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Chocolatey Fudge (Anti-Candida Friendly)–and Let The Giveaways Begin!

[In a bit of unrelated news, I’ll be doing a guest post on Amy’s blog tomorrow.  Hope you can drop by and check it out!]

[Looks pretty decadent, doesn’t it?  Tastes that way, too.]

Okay, so who WAS that woman who wrote my last post?! I do apologize if I alarmed any of you (though I don’t think I went so far as to frighten the horses ). I guess something about that particular topic hit a nerve for me.  But wow, did that post ever spike my blog’s traffic!  My Google Analytics stats shot through the roof!  And man, look at all those comments!  Well, I guess we all know how I’ll be choosing my blog topics from now on, hmmmnn?  Ahem.

Seriously, thanks to everyone for your insights, reactions, commentary!  I am really loving the exchange of opinions and all the differing perspectives on the topic.  I think peeking in on the IFBC sparked for me a renewed interest in ideas for ideas’ sake –it felt sort of like what grad school was supposed to be.  So, once again, thanks. And it’s not too late to contribute your own ideas about why and how we blog–join the conversation here.

But now. . . it’s time for us to head back from summer holidays and dive back into the daily routines once again–which means (for me, and for many of you)–back to school.

When I was a kid, the beginning of September was always a bittersweet time.  After two whole months of sleeping until I awoke; throwing on shorts and sneakers and a T-shirt before wandering outside to meet up with friends; reading books while lounging on the grass in our backyard or writing furiously in my journal, the sun warming the sheets of paper as I wrote; ice cream on demand; or simply soaking in the freedom of “no fixed schedule”–the end of August marked the shift to autumn and a return to predictability.

I didn’t particularly look forward to the the stuffy classrooms, the mercilessly rigid desk chairs, the overloaded backpack, the trek home at lunch or long afternoon hunched over my textbook, pencil in hand, reading from a book that (more often than not) didn’t interest me. 

On the other hand, there were some high points in returning to the classroom.  September also felt like a fresh start, that moment when you’ve just stepped out of the shower, scrubbed and still glistening before you decide what to wear that day. It was an invitation for self-renewal and embracing new identities, a chance to rectify personal slights or last year’s mistakes. New shoes, a new haircut and (my favorite part) fresh, pristine pages of new notebooks–those were the beckoning aspects of returning to school. 

Perhaps because  I work in academia, September still feels like the beginning of the year to me.  Yet it’s also a tacit “start date” in many other contexts as well: television shows (Hey, Ellen!  How about that guest spot this year?); arts and cultural events (you wouldn’t believe how many TSOTIFF or AGO brochures have landed on our doorstep lately–and, just an aside, does EVERY Toronto-area event use a three-letter acronym?), and even religious holidays (Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, usually occurs around September).

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a few exciting giveaways up my figurative sleeve–and now that we’re on the threshold of back-to-school, what better time to hold them? During the past couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure of sampling and experimenting with an array of new ingredients and products, some of which were truly exceptional. 

So now, I’ve chosen the best of the lot–the ones I liked most and think you will, too–and will be giving away one at a time over the next few weeks.

See?  Back to school can be fun

For a great ACD-friendly Fudge Recipe and to enter the first in the “Back to School Swag” series of giveaways, click here!

[You won’t believe what’s in this fudge. . . or how easy it is to make!]

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10 comments to Chocolatey Fudge (Anti-Candida Friendly)–and Let The Giveaways Begin!

  • NOTE: PLEASE DON’T LEAVE A CONTEST ENTRY ON THIS PAGE, but on this one instead. On the other hand, if you’re just here to comment about the fudge, go for it.


  • Oh, the fudge! Get in mah belleh! I’m checking out the giveaway and the recipe in a moment, but first I wanted to tell you that I too love fresh, pristine pages of new notebooks! There’s something about them…


  • Oh, and I blog because I love it! It helps me organize my thoughts and my kitchen adventures, because I can’t just have my recipes written down on post-its scattered all over the kitchen and my desk if I want to share them with the world! 😀


  • I already have two full jars of coconut oil in my pantry, so I’ll leave the giveaway to those who need it, but I just wanted to say that the fudge looks and sounds amazing! Love the secret ingredient.


  • Jes

    Mmm that fudge looks sooo decadent! I think it would make my back-to-the-grind a lot better!


  • I love back-to-school time. I’m not a student, teacher or mom but it still makes me want to sharpen pencils and comb my hair.


  • I missed the original hub-bub about the blogging- but I just spent the better part of an hour catching up. A lot of great (and varying) opinions on the topic and I can’t say I’m not curious about why certain bloggers do what they do 😉

    Anyways, I really did want to leave a comment about the fudge- wow and yum! the texture looks perfect!


  • I’m bummed that I missed out on the giveaway, but the recipe for that fudge is an excellent consolation prize. I never would have thought you could use black beans for something like this!


  • I missed the giveaway but must say that that fudge looks outstanding!!


  • Tiffany Miller

    Question: why both carob and cocoa powder? I’m just curious is there a difference between the two? I always thought carob was a cocoa substitute?


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