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Über Healthy Kale and Seaweed Salad*

* Or, It’s a Privilege to Eat You (thanks, Whole Foods).


Happy “Celebrating Our Country’s Freedom Day” to both Canadians and Americans (and anyone else who’d like to take part in the party!).**

And before I forget (because I’m at that age when I do forget), let me also say “THANK YOU”  to everyone for your amazing, supportive, generous and kind comments and emails while I’ve been away!  Of course, I would have returned to the blog in any case just because I love it, but your encouragement may have hastened the process just a wee bit. 🙂

It does feel great to be back.  And just what have I been doing for the past month, you may ask?

Well, most importantly, I’ve been assiduously following my ACD and have definitely made progress in terms of overall health (in fact, as my naturopath studied my live blood cells under a microscope the other day, he commented, “The membranes look really healthy. They’re in great shape.” Alas, if only he’d been able to say that about my hips and thighs). Still, I’m sure my immune system was flattered.

While a couple of the most annoying symptoms do still persist, I’ve determined to continue with the regimen, which will likely mean a few more months of restrictions.  So for those of you who are relatively new to my blog, you should know that I don’t normally consume gluten-free foods exclusively, but I will be doing so for a while longer.  I’ll be eating more vegetable-based dishes and more raw foods as well. And some fruits are back on the menu, though (and let me tell you, even the serpent in Eden wasn’t this gleeful to see apples).

With the school year just completed, I thought I’d summarize my last month and save space by posting a report card instead of writing about it at length:

Student: Ricki Heller;   Term:  June 2009; Program: Get the Candida Out!  Age: You’re kidding, right?


Adherence to ACD:  100% (not an off-program crumb since March 7, 2009)

Current strictness of ACD Phase (II): 95% (allowed some fruit and oats now)

Current health status:  80% (only one really nagging symptom left)

Percentage of weight lost toward goal:  66% (lost 28 pounds–only 17 to go!! Regular updates on the Progress Tracker.)

Percentage of airtime devoted to Farrah as opposed to Michael:  2.5% (It should be a crime, really.)

“Good for you, Mum!  But they forgot to mention that you share and play well with others (especially canines).  And we agree–even though Michael seemed to be fond of animals, what about poor Farrah’s fifteen minutes?”

The most important thing I’ve discovered over the past month, however, is that I am a lousy multi-tasker.  So rather than attempt to keep up with work, blog, cooking, promoting a cookbook, baking for said cookbook, Facebook, and any other “-book,” I’ve decided to slow the pace somewhat.  I will still be blogging regularly, though perhaps not quite as often.  And while I promise to keep reading all the blogs I love, please forgive me if I don’t comment as often as I used to–but know that I’m still there!


And now, on to the über-healthy (and ACD-friendly) recipe!

On weekends, the HH and I usually enjoy a leisurely brunch before starting our day in earnest (well, if a meal at 9:30 or 10:00 AM can properly be called “brunch.” You see, as in most areas, when it comes to mornings, the HH and I are polar opposites. When I lived on my own, my natural proclivity was to wake at 6:30 AM every day, weekends included. In contrast, the HH, left to his own devices, would have just fallen into bed around that time, then sleep until long past noon.  Our compromise is a 10:30 brunch).

Our typical habit (once the meal is dispensed with) is to sit across from each other, sipping our respective hot beverages (He: Hazelnut Coffee with Full Cream and Sugar; She: Green tea, straight up) while we read the newspapers.  In a positive spin on that scene from Citizen Kane, we read choice tidbits aloud to each other (too nerdy, I know).  The HH invariably peruses the Real Estate section in The National Post.  The other day, for instance, he pointed out that they were profiling the home of artist Ken Danby, at around $3 million.  There was also a suburban mansion with a 2,000 square foot (610 metre) kitchen.  A 2000 square foot kitchen!!!  Do you think they’d let me live in the pantry?  (No, seriously.  I understand that bulk bags of rice can serve as very comfortable pillows.)

