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Back-to-School Swag #4: Beyond Smoothies

[For this yummy Breakfast “Soup” recipe, my review, or to enter the giveaway, click here!]

Yesterday, I asked a question on the DDD Facebook page: how do you feel about giveaways?  While I personally happen to love them (it just feels so good to be able to give people presents!), I don’t want readers to feel as if the giveaways are interfering with the real “meat” (or should that be “faux meat,” in my case?) of the blog.  For that reason, I do always include at least one recipe with each giveaway I post.

Well, judging from your responses, the majority of you are receptive to giveaways (even if you don’t absolutely love them).  I must admit, I was relieved to hear that–especially since I’m wrapping up the “Back-to-School Swag” series today.  And I daresay I saved the very best for last!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out a new brand of almond milk.  Of course, I was quick to agree–almond milk is already a staple in my diet.  Along with coupons for free cartons of the milk, I was also given a blender–whoo hoo! 

But guess what?  I already have a blender–two, in fact!  I bought (at full price) the über-popular VitaMix last year; and I already had an Oster blender on my kitchen shelf.  What on earth would I do with yet another blender?   

Why, give it to one of YOU, of course!  So this giveaway will feature FIVE prizes: four coupons for one free carton of a new and yummy almond milk (each to one reader), as well as a “grand prize” of a Cuisinart 600 Watt blender to one lucky DDD winner! 

To read my review of Almond Fresh, to see the recipes I made with it, or to enter the giveaway, please click here!

[Note: I was given the blender for free.  I am giving it away and will be shipping it to a reader at my own expense.]


Mum, we wouldn’t want your giveaways to interfere with the “meat” of our meals, either. . . say, isn’t it dinnertime?”


9 comments to Back-to-School Swag #4: Beyond Smoothies

  • How generous! I love almond milk, and I’d love to replace my crummy blender.


  • Oooh me me!! Could really use a blender, and this one looks like it wouldn’t take up the all the space in my manhattan apartment. Love the look of that ‘soup’ recipe too!


  • Ashley

    I would love a new blender. Mine isn’t the best. You are so nice Ricky. Keep the recipes coming.


  • Oh my, it is so purdy! How generous of you to just give this away. I don’t have a blender or food processor and my body is craving a pumpkin smoothie so badly. It’s not easy being vegan without a blender, I tell you, not easy.


  • Wow, that’s so awesome of you! Lucky you for having a vita-mix, I’m saving up to buy one when I move back to Canada (in Sydney Australia at the moment). I don’t currently have a real blender – just a hand-blender. Ex-pats have to be efficient! I’d love to enter the contest but I doubt you’d ship it all the way here (and power conversion might be an issue). Good luck to everyone who enters and keep up the great content!! X


  • Melinda J

    I would love to have a blender with some ooomph! Mine is 17 years old and was the bargain model when I bought it then. Thanks for all you do!


  • It is purdy! It makes sense to give it away, unless you want to be known as The Blender Lady. You know, like The Cat Lady but with blenders! 😀

    Yep, I have my brand new Blendtec toy and a smaller blender, so I’m covered, but good luck to everyone else!


  • This is a great giveaway with the kind of easy entry I love, but I’m not going to enter. The almond milk sounds great but I don’t live in Canada, though I suppose I could drive on up to Vancouver to try it. 😀 And, like you, I have two blenders! One is in our house in Wisconsin being used by our renters, and this summer I finally bit the bullet and bought a reconditioned Vitamix to use in the house I’m renting in Seattle. I will, however, encourage my son to enter!


  • Jenn Riale

    OH! What a wonderful giveaway. Almond milk is the ONLY kind of milk I CAN drink. Also, our blender just broke. ): So, I’d be happy with either one!!!!


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