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Guest Post: Elsie & Chaser on Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream

[THANKS, everyone, for your comments in response to my question at the end of my last post.  I appreciate all the different perspectives and will address the issue next time!  If you haven’t added your two cents yet, you still can. I’d love to hear from you!]

Ah, the crazy, lazy days of summer.

Well, at least I got it half right. 😉

Ack!! I’m going nuts over here!  Bonkers!  Batty! Off the deep end! LocoFolleVerrückt! Whack! Or, as Susan Powter used to say,


Well, really, it’s my own fault.  I mean, it’s crunch time at my job, but I’m still motoring full-speed ahead with cookbook promotion (which is still on sale, too! You can check it out here).  And starting to write a new one (more on that anon).  And maintaining this blog.  AND writing articles as a freelancer. AND agreeing to talk at various nutrition events.  Oh, and somehow making sure my HH doesn’t forget what I look like through all of this.  Not to mention the very high-maintenance Girls.

Excuse me, Mum, but I resemble that remark–I mean, resent that remark.  True, my fur sheds like nobody’s business and true, if you don’t play with me when I ask, I start to howl and moan and growl and bark at you, and true, if you continue to ignore me, I go over to Elsie and bite her ear and paw her until she finally plays with me, but what do you mean, ‘high maintenance’? What? Aren’t all dogs like that?

Well, the only reason they get away with it (okay, it’s actually only Chaser) is because they are so gosh-darned cute.  And because being with them lowers my blood pressure, which is actually helpful while I’m drowning in this welter of marking, writing, marking, baking, marking, writing, marking, cooking, marking and marking.  And marking.

I really wanted to share this ingenious recipe for Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream–especially since it’s time for another SOS Roundup in just four days! (c’mon, folks, get those rhubarb recipes in while you can!)–but I just don’t have time to write another blog post today.  So I’ve decided to give the task over to The Girls, and let them earn their keep, a little.

Sorry, but I’m just too busy to let you know about how insanely creamy this ice cream is, or how it uses walnuts and coconut milk for an ultra-rich and smooth base that doesn’t turn to ice in the freezer, or how the meandering pink swirl of tangy rhubarb is simple to make and can also be used as a compote or topping instead, or how the HH and I scooped up the entire batch of this ice cream in in three days flat.  Nope, no time for that. I’ll just have to leave it up to The Girls to convey the message for me.

Over to you, Elsie

 and Chaser

And happy reading, everyone! 🙂

OOOh, Elsie–I mean, Ellen–can you believe it??!! Mum is letting us take over the blog!  Whooopeee!  Oh, I’m so excited, I can’t believe it, I have to writhe on the ground and grrrrrrr and yelp and bite your ear and—

 Zip it, Chaser, or we’ll never get this done.  Mum has bestowed this responsibility upon us and we must take it seriously. Oh, and you don’t have to call me Ellen for a while.  The show is on hiatus for the summer, so they’re not paying attention, anyway. But if people want to send a message to the show in support of Mum being on it, this is a great time, because Ellen’s people will have more time to read them! Now, let me think about the best way to approach this blog task. . .

Okay!! But this is STILL so exciting!  I can hardly contain myself!  Should we write about playing?  Or running up and down the hallway?  Or watching for strangers from the window and barking at them??? Or maybe going on a “W. A. L. K”–

Put a lid on it, kid. We’ve got to get to work here.  And just FYI, Mum doesn’t realize we know how to spell.

Oops, sorry! Okay, so how about discussing Frisbees, my favorite?  Or my ball–I LOVE MY BALL!  We could talk about throwing it and chasing it, and then throwing it and chasing it again!  And maybe throwing it and chasing it once more after that!! Oooh, that’s my favorite activity!  Or we could talk about–


* * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * *

Heh heh.  Now that she’s gone, let’s get to– 

Whew!  That squirrel must have been moving pretty fast if I couldn’t even SEE it!  Okay, here I am again!  Now, I know we’re supposed to say something on the blog, but I think I’ve forgotten what it was. . . something to do with eating. . . .

Don’t worry, Chaser, I’ve done this before.  Let’s just talk about this Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream. 

Oooh, yeah, Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream! One of my favorite things!! I LOVE Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream!  It’s so delicious!  It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted! It’s better than sliced bread Dentabones!  It’s tops! Fabulous! Fantastic!!!!!!

. . . . Um, what’s rhubarb, again?

It’s people food.  But we’re allowed to taste it.  It’s not too sweet, which is good for us.  And it’s easy to make, which is good for Mum.  But all you need to know is that it contains protein, from the walnuts and (good) fat.

Oooh, Protein and Fat!  Two of my favorite things!!  I LOVE protein and fat!  They’re so delicious!  They’re the best things–

Take a chill pill, kid. Let’s just let Mum’s readers see the recipe.  Our job here is done.

Well, except for cleaning up the leftovers, right?  Ooh, leftovers!  I LOVE leftovers!  They’re so delicious. . . . .

This recipe is my submission this week to Amy’s Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays event.  The ice cream actually tastes more than slightly indulgent–but without sugar or cream, it fits the bill perfectly anyway!

Side Note:  For those who are interested, I’ve just added the clip of my television appearance earlier this week on Roger’s daytime to the Press Page.

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28 comments to Guest Post: Elsie & Chaser on Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream

  • Mmmm I’m jealous of the girls.


