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It’s Here: Anti-Candida Feast Ebook


When I first thought about the holidays this year, I resigned myself to the usual ACD fare:  hummus, salads, lots of greens and maybe some veggie patties.  But then I thought, why shouldn’t I have a great holiday dinner, too?  I set to work coming up with a delicious menu that both the HH and I could enjoy together–complete with a yummy dessert.

If you’re on an anti-candida (or any sugar-free, gluten free) diet, the holidays don’t have to be dire!  Anti-Candida Feast will provide everything from appetizer to dessert for your holiday meal.  I’ve created a dozen brand new recipes and paired them with a few more favorites from this blog.

All recipes are gluten free, stevia-sweetened and suitable for anyone on an anti-candida diet, or any diet that features whole, natural foods and is free of gluten, eggs, dairy, and sweeteners (except stevia) or anything artificial.  (Some recipes are suitable for phase 2 of the ACD, containing unsweetened chocolate, coconut milk or gluten free flours).

Here’s what you’ll get in this 29-page ebook:

Tips on dealing with the anti-candida diet

Sixteen recipes, including:

* Includes full color photograph.

To order your own copy of Anti-Candida Feast for just $5.00 US, use the “Buy Now” button in the left sidebar, or click here for the Ebook page (PayPal button is after the book description).

And don’t forget that you can win many of the ingredients to make the desserts in the ebook by entering the healthy baking kit giveaway–running until tomorrow! Just click here to enter.


13 comments to It’s Here: Anti-Candida Feast Ebook

  • Everything sounds great! Congratulations!


  • Congrats! Email me some info and photos and we can get some info up about it!


  • You DEFINITELY deserve to have a great feast, dear Ricki! Enjoy and thanks for sharing this e-book information 🙂


  • Jes

    What a great ebook!


  • congratulations on getting this together so more people can enjoy the festive season – you deserve to – might have to get this just to see your holiday nut roast


  • squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! that’s so awesome that you rocked the ebook for the holiday, Ricki! holidays are stressful enough as it is for some people (this includes me!) and the last thing they need to worry about is finding tasty recipes that everyone can enjoy. your ACD friendly recipes are looking great (i am all about the sesame crackers, sweet potato pudding, and holiday nut roast. w00t!) – and i’m clicking over in just a minute to purchase my copy. thanks, Ricki!


  • Congrats on putting this together in time for the holidays! I’m sure it will be a fabulous resource for many people. And you’re absolutely right: these recipes are appealing to everyone, ACD or not!


  • veggie wedgie,
    Thanks so much! 🙂

    Will do! 🙂

    Thanks–as do you! I hope the ebook will be of use to people with restricted diets, too. 🙂

    Thanks-glad you think so!

    Thanks! I had a trial run of the nut roast w/ a group of friends yesterday, and it was a huge hit–looking forward to the holiday! (And you know how much I LOVE nut roasts now!) 😉

    Thanks so much! I love the sweet potato pudding with some cashew cream, and the nut roast is a proven hit with others. 🙂

    Thanks so much! I do hope it’s useful to anyone looking for healthy, yummy recipes. 🙂


  • You should have a great holiday dinner too! Your cookbook mojo is at full force, isn’t it? 😀


  • Great stuff! I am mentally preparing to offer ebooks like this. Seems like an undertaking for 2010… 🙂

    LOVE all your recipes, Ricki!


  • This is so perfectly timed – after having an extreme reaction to some food recently – my body is pining for some good clean acd eating – I look forward to my ebook purchase. This kind of eating is my goal for my kids – not to have them hooked on sugar, white flour, dairy etc etc. I’m just gradually switching them over to more healthy fare and they don’t even know it – so sneaky, I know. Thks again.


  • What a delicious sounding ebook!


  • hiya, Ricki! just wanted to let you know that dan and i made the holiday nut roast last night. words cannot describe how awesome it was! i’ve made a handful of veggie/vegan loafs in my day, but your holiday nut roast is the best we’ve had. ever! the combination of flavors is absolutely wonderful, the texture is just perfect, and it’s really easy to make (that i really loved, too!). the hardest part was waiting for it to cool because we wanted to dig in right then. thank you so much! we can’t wait to start cooking all the other yummies from your ebook. yay!


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