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September SOS Kitchen Roundup: Apples

[image courtesy of Affairs of Living]

September’s Sweet or Savory (SOS) Kitchen Challenge, featuring the apple, was an absolute hit! Kim from Affairs of Living (my challenge co-host) and I received almost 40 recipe submissions from readers all over the globe, a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes that tempted our tastebuds and got our creative juices flowing. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and creativity exhibited for our challenge this month–thank you all so much! In fact, our readers got so excited that many submitted more than one recipe! Special recognition must be paid to Saveur over at The Taste Space, who submitted four recipes, and Lisa at Vegan Cookbook Critic, who submitted three recipes. Incredible!

One of the most exciting things about this challenge (aside from all the spectacular food and discovering new bloggers, of course) is learning about new ingredients, techniques, equipment, and flavor combinations.  For example, have you ever heard of peanut flour? Apparently you can get it at Trader Joe’s and online, and Deanna from The Mommy Bowl used it to make these wonderful-looking Apple Peanut Scones. On a different note, three bloggers created raw incarnations of classic apple desserts: streusel, strudel, and cobbler!  Carla at The Bee’s Knees Kitchen created an absolutely jaw-dropping Raw Apple Studel Cheesecake,  Lisa at Vegan Cookbook Critic created Raw Apple Streusel Bars that look absolutely beautiful and nutritious, and An Opera Singer in the Kitchen’s  Raw Apple Cobbler Parfaits put a new spin on the classic cobbler.  And finally, two recipes called for darling little specialty baking pans – a mini-doughnut pan for A Dash of Compassion’s Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts and small rose-shaped muffin pan for Apple Kugel Roses from My Sweet and Savory.  So cute!  The savory contributions featured some unexpected flavor combinations as well. For example, an Apple Dijon Marinated Tempeh from Vegan Awakening, Gingery Granny Smith Quinoa With Slivered Almonds (featuring mushrooms and other veg) from Wing-It Vegan, Apple Dal from Valerie at City| Life| Eats, and Moroccan Roasted Pepper, Tomato & Apple Salad from The Taste Space.

Like the sound of all these apple recipes? That’s just the beginning! As I said, we had 38 fabulous submissions this month. So, take the time to peruse the thumbnails below (each one links to the recipe on the author’s blog). If you like what you see, be sure to leave a comment on their blog and spread the love!  

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this the best SOS Kitchen Challenge yet!

And finally, stay tuned for details on October’s SOS Kitchen Challenge, which will be announced next week and will feature an extra special surprise. Both Kim and I are really excited about this next one, and we can’t wait to share the news! 




9 comments to September SOS Kitchen Roundup: Apples

  • it is not apple season here but I am still inspired by all the tempting dishes – must come back to look more when I have a bit more leisure – and I look forward to hearing the new sos challenge


  • Yum! I’m going apple picking in Vermont this weekend, so this list is very timely for me! I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes when I get back next week… Thanks for another great SOS!


  • This was VERY exciting and has led me to new and great blogs. Thanks Ricki and Kim!


  • i need to get off my butt and participate in the next SOS Kitchen Challenge, Ricki! superw00t! there’s so much awesomeness go’n on – i’m going to have to take a look at all the yumminesses everyone made. our farmer’s market is booming with apples right now and i can’t wait to pick up a bunch soon and start making apple dishes for fall. mmmmmmmm! discovering new blogs, recipes, tips, and techniques = the best! there’s just so much greatness to the SOS Challenges, i love it all!


  • An extra special surprise? You tease! I’m loving the SOS Kitchen Challenge and I can’t wait to see what you two sneaky ladies have up your sleeves! I was kind of hoping for pumpkin or sweet potato, and I’m really dreading cranberries because I’m not a fan! 😀

    Awesome apple entries by the way!


  • I just bookmarked so many of these recipes! Everyone did an excellent job! I can’t wait to see what the ingredient is for October.


  • What a beautiful collection of apple inspiration — Just in time for the onslaught of local apples at the market.


  • […] SOS Challenge brought in apple recipes galore this month! From soups to muffins, salads to desserts, the SOS Challengers have brought the […]

  • Wow those are some amazing looking apple dishes! 🙂 Great roundup.


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