Running in the social circles I do (okay, more like “speed-walking in the social circles I do”), I can often forget that there are a lot of incredibly wealthy dudes in Toronto (even without Prince and the Torontonian wife he divorced who once lived on The Bridle Path ).  A casual stroll along Bloor Street West in the tony Yorkville area will yield sightings of Chanel, Hermes, LaCoste, Tiffany & Co., Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew, Dolce and Gabbana, and pretty much any other unattainable-to-the-average-shopper stores you can think of.  As for me, I get a kick out of peeking through the smoked glass windowpanes, gawking at all those privileged folk who can buy $1500.00 thong sandals without batting a (false) eyelash.

Given the average net worth of shoppers in the area, it makes sense that  Toronto’s first Whole Foods Market decided to set up in Yorkville. After all, they don’t call it “Whole Paycheck” for nothing.

About a week before their grand opening (in an effort to curry favor with local residents), they published this recipe for their popular Kale and Seaweed Salad in the local paper (in fact, I do believe I read it aloud to the HH over brunch).  I also remember thinking, “This is one of their most popular recipes?  Are all those rich customers slightly touched as well?”  Having never tasted sea veggies at the time, I couldn’t imagine the magical commingling of salty, mineral-rich arame with chewy bits of barely-cooked kale, peppery shards of fresh ginger and crunchy sesame seeds, all bathed in a smoky, nutty sesame oil dressing.

In order to sample it from the source, I (along with throngs of other curious shoppers) made the trek to Yorkville and purchased a small container of the stuff (price:  about $6.47 for three miniscule forkfuls).  I must admit, though, I was smitten; it is truly an inspired mix of ingredients, and one that I still, all these years later, love. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy it again for that price since I, unlike the local denizens, am not a magnate/ celebrity/ third-generation billionaire/ ostentatious nouveau-riche/couture designer/ plastic surgeon/ or other financially privileged resident.

Luckily, the salad is easy to make at home, and it’s become a regular feature in our summer menus. It’s also the perfect introduction to sea veggies for anyone who’s never tried them and may feel a little wary; arame is one of the mildest forms of seaweed, decidely not “fishy.”  The recipe is also fairly quick to prepare, despite the presoaking and then boiling of the arame.  (While the seaweed soaks, simply cook your kale and prepare the dressing; then rinse the cooked seaweed with cold water and toss all together). And don’t forget that sea veggies offer an ample nutritional boost, helping to foil cancerous growths, keep your thyroid healthy (lots of iodine, there!), prevent cardiac disease and inflammation, and provide a full array of minerals and vitamins (particularly iodine and Vitamin K ).


As we munched on our portions of salad the other night, the HH remarked (and I quote verbatim), “I really love this salad.”

So go ahead, give kale and seaweed a try this summer. At the very least, you can feel as if you’ve been intermingling with the upper crust for a little while.

I thought this would be a great entry for Food Renegade’s Fight Back Fridays, too! Learn more here.

**I meant “Canada Day” and “Independence Day,” of course!

And finally:  Don’t forget to check out the winners in Shellyfish’s Sweet Freedom Giveaway–announced today! Click here for winners.


Last Year at this Time: The Staff of the DDD Household

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33 comments to Über Healthy Kale and Seaweed Salad*

  • I bet you were just glowing after eating that! 🙂
    Also, everythingggg’s better along side sweet potato fries!


  • Courtney

    I know you are not doing the ACD strictly for weight loss, but still…congrats! That is really wonderful, Ricki! Now if only you could get rid of that last nagging symptom… 🙂

    That salad looks SO good! I have been looking for a good seaweed salad, actually, and I think I have found it. I am going to make it this weekend–thanks so much!



  • Welcome back, Ricki. I’ve missed your posts!

    I used to eat and enjoy sea veggies all the time but somehow seem to have forgotten about them – except for nori. This salad will be a good way to bring arame back to our table. (And though I do like hijiki, the appearance of arame is much more…appealing.)


  • Happy Canada Day and welcome back!! 😀

    I was practically raised on sea vegetables (been eating them since I was about 2 years old), so I’m all over that salad – divine!!


  • Kim

    This looks wonderful! I do love those sea vegetables, and kale has got to be one of my favorite greens. With food like this, living on the ACD isn’t so bad! Good luck on getting rid of that final symptom, and congrats on those healthy membranes of yours. They are getting healthier with each bit of arame and kale, I’m sure! : )


  • I’m glad you’re feeling so much better and making progress towards your goals.
    This looks like a great salad and I am planning to give it a try!


