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Festive Freebies 3: Chocolate. Oh, and Chocolate.

[When I first conceived of the Festive Freebies event, I imagined I’d post a new giveaway every day or two, ending on December 25th–sort of like the 12 days of Christmas (minus a few).  Ah, well, work, and life–and then December 25th itself–got in the way.  Instead, I’m wrapping up the Festive Freebies for 2009 this week, leading into the new year.  Hope this gets your year off to a sweet start! This is the last giveaway for 2009.]

[Moist and rich-tasting marble cake with a generous ratio of chocolate.]

Who doesn’t love chocolate? As you all know, it is, hands-down, my favorite food (thank goodness for cacao nibs, dark 70% bittersweet and other healthy varieties, or I might have to consider abandoning this ACD).  

You know those quizzes that ask, “what’s the one thing you’d take if you were stranded on a desert island?”  Well, my answer would be chocolate.  Or, maybe, the HH and some chocolate.  (“But Mum, what about us?  Do you mean to say you wouldn’t take US??!!“)  And The Girls, of course, if the rules allow (though they couldn’t eat the chocolate, so I’d have to bring some carob, too–this island is getting mighty crowded all of the sudden).

Anyway–I’m thrilled to be able to give away two chocolate prizes; one in Canada and the other worldwide.  Just click here for more information and to enter!

I’ll be back with a marble cake recipe later on! 🙂


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