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Reprise: Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

For those of you celebrating this weekend, Happy Thanksgiving!  I wasn’t going to post a list of Thanksgiving recipes this year since there are so many I wouldn’t be able to enjoy (never-ending ACD, and all)–but then I thought, why should the REST of you suffer starve miss out? 

And so, I’m re-posting my recipe list from last year, plus a few extras I’ve accumulated since then, just in case you’re still on the lookout for some great holiday recipes.

Hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends–human or otherwise!


“Aww, Mum, this is such a tease. . . our Thanksgiving was over a month ago.  Which means no leftovers for me or Elsie. . . *sigh*.”

Main Meal Dishes:

Side Dishes:


Breakfast Dishes:


23 comments to Reprise: Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

  • Aww, Ricki, you take the cutest pup pictures 🙂


  • thanks for putting these awesome recipes together for us, Ricki! the cornbread cake with plums, earth bowl (which is perfect because apples are in season and we still have some blackberries that we picked over the summer tucked away in the freezer), sweet potato ‘n kasha burgers, and curried pumkin hummus (which i can’t believe i totally forgot about) are really making me drool. mmmmmmmm!


  • Jes

    I second those portobello steaks–they are so darn delicious. Actually, I might have to revisit these on Thursday!


  • thanks for sharing the links. is there anyway in the future they can go straight to the recipe, I didn’t really like the run around of hitting your old site and then being told to click again..just felt like maybe a way to get you more clicks.


  • Ohhhh my goodness! We decided to go out to our favorite hole in the wall Indian veg place for thanksgiving but now you have made me want to stay home and cook every single one of these delicious dinners. I don’t even know where to start, thank you!


  • CCK,
    Of course, I think so, but glad you do, too! 🙂

    It’s a great day for drooling–hope your Thanksgiving is/was awesome! 🙂


    Glad you like them! Have one for me (until I’m back on mushrooms, after the ACD!) 😉

    Thanks for letting me know about this. Actually, when I switched over from the free WordPress to this site, everything was transferred from the old site “as is.” I started to update all the links manually, day by day, link by link, but got pooped around 18 months in; I decided I’d update as I went along. I totally forgot about these, though! I’ve updated them now. 🙂 (And do people really do stuff like that just to get extra clicks? Sheesh!).

    Voracious Vegan,
    Indian sounds pretty darned delectable to me! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, whatever the menu! 🙂


  • What an amazingly mouthwatering list of food. Of course you had me with the first recipe on the list. Mushrooms, Mmmmmmm!


  • I love all of the ideas! Thanks for including them in one post!


  • What a great list! Thanks for putting it together.

    You really do take great pics of your animal companions.

    thanks again,


  • I love your doggies! thanks for the list.


  • Your pooch is precious and thanks for these great healthy recipe links!


  • Jacqueline,
    Thanks so much! I’m a fan too, but have to wait until I’m off the ACD to have those again 🙁

    My pleasure!

    Vegan Epicurean,
    Thanks! I guess I’m lucky they’re photogenic 😉 (but I did miss that knapsack while she was napping!).

    Thanks! Hope there’s something you can enjoy on it. 🙂

    Aw, thanks! Have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂


  • kitchenspoon

    Hi Ricki–In the home stretch for Thanksgiving and still popping around for a few last minute ideas. As always, thanks for the yummy inspiration and for being so generous with your recipes!!


  • What a good reminder of how amazing a vegan Thanksgiving can be. Plus I am reminded to make the sweet potato ginger salad. I have a basket full of sweet potatoes that need my attention.


  • Aww, well, on behalf of all the ACD-free people I thank you for posting the list of Thanksgiving recipes! 🙂

    Chaser is such a cute sleeper! All four legs and her tail are all bunched up together! <3


  • ooooo excellent list!!
    i included this in my thanksgiving compilation post!
    i adore your recipes and i can’t wait to read sweet freedom!!!!!
    thank you again!


  • I happened to stumble across your website today and couldn’t help but notice you’re on the Candida Albican diet. I, too, have been put on the diet, but not because I’m fighting too much yeast in my body; it’s a long story. I realize this may not be the time or place to ask this, but I was wondering how you’re doing with the diet, if you’ve found any support groups online or your home community, and how you’re fairing in general as your world has been turned upside down with seemingly endless food restrictions? I’m currently living overseas and have been struggling with this whole new lifestyle (since May) as I’m doing this alone. And by the way, your recipes look amazing!


  • I had to share this great list with my readers. Thanks so much for putting all of these recipes together!


  • Kitchenspoon,
    Thanks so much! Hope your Thanksgiving is a great one! 🙂

    You know, I haven’t had that salad in ages, either. . . must make it, too! Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! 🙂

    Aw, thanks! And yes, Chaser certainly can curl up when she wants to (even on my back pack!) 😉

    Thanks so much! I love all the other entries, too–so many new recipes to check out! Hope you have a stellar Thanksgiving! 🙂

    Sorry to hear you’re struggling with candida. Actually, I’m doing quite well on the diet, but this is month Number Ten. I like the support group on the site I recommended, Whole Approach. I’ll post about this in the next while if I can. And yes, it can be tough to go to restaurants (almost impossible, actually) or friends’ houses–I generally just bring my own food when we’re invited somewhere else. Good luck with it, and hang in there!

    my year without,
    Thanks so much! Hope your readers find something they like in the list (and thanks for all those other yummy entries!). Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂


  • Your dog looks so sweet lying there.

    Great looking recipes! THanks!


  • Beth

    I’ve never sent you a comment before, but your Thanksgiving recipes sound fantastic!! Being a vegan I am going to make the veggie burgers this afternoon, I’ve had your recipe and now I have some time. I love your beautiful dogs!!


  • These are awesome! Definitely debating adding the Pumpkin Hummus and Quinoa salad to my menu. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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