  • This looks so good, and healthy! I haven’t actually tried their seaweed salad you know. One just opened near my place in Vancouver and I am totally addicted to their hot bar.


  • I’ve had that salad before and I had no idea that there was kale in it. It’s awesome – I’ll be making this soon. Welcome back!


  • Still trying to get Monsieur Fish to get down with the sea veggies…sigh. I for one think it looks beeeeeutiful! Happy Canada Day!


  • This looks so great. And so happy you’re back!


  • I just received your book and i am so excited to try the recipes!!! now if only i could find some time 🙂 I also am a huge fan of seaweed salad, so i can’t wait to give this a shot.

    so glad you’re feeling a bit better ricki!


  • I believe I have splurged on this salad offering at WF before, and it is delicious. You know I love a good healthy salad, so I’ll keep this recipe in mind the next time I have a big bunch of kale.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I know it’s hard to manage all you have going on, so I’m extra happy you’ve given extra attention to you!


  • great to see you back with a stunning recipe , great story (love reading choice bits of the paper out) and glorious photos – really I want to try this salad – it seems more summery although kale seems wintery – maybe we would like it warm in our house (E doesn’t like cold esp at this time of year, although I am not sure he would eat the seaweed anyway) – and I love the serving suggestion

    I found out yesterday that it was Victoria day and our state of victoria was celebrating 158 years since we separated from NSW – never knew there was a day to celebrate our independence as a state but apparently there is!


  • Congratulatios! That is a seriously good report card.

    I love seaweed salads, I must start making these at home.

    So I must ask, how were you able to type an umlaut? I have always wanted to get those ubers right 🙂


  • So good to have you return – another celebration in addition to Canada Day and 4th of July!

    Don’t know where to get seaweed around here except for some sushi wrappers which are like paper. But that Nut Roast recipe is inspiring and those nuts are easily available nearby – the ‘rooms are just waiting in the fridge for something to do and Nut Loaf is it.



  • giz

    Thanks for posting that recipe. I love that salad and more often than not begrudge myself the pleasure because of the price. The prices are out of control but you gotta love their salad bar.


  • This looks and sounds super yummy! I love seaweed but don’t eat nearly as much of it as I probably should.


  • Oh I bet that is delicious! I love using sea veggies…they make me feel like a real pro (ha!) But I think it’s hijiki that repeats on me…arame and wakame are fine 🙂

    Nice job on the report card. I am amazed at your sticktoit-ism.


  • Very glad to hear that you are feeling better Ricki. Love this salad. I’ve been making an effort to incorporate more seaweed into my diet and kale is a favorite. Always look to forward to your wonderful recipes.


  • i’m so very glad you’re back, Ricki! yay! so happyfaced that you’re making progress & feel’n good! that rocks! gluten-free for a bit longer sounds rock’n to me – especially ’cause i’ve made the decision to be gluten-free and i must say, i love it! veggies & raw awesomeness is where it’s at! hooray for oats, and hoooooooooooray for 28 pounds gone! you rock! i need to get me some seaweed awesomeness and make your salad! superw00t!


  • I love super healthy, simple dishes like this! Perfect for light summer eating. 🙂


  • Welcome back Ricki! Glad your health is improving!


  • I’m happy to hear you’re feeling mostly better! Hopefully that last annoying symptom goes away soon. I’ve seen and read about this dish before but honestly I’m wary of the seaweed. I did buy some arame form Whole Foods recently to use in some other recipes though so perhaps I will build up my seaweed bravery.


  • Jes

    I am drooling over this salad–kale and seaweed are two of my favorite things in the world!!! And it’s so good to have you back, I’ve definitely missed your posts!


  • Nora,
    Absolutely! (Well, glowing inside, anyway) 😉

    Thanks so much! It does feel better. Hope you enjoy the salad!

    Thanks so much! And I agree, arame is the most visually pleasing of the sea veggies!

    Thanks and Happy July 4 to you! Glad to hear you like the sea veggies–hope you enjoy the salad!

    Kale is my favorite green, too. 🙂 And thanks for the good wishes re: ACD and health!

