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Ebook Winners

Thanks again to everyone who entered the Desserts without Compromise giveaway!  Judging from the comments you all left, it sounds as if the Mounds/Bounty Bites are the most sought-after dessert in the book.  🙂  And whatever your first choice, I am delighted to see how many of you are interested in healthy, low glycemic, gluten free and vegan sweet treats!

As promised, I’ve once again conferred with random.org to select the FIVE winners of the ebook.  And here they are:

1) Comment 138, Mallory, whose first comment was,

I am very excited for this book! I LOVE coconut, so I really want to learn to make those mounds! The brownies also really caught my eye (and stomach)!

2) Comment 159, Amanda wrote:

While they all look indescribably yummy, I think it’s the Bounty Bites that won me over. Not that I am hard to convince! In my pre-vegan days, I used to LOVE Bounty Bars and do kinda miss them now that they’re off the menu…

3)  Comment 98, Cheryl Ayres wrote:

Scrumptious, Im with you. Such a lovely lineup. Something for every occasion too, but those chocolate brownies! YUM!

4)  Comment 19, Josiane wrote:

Congratulations, Ricki, on that new ebook!
Those desserts all look amazing… and I hear that bread pudding with caramel sauce calling my name pretty loud right now!

5) Comment 129, Christa wrote:

Wow! I would love to have these recipes, since I’ve been eating anti-candida foods for the better part of a year now (but am still stuck in phase 1!). The lemon coconut bars, the apple-pumpkin bars and the vanilla custard look lovely! There seem to be lots of phase-1-friendly foods, too!

Congratulations, all!  Please contact me with your email addresses so I can send out your books pronto!

And stay tuned for a bunch of back-to-school giveaways in the next few weeks!


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