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Festive Freebie IV: Who Doesn’t Love Cookies? New Giveaway, Cookbook Winner & Quick Smoothie Recipe

[This year, I decided to offer a “Festive Freebies” series in which I give away some of my favorite food products. . . hand-picked by me!  These are things I already love and actually eat (or use) regularly, and which I’d love to share with you.  Here’s my fourth Festive Freebie–click here to enter!]  

I. A Cookbook Winner!

Before I get to this week’s Festive Freebie, let’s find out who won last week’s Reader’s Choice Cookbook giveaway!

All the way from Australia–our winner is SUSAN from Kittens Gone Lentil! Here’s Susan’s comment:

The book I am most keen to get my hands on at the moment (though there are several) is Party Vegan by Robin Robertson. I love her books and recipes, and I love menu plans and putting together themed dinners, so this book just sounds like heaven!

CONGRATULATIONS, Susan!  I can’t guarantee you’ll get it by the holidays (Australia is pretty far away from here. . . ) but I’ll be ordering your book as soon as I hear from you with your full name and address and you can Party Vegan through the new year!  Please email me at dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom before Friday to receive your book!

II. This Week’s Festive Freebie:

Holiday cookies have arrived!  There are cookie bake-offs, cookie swaps, Twelve Days of Gluten Free Cookies, cookie contests. . . . With all the cookie madness upon us, how about some cookies you don’t have to bake yourself? 

These treats would make a great holiday gift for anyone who’s new to the kitchen, whose busy schedule prohibits too much baking, or who is interested in healthier, yet still deliciously homemade-tasting, cookies.  And they are one of my all-time favorites.

Click here to read my review and enter the giveaway. [Note: I am required by the rules of BlogHer to place my giveaway on a separate page. Sorry for the extra clicks, everyone!]

III. A Quick Smoothie Recipe

I’ll be back later with last month’s SOS Roundup and those winners, too, but in the meantime, I’ve got another breakfast recipe for y’all.  Breakfast (as you might recall) is my favorite meal of the day, and I never tire of new breakfast options.  Here’s a really quick and refreshing smoothie recipe I enjoyed earlier this morning.

I was feeling like oatmeal when I first got up today [groaner alert]–funny, I don’t look like oatmeal. . . well, actually, maybe that’s not entirely true these days–but knew I just didn’t have the time to cook it up.  So I concocted a festive smoothie that includes a touch of oats along with a protein kick and some seasonal cranberries.  Yes–raw cranberries.  The result was creamy, filling, and tart yet not lip-puckering.  It offered just enough sweetness for my taste with only a few drops of stevia, but sweeten as you like.  The recipe will be included in my upcoming ebook on ACD-friendly breakfasts.

For the giveaway, click here!

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© 2010 Diet, Dessert and Dogs



12 comments to Festive Freebie IV: Who Doesn’t Love Cookies? New Giveaway, Cookbook Winner & Quick Smoothie Recipe

  • Courtney

    Haha…my grandma always used to say that when I would say I felt like some sort of food 🙂 That cranberry smoothie looks so bright and vibrant and beautiful…that is one think I wouldn’t mind looking like, lol!



    Ricki Reply:

    Ha ha! And I have to admit, it actually tasted vibrant, if that’s possible!


  • I am so excited to have won a contest! Thank you so much. 🙂
    I have emailed you your details.
    I loved the look like oatmeal comment – my parents used to say the same thing to me if I felt like a particular food.


  • wonderful concoction and I was very excited to see an Australian winner – yay Susan! Now I wish I had some of my cranberries over to try a smoothie like this – though I will have to feel brave to include lettuce


  • Oh wow – this looks like an amazing smoothie, and I must say that as an Australian who doesn’t have access to pumpkin puree, it’s wonderful to see a Fall/Holiday-ish recipe that doesn’t involve pumpkin! 🙂


  • retro sweets

    Wow, I love the pinkness of that smoothie! 🙂 Utterly looks delicious. Love, love, love!


  • i’ve been loving cranberries lately, so this sounds delicious 🙂 need to pick some more up!


  • Genius to use pear to sweeten and what a wonderful flavor combo! Those Festive Freebies sound like fun … I keep meaning to do giveaways of my favorite foods, so cool!


  • I love using pears to sweeten smoothies (learned that from Tom and Ali) and I know exactly what you mean about the smoothie tasting vibrant, Ricki! It’s amazing how incredible good smoothies can taste. Many of mine do taste vibrant. Nice job on this one! Love the plate of cookies, too. 😉



  • Ricki, I will be featuring this smoothie recipe in my post, “10 Super Smoothies”, fyi! I really love cranberries, and the idea of adding a bit of grain to my smoothies really intrigues me….


  • yum! enjoying this right now! I left the protein powder out and added 1 T chia seeds, used almonds instead of walnuts, and spinach instead of lettuce. Deliciousness Ricki!


    Ricki Reply:

    Yay! Thanks so much, Tessa! 😀


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