    Thanks! I think you’ll enjoy this salad, too.:)

    Turns out (here, anyway) that WF no longer carries this salad–but here’s your chance to try it at home. 😉

    Yep, kale is the bonus! Hope you like it. 🙂

    Thanks so much! What if you didn’t tell M.Fish what it was? (just an idea. . .) 😉

    Thanks so much! Feeling good to be back.

    Yay–thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the book–and the salad! 🙂

    Yes, it is rather dear, as they used to say, isn’t it? But much less expensive at home. And yes, it does feel a bit chaotic around here at times!

    Well, Happy Independence to you, too! And I agree–even though it’s cooked, it feels more summery, for some reason. But good any time!

    Aw, shucks, thanks re: the report card. 😉 About the umlaut, I just typed it in the body of the post, copied and pasted it to the title (because I couldn’t figure out how to get it there, either!). Sneaky!!

    Mom and Rita,
    Thanks so much–great to be back! And while it may not be exactly like the salad. . . the nutroast is one of my faves. In fact, I can’t wait to make another one once I can eat mushrooms again! (Because they ARE fungi, you know–sorta like candida!)

    I know–one of the best salad bars ever. But whooooaaaahhhh, pricey.

    This is a good way to get some of that seaweed in–I don’t eat enough, either.

    Never tried wakame, but since I love arame, I figure I’ll still with it! And re: sticking with it. . . well, when you feel that crappy, sorta makes you willing to stick to the diet if it helps!!

    Thanks so much! This is a great recipe to get more of that seaweed–hope you like it!

    Great that you’re trying GF for a spell! I hardly notice a difference in cooking any more (though of course I’m not baking, so that may change!). Hope you like the salad!

    This IS good for light dishes–I can have just this for dinner and be happy.

    Thanks so much! Much appreciated. 🙂

    Sounds like it’s time to take the plunge! Go for that seaweed!! 😉

    Aw, thanks! And how nice to hear from someone else who loves seaweed this much (well, I love it in this dish, anyway!)


  • Welcome back!!! I am sooooo happy for you and your incredible report card – you are amazing, Ricki!! High five!!

    Oh my goodness, I adore kale and seaweed salad, but I’ve never fixed it at home!! Thanks to you, now I can!! I’m SO excited!!


  • Glad you’re back and feeling better! And glad I was finally able to access your blog – for some reason I couldn’t for a while.

    I love the kale salad from Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2. Even though raw kale sounds disgusting, this salad is delicious. Even my 9 year old loves it! If you want the recipe, let me know and I will e-mail it to you.


  • So glad to see you back and feeling better!
    Your pictures of this salad are gorgeous! By saying that it doesn’t taste fishy, you may have convinced me to give arame a try, which isn’t a small feat. Next time I see some, I’ll take a bite and see if I can enjoy it.


  • that salad looks so delicious!


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  • I know this is an old post, but I had to comment and say that I’ve eaten this salad three meals out of the last four because it’s SO GOOD.

    I didn’t have arame, so I used the lazy way out and cut strips of toasted nori with scissors. I just tossed those with the warm kale and they were delicious!

    I made it for myself when the BF was working late. I raved so much about it that I had it for lunch the next day, then we made it again the next evening so he could try it.



  • […] Healthy Kale and Seaweed Salad from Diet, Dessert and Dogs […]

  • Dhyan

    Regarding your comment about Whole Foods: “After all, they don’t call it ”Whole Paycheck” for nothing.” Can we take a small look at another persepctive? Whole Foods deals with small independent companies that create quality, organic products and compete with the mega food corporations. They sell organic produce and products from local farmersand companies. They don’t mass buy ingredients from questionable sources and use only the best. This increases cost factors. It is not as if Whole Foods sells Kellogs or General Mill products, prepackages them as “organic” and marks up the price. You are paying for the quality of the produce and support small businesses and farmers. Also, I have never seen shelves and shelves of gluten free options at my local Safeway. I would like to suggest you not knock Whole Foods. Many people have organic options now because of them. If Toronto has an organic store with quality products at a lower price – just shop there, but you are not punishing Whole Foods by your comments you are just discouraging people from supporting their worthy suppliers. Dhyan


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