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Warm Chickpea and Artichoke Salad

Yesterday afternoon, I called the HH at work and proposed.  (No, no, silly, not that kind of proposal! We are quite content with our “been there, done that, never going to be legally married again” status, thank you.)  What I proposed was this:  “HH, I just noticed that Joan Rivers is performing live tonight at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.  Would you like to go?” 

And lo and behold, the HH said, “YES.”

Now, why is that scenario so surprising?  Well, for two reasons.  First, the HH actually said, “yes.”  But more remarkable was my own invitation in the first place–my impulsive decision to attend the show. 

You see, I’m a Libra.

One of the defining traits of Libras (or so the HH, my astrological expert, informs me) is indecisiveness.  As the only sign represented by an inanimate object (the scales), Libras’ minds are like teeter-totters alternating between two nearly-equal entities:  first, all the weight falls to one side; then it shifts and all the weight moves to the other end.  Meanwhile, the poor Libra keeps vacillating between the two: Should I wear the black shoes?  They match my black turtleneck.  Then again, the brown shoes pick up that brown stripe in my pants.  And the brown shoes are more comfortable.  But the black shoes look better. Of course, the brown shoes are more sturdy, and I’ll be walking on cobblestones.  Still, the black shoes were less expensive, so it won’t matter if they get a little worn out. . .  .

You see my point.  (Well, maybe you don’t.  But then again, maybe you do. But you might not.)

This propensity to shift between alternatives can also manifest itself as an “all or nothing” mentality–in other words, Libras choose either one extreme end of the seesaw or the other. For example, I might spend an entire day creating a single pepperoni pizza, counterbalanced by some über quick Mex-Ital tofu scramble the next.  Or I’ll while away the better part of an afternoon playing with Vanilla vs. Vanilla (muffins vs. cupcakes), even whipping up my own sour cream for the experiment–then ditch the complexity for quick and foolproof LaRaw Bars (Cocoa Nibbles), effectively made with only 3 ingredients.

Unfortunately for me, this “all-or-nothing” habit extends to eating, as well.  I’m one of those people who, when I indulge in sweets, feels compelled to consume the entire batch at once (which explains why I haven’t made my fudge in a while.  Though I did try out Kim’s healthier black bean version instead.  Nope, pretty much wanted to eat that entire batch, too.) 

I’m not sure why, but the culinary balance seems to have shifted to “simple” once again.  Could it be that I spent so much of the past few days attempting a “cheese”-filled, gluten free, ACD-friendly bread recipe that my kitchen is now permanently coated in a patina of amaranth flour? Or perhaps it’s that my holiday from the college has encouraged recent marathon sessions in front of the TV (am I the only one who’s disappointed with Ellen on Idol? Or is she actually as noncomittal and insipid as she seems to me?  And will Jack and Carly get back together–again?  And how about that Liz Lemon?  And why am I so jazzed to watch the Oscars when I haven’t seen any of the movies?). Or maybe it’s that I finally started working on the puzzle the HH got me for Christmas and I’ve spent far too many hours hunched over the card table, scrutinizing scalloped pieces of cardboard for subtle shifts in hue from black to grey to tan.  Too many “all” activities, perhaps?

Whatever the reason, lately I’ve opted for quick and easy.  And I found this wonderful recipe in–of all places–Vegan Yum Yum, the cookbook based on the blog of the same name by Lauren Ulm.  Now, if you’re familiar with Lauren’s blog, you know that many of her recipes appear quite elaborate, or even intimidating (Knit Night Cupcakes, anyone?).  That’s why I was totally delighted to discover that there are more than a few straightforward, simple recipes in the book–and this artichoke salad is a stellar example.

While the original employs marinated artichokes (my assumption, as it’s not specified), I adapted the recipe for the ACD and added my own seasonings. Made with staples already in most pantries, this deceptively simple salad is anything but simple in flavor and texture.  Browning the chickpeas adds a slightly nutty undertone, balanced nicely by the acidity of the lemon and artichokes (and I’m all about balance). As I scooped up the first forkful, I wondered if the recipe was perhaps too basic for a blog entry. But then I found myself returning to it again and again–even, in fact, after I’d already packed the leftovers in a container and placed them in the fridge.  It was that good.  

Lauren notes that the salad serves four, or “one as a meal,” which is how it turned out for me.  Well, I suppose it only made sense: I had to eat it all–or nothing.

