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SOS Sweet Potatoes: The Roundup

[PLEASE NOTE: If you participated this month and didn’t see a comment from me, it’s not that I didn’t try.  For some bizarre reason, WordPress is now tossing all of my comments into spam.  If I usually comment on your blog and you haven’t seen any from me lately, please check the spam comments and tell that *&%4#! Akismet that I am not a spammer!! Grrr. Thanks.]

It’s been quite the month, what with Vegan MoFo AND an SOS Challenge going on–but you guys rose to that challenge most admirably!  I’m happy to say that last month was our best-attended SOS Challenge so far, with 39 spectacular entries!

Of course, I already love any recipe that includes sweet potatoes.  But I was particularly impressed with some of the savory entries, including:

And you all excelled in the sweet department, too!  Some of my faves from this month:

. . . plus too many more great recipes to mention!  You’ll just have to check out all 37 entries on your own–see the thumbnails, below! 🙂

And let’s not forget this month’s winners! Once again this month, Kim and I were able to offer prizes for the SOS Challenge. We’ve chosen two names at random, each to win a prize from one of us.  And the winners are:

  •  BROOKE from B and the Boy: You’ve won a hand-crocheted jar cozy courtesy of Kim.  Please contact Kim at eatingfreelyATgmailDOTcom with your full name and mailing address! (since this is a custom-made cozy, you can discuss which patterns and colors your want with Kim) 🙂
  •  NICOLE from A Dash of Compassion: Your prize is a pack of my anti-candida ebooks, Anti-Candida Feast and Desserts without Compromise.  Please send me your email address to dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom as well so I can get your books out to you asap!

Thanks to everyone for another fun and successful SOS Kitchen Challenge last month! 

And in other news. . . .I’m also happy to announce that my article, “Holiday Survival Guide for Those on a Special Diet” is featured on This Dish is Veg.  I’ve shared these tips on the blog before, but here they are again in one convenient place! 🙂

And a Giveaway! If you love cookies and want to try out some super-healthy, drool-worthy varieties, I’m hosting a giveaway of New Moon Kitchen products this week!  Just click here to enter.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the challenge last month. Kim and I are taking a break in December to focus on holiday cooking, gifts, and time with friends and family. We’ll see you for our next SOS Kitchen Challenge in 2011!




5 comments to SOS Sweet Potatoes: The Roundup

  • Thanks again for hosting the challenge. I don’t know why I did not think of this sooner, but I made a smoothie today with collards and half a roasted sweet potato, along with raw cacao, almond milk, cinnamon and a couple of other things – it is still a work in progress, but has delicious potential. I love these challenges as they make you look at ingredients in a new way. Thank you again for all that you do 🙂


  • great inspiration to cook with more sweet potato – thanks for a great round up and lots of great cooking ideas for the holidays


  • i can’t wait to check out all the wonderful sweet pototatoed recipes – they all look fantastical and sound crazy awesome! i never would have thought to do so much with them and i can’t wait to try a few new dishes.

    might i also add that dan and i made Kiersten’s spicy asian tempeh with sweet potatoes and we went BANANAS for it. the sauce is truly outstanding and the tempeh and sweet taters is the perfect combination of deliciousness.

    congrats to the winners, too. awesome all around!


  • SO MANY recipes!! I feel so bad I did not get to add any recipes even though I did cook with sweet potatoes. I got caught up with life. Oh well, onto next month! Thanks so much for hosting this! It is so much fun getting to know other beautiful websites!


  • Wow, this roundup of recipes is so impressive! Sweet potato love abounds. 🙂



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