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Dog Day: Tricks for Treats

Elsie, what’s this I hear about Hallowed Eats today?”


No, silly, it’s Halloween.  Which means Mum might play trick for treat! Just follow my lead. . . .”


Oooooh, YEAH!  I’m READY!”


“Okay, so here’s a trick Mum likes: ‘Say Please.'”


Well, I can give my paw! Here, Dad!  Now where’s my treat?”


That’s nothing!  How about this?  Just call me Mum’s little angel!”


“I can be an angel, too, Elsie!  Um, except I’m a little scared of the halo. . .


“Think you’re pretty talented, don’t you, Chaser?  Well getta load of THIS! This will get treats for sure!”


“Okay, Elsie, you win.  I bow at your feet. But, um, we still don’t have any treats, you realize. Drat!”


“That’s okay, Chaser. . . at least she didn’t dress us in stupid costumes, like last year.”


HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!  (And don’t worry, they did get their treats . . . ).  🙂


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