 “Mum, dogs don’t have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality, you know.  It’s more like, ‘all or everything.’

With chickpeas in a co-starring role here, I’m submitting this to Lisa and Jacqueline‘s No Croutons Required event for March. This month’s host is Lisa and the theme is soups or salads made with chickpeas. The event runs until March 20, so there’s still time to enter if you’d like to participate!

Blog Note:  I finally completed updating the “Blogs I Read” page.  I know there are also lots of blogs I may have missed, so if you have a blog that fits into one of the listed categories, please let me know.  I’d love to check it out! 🙂

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© 2010 Diet, Dessert and Dogs


41 comments to Warm Chickpea and Artichoke Salad

  • Your pics are gorgeous! This salad would serve one here too, if only because my gentleman friend doesn’t like artichoke hearts (I know!) – more for me is totally fine by me, especially when it sounds that good!


  • Wow, that salad looks great. I wish I had your cooking creativity! I hope you have a great time at Joan Rivers. I’m sure it’ll be a great time 🙂

    If you have a chance, I’d love for you to check out my blog.


  • The salad looks great! Thanks for sharing.

    I giggled the entire time while reading your Libra discussion. My hubby is a Libra and I felt that I was right there with you. Maybe there is something to astrology after all. 😉

    I hope Joan was good!


  • yum yum indeed – this is just the sort of salad I love – although I am like your and swither my way through life even though not a libran – so I always love to hear your decision making thoughts as I know the scene so well


  • I’m marking this as a “must-try!”


  • Mom

    That sounds really good – and quick. Just what I need for a busy day. Somehow I think your decision making process is way more efficient than mine – procrastination was the first ‘big’ word I learned as a child. “What does that mean, Daddy?” “Pick one – make up your mind!”


  • Oh I was going to say that it reminded me of the salad I made from Vegan Yum Yum. Looks totally delicious…very hungry now, haha.


  • Awww some of my best friends are Libras! I need their levelheadedness to balance out my fiery Leo temper! And I love the way this meal looks. You know I adore chickpeas, and combining them with artichokes would be spectacular. Thank you for the idea!


  • I’ve bookmarked this one! Artichokies are one of the few vegetables I don’t get enough of. I pretty much only eat them on pizza’s and once in a while with pasta. Looks divine.


  • Your photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this recipe. It sounds like a really impressive salad to share with friends – even those who think they don’t like salads.

    p.s. I’m a Libra too…Libras are fabulous!


  • Look delish Ricki!! Cant wait to try 🙂


  • Indecisiveness is my middle name! lol! I’m not even a libra and I have that problem all of the time. ughhhh!

    Chickpea wonderfullness!!! Yum!


  • First of all, this meal is definitely something I’ll make! I love chickpeas! And unlike most other beans, they don’t make my stomach act up. 🙂

    Like you, I’m all or nothing about food too, and I’ve been doing a bit too much baking lately, so I think I have to go back to simplicty for a little while.

    Oh, and thanks for adding me to your Blogs I read page!


  • oh wow. That looks amazing!


  • Courtney

    OMG…I know what is for dinner tonight! I totally have everything on hand to make that, and I cannot begin to describe my love for artichokes…lets just say I love em a lot 🙂 Growing up, I seriously always chose them for my birthday dinner–on our birthdays we got the choice of going out to eat where we wanted or having my mom make something, and I always chose artichokes, lol. I was one WEIRD kid, I know…

    Thank you, Ricki!


  • Ooh, if I make this for dinner tomorrow, my boyfriend will love me even more. He’s crazy about chickpeas. And I luuuurve artichokes. Perfect!


  • oh my goodness this salad looks ~amazing~. I’m off to the market tomorrow and I’ll be sure to pick up the ingredients for this! What a perfect sunday dinner!!
    I’ll link you to my blog post when I make it <3


  • Hi Ricki! You mentioned contacting you if we have a blog we think you should read…well, I’m an amateur and just getting started with my low-fat focused vegan blog, but I’d be grateful if you’d check it out! No special themes or gimmicks, just trying to be healthy and vegan and trying out other folks’ recipes. Thanks!


