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Amy’s Foods Giveaway–We Have a Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Amy’s foods giveaway!  I enjoyed reading all your comments about why you love Amy’s–the “real” ingredients, convenience, home-made taste, variety, and more.  While I will likely still continue to make 95% of my food from scratch, it’s nice to know that I have a healthy alternative when I’m rushed for time or just don’t feel like cooking.

I’ll be back later today with a new (easy and decadent!) recipe.  But in the meantime, who won the giveaway?

I’ll let Random.org tell you this time:

Number 82–Jamie, of What Do I Eat Now?

Here’s what Jamie said:

i love Amy’s bean burrito! it is perfect for on the go lunches but i am always up to try anything of hers that is soy-free (darn my intolerances)-am sure everything is fabulous.

Congratulations, Jamie!  Please email me at dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom with your mailing address so you can receive your prize!

Number four in the “Back-to-School-Swag” series is coming up next week–and I cannot WAIT to give this one away!  It’s a wonderful product and an AMAZING prize.  (I just love giving presents to people!) 😀

[But Mum, how come I wasn’t your assistant this time?  I mean, Elsie got to do it last time.  Just because I won’t sit still with a little paper in front of me is no reason to deny me!  Look, I can hold this ball! Or I can chase it! Or I can chew it to bits! See, I’m just as talented as Elsie! And I’m faster!  And I’m younger!  And I’m–“ 

“Zip it, Chaser. Keep rambling like that and Mum might just change her mind about including us when she gives out those ‘presents.’ The things I put up with . . . *sheesh*.”


3 comments to Amy’s Foods Giveaway–We Have a Winner!

  • I love all your pics of the pups. You always capture the best expressions. Of course the captions are always a giggle. 😉



  • Congrats to Jamie! Aww, the girlsh are alwaysh sho cute and shweet! (my voice changes when I’m the presence of furry cuteness – it sounds kind of like Sean Connery)

    PS: I know we don’t have to make something sweet *and* something savory for the SOS challenge, but that’s my absolute favorite part of it! 😀


  • Ricki! i am so excited to have won! i must confess tho, that your dogs draw me to your blog everybit, if not more so, than your recipes! 🙂 hopefully, my life will be calm enough to do the sos challenge recipe this month 😀


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