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“Who You Calling Vegan, MoFo?”

Can it be November already–??!! (I guess that -1 C (30F) temperature this morning tells me that yes, you poor sod, it can).

But that also means it’s time for the fourth annual Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food)–and I’ve finally decided to participate this year! MoFo brings with it daily (or almost-daily) posts related to vegan food, throughout the month of November.  Since my diet is already vegan, that part should be easy. . . and I’ll do my darndest to comply with the “daily” part.  For you, dear readers, this means not much will change here at DDD; except, perhaps, I’ll be posting a bit more frequently than usual.  Stay tuned for lots of new recipes, events, some amazing giveaways (I am SO excited about some of these–more details anon!), and even a few more thoughtful, non-food posts from moi. 

If you’re interested in participating, just hop over to the MoFo blog, here, for all the details.  You have until tomorrow, November 2nd, to sign up. While signing up isn’t required (of course you can still post along with the rest of us MoFos all month), it’s recommended so that you’ll be included in the Blogroll and RSS feed for the group.  🙂

For those of you who are vegan out there and decide to take part, this is a great way to learn about other vegan blogs and get some exposure for your own.  For those of you who are interested bystanders, MoFo offers a great time to learn more about vegan diets and lifestyle–from a huge passel of fun food bloggers!

I don’t have a recipe today, but I did a guest post yesterday on Go Dairy Free, where you’ll find out how to make these decadent Vegan Pumpkin Mousse Tarts:

Oh, and if you’re in the Greater Toronto area, you can catch me tomorrow on Rogers’ daytime York Region, chatting about a healthy approach to the holidays at 9:00 AM (repeated at 3:00 PM). 😀

Mum, vegan or not, we’re happy any time there’s a whole Month of Food.  Bring it on!”


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