  • chickpeas, almonds, artichokes, garlic – i’m there, and YUM! i love your ACD version of Lauren’s recipe, Ricki. i really dig that it’s made with pantry staples, too. that rocks! aaaaaah yes, a Libra. 😉 one of our dearest friends is a Libra, and he’s always weighing and debating and deciding and then going back to do it all over again. the poor guy! me, i’m a Taurus – so i’m just thick-headed and stuck in my ways (ah ha ha!), but i hear ya on the all-or-nothing mentality. i tend to be that way a lot, and i too take that approach to sweets (which is why i rarely make them because i really will eat them all in a day). that’s so true on dogs being all or everything – that’s what i love about them the most. yay!


  • Jes

    So the question is, of course, how was Joan?!

    And the salad looks utterly fabulous!


  • Nope. You’re not the only one, I am also disappointed with Ellen on Idol. She’s such a funny woman and I like her show though. I don’t get it. The Kara “the cougar” thing is getting on my nerves too. Am I the only person who does not find Casey attractive at all? Meh.

    The salad looks wonderfully tasty and satisfying! I’m not a Libra, so I won’t change my mind about that! 😛


  • Josiane,
    Thanks so much! And it really wasn’t too much for one 😉

    She was, indeed, terrific (see next post for commentary). And thanks for leading me to your blog! 🙂

    Vegan Epicurean,
    Yep, I’m a believer in the astrology thing, for sure. (Well, most of the time. Not always. I have to weigh the circumstances. . . ) 😉

    Simple and delish–what could be better?

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

    Yes, it’s great for a quick meal. And yummy! But my decision-making process sure doesn’t feel efficient to me. 😉

    Good eye, there! 🙂


    Vivacious V,
    Wow, never thought of myself as “levelheaded,” but I like that much more than “indecisive”! 🙂

    Yay! They really are a yummy veggie.

    Yay for Libras! And glad you like the photos. 🙂

    So nice to “see” you here! Thanks for your comment, and for reading. 😀

    Well, I guess some traits aren’t reserved for certain signs!

    Yes, sometimes I require a “no baking or desserts for a few days” rule, too. And happy to add your blog. 🙂

    Despite the simplicity, it really was amazing!

    Nothing weird about loving artichokes! And fresh are even better. . . mmmmm!

    Sounds like a match made in heaven, to me. 😉

    Thanks! I look forward to reading what you thought about it.

    Thanks for your comment, and for letting me know about your blog! I’ve added it. 🙂

    Having everything on hand was one of the reasons I made this salad to begin with–so easy! And my sister is a Taurus, so I know what you mean. 😉 And I suppose it’s the doggie attitude that is part of why I love .The Girls, too! 🙂

    Joan=hilarious. Joan=incredible icon. Joan=timeless humor. Joan=screaming, falling down laughing. Joan=THE BIGGEST GUTTER MOUTH I HAVE EVER HEARD. And I loved it! 🙂

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I agree about Kara the Cougar (and I don’t see the attraction to Casey, either–I much prefer Lee Dewyze, for instance, or Todrick Hall (or even Simon!). And you will love this salad!


  • Your salad looks beautiful and delicious. I love it. I will def try it 🙂


  • GORGEOUS salad! This is truly up my alley, and I can’t wait to make it!!!


  • Since we still seem to be in the middleof winter, warm is my new favourite word. And I’m out of words to tell you how delicious that salad looks!


  • The salad looks delish! I think half my meals have some form of garbanzos in them. Out of curiosity, do the marinated version of artichoke hearts have sugar in them? Is that why they can not be used in the ACD diet?

    I’ve enjoyed your posts!


  • That is a nice looking salad!


  • Thanks so much for this lovely submission Ricki. It is always a pleasure to include your recipes in our roundups!


  • Lynn

    This was a great recipe and tasted REALLY good I think it would also be good with white beans but I am not certain if these are acceptable on an ACD. Thanks


  • Ooo I can see why you kept going back to the fridge for this one.


  • Mom

    This recipe lurked around the perimeter of my awareness for several days – ‘chickpeas? roasted in olive oil? does that taste anything like falafel?’ . . soon I had my hands on a can of marinated artichokes (lazy, yes). After the ingredients were assembled into salad I decided that your version sounded tastier than the artichokes in my salad so I added your seasonings after-the-fact and they are much better! I had a friend over for lunch and we both enjoyed your super-yummy salad. Thanks 🙂


  • i just found your website and this is the first recipe i tried! i froze it and it even tasted good. i added some black pepper for some kick.


  • This looks delicious, Ricki! I can’t wait to try it. 🙂


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  • This was delicious, Ricki! 🙂 🙂


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