth the price tag! They’re certainly the first recipe I’d try out of that zine, but the other ones wouldn’t be far behind: they all sound great! Thanks for mentioning the zine, even if you thought it was a little late to do so: I can’t read all the blogs out there, and consequently hadn’t yet heard about it.


  • Never to late; I hadn’t heard of this cookzine! It sounds delish. That tahini stew has caught my eye. I like the use of quinoa.


  • I know, I’ve had my copy for ages but still haven’t posted about it…and I should, because everything I’ve made – the stew, the coconut quinoas, the cauliflower…has been excellent! Shame on me…


  • Wow! All three of the recipes you prepared look incredible!! I adore absolutely anything with tahini – the tahini stew looks like my dream dish!! Thank you so much for introducing me to this cookzine!!

    The puppy photo with the cookzine booklet is one of the most adorable pictures I’ve ever seen… 🙂


  • I know I always say this, but your dogs are so adorable, I just want to cuddle them up 🙂


  • Sounds like good reading. And who knew the girls were literate? Such talented pups!


  • Man, I’ve been meaning to get a copy. Thanks for the reminder!


  • A-K

    I meant to comment so long ago, but here goes… thanks Ricki! I especially like your dogs modeling alongside its quaint size 😉 Your pics look lovely, too!


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