  • So much fun! The ice cream also looks pretty scrumptious 🙂

    ~Aubree Cherie


  • You are one busy lady! I think you need a vacation.I love the post from your dogs. Too cute!

    Unfortunately my grocery store has decided to stop carrying rhubarb just in time for this month’s challenge, so I won’t be participating. If it ever shows up again I will try your ice cream though! Rhubarb ice cream sounds yummy.


  • Fun! The ice cream sounds delicious, and the coconut sugar is so intriguing…

    And, thank you for reminding me about Susan Powter- it has been way too long. 🙂


  • ah so cute! Love this post 🙂


  • Very fun to see things from the Girls’ perspective today. And your ice cream looks divine!


  • So cute.

    And I hear you on being busy. I have not made a rhubarb recipe yet, and it is unlikely to happen before the deadline – it’s been that kind of a few weeks.


  • K

    Goodness me, I can’t believe that June is almost over, I guess I need to get my butt in gear and make my rhubarb recipe. It’s definitely a good thing I don’t have an ice cream maker, and am kind of lazy, or my remaining rhubarb would be destined for this instead. I am keeping this recipe, and your softening technique, in mind though because it turning rock solid in the freezer is my biggest pet peeve about homemade ice cream.


  • Hmmm. I was wondering what to do with the rest of my rhubarb, and this sounds much more user-friendly than freezing it in a plastic ziplock.


  • I love all the pictures of your pups!


  • I am worried about you Ricki, you are doing too much! You need to take break.


  • Aw! If my dog Datsun could write, I’m pretty sure he’d sound exactly like Chaser. Elsie sounds more like one of my cats. 🙂


  • Looks amazing Ricki!!
    Cant wait to try it ;o)


  • rhubarb swirl ice cream??? i must try this 🙂 and whaddya know, i just picked up some local rhubarb tonight!


  • Well done, girls! The ice cream looks absolutely perfect, and the girls couldn’t be cuter if they tried. The picture of Chaser biting Elsie’s ear is priceless!

    I hope your summer gets a little less crazy and a little lazier! 🙂


  • I have been on a rhubarb kick myself lately. I will have to see about getting some of the other ingredients that I don’t have on hand and give this a try!


  • I had a rhubarb icecream in summer and it was one of my most favourite ice creams ever so I would give this a go if I ever made icecream or even had room in my freezer for it. But I do want to try it – so I will bookmark it and keep it on my wishlist.

    As for the canine bloggers – excellent job – but why don’t chaser and elsie get to eat of of an elegant tea cup!!!


  • This.Sounds.SO.GOOD!
    Can’t get fresh rhubarb over hear and I MISS it so much. The next person who is coming out to stay with me is packing a load in their suitcase!!


  • Every where I look these days I see delicious recipes using rhubarb! I’m not sure I’ve ever even tasted the stuff, and I know I haven’t cooked with it. I hope that I can find it here because I REALLY want to, and I think this will have to be my first recipe – it looks DELICIOUS!

    Your pups would be best friends with my big boy Jack! They would make the cutest little herd!


  • Kiersten,
    Vacation? What’s that? ;)Sorry about missing the rhubarb! We’ll try to aim for a broader-season food next time.

    Sorry to hear it. Hope things calm down (for both of us) soon!

    Yes, I do need to take a break. 😉 Fortunately, I have a study week coming up in a few. 😀

    Yes, she IS more cat-like: Elsie is a bit more stand-offish and much, MUCH quieter. 😉

    Thanks so much! And of course The Girls appreciate it, too. 😉

    They’d only be allowed the tea cups if they could hold their pinkies up in the air at the same time holding it. . . but since they don’t HAVE pinkies, oh, well! 😉

    I’d love to have my Girls be part of a herd! They are pretty attached to each other, which can make it a bit difficult to get them to interact nicely with other dogs.


  • our dog julie gets away with a lot because she’s so cute, too. ah ha ha! Chaser and Elsie are the most adorable – all the pictures of them playing made me so very happyfaced! thanks so much for giving alternative directions for those without an ice cream maker. dan and i are going to get one, but we’ve gotta do some research and see which one will work the best for us. you sound crazy busy, Ricki – hang in there! you’ll be enjoying the summer soon – and thanks for another glorious recipe, my friend!


  • Wow, Ricki! I made some rhubarb ice cream last year but your ice cream cicks my ice creams butt. (I’m off to prepare my ice cream maker now, so I can make this soon.)


  • I’d never seen rhubarb ice cream, that’s a great idea! Now I *have* to have it, and soon! 🙂


  • Love all the photos of your adorable dogs!!


  • Great looking recipe! I’ve promised myself to try out more dairy-free and soy-free ice creams this summer and have to add this to my list to test out.


  • […] your rhubarb plant overflowing with bounty? Then turn some of that goodness into ice cream. Diet, Dessert & Dogs creates a vegan ice cream with a coconut milk base laden with pink ribbons of rhurbarb swirl. She […]

  • Theresa P.

    is it ok to use coconut sugar on ACD? i would like to know more about vegetable glycerin. can you point me in the right direction? thanks


    Ricki Reply:

    Coconut sugar seems to be okay in moderation in Stage 3 and beyond; I wouldn’t use it in the beginning, though (and even now, I have to be very careful with it). There’s a good discussion of vegetable glycerin on the Whole Approach website, at http://www.wholeapproach.com. Hope that helps!


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