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Review and Giveaway: A Year to Eat Freely by Kim Christensen


[Disclosure: I purchased both my own and the prize calendar myself. I was under no obligation to write this review and was not compensated for it.]

[Kim’s Buckwheat Crackerbread with my own Sweet Potato Spread]

When I found out […]


Pizza Party with Old (and New) Friends

[Sushi pizza, in its just-unmolded glory.]

You know, sometimes I wish I had a bunch of posts pre-scheduled for this site. You see, I’ve been afflicted with a weird kind of virus-flu-sinus-thingie for the past several days. Just when I thought I was better, the following day I could […]


Country Pâté: Guest Post on Go Dairy Free

Today I’m a guest poster at Go Dairy Free, with the recipe for this tantalizing pâté. It’s both soy-free and nut-free, too!

Hope you’ll head over for a visit to check out the recipe (and I’d love to know what you think!) 🙂



Groovy Green Smoothie for D-Tox January

I have to admit, it was reassuring to read all the like-minded comments on my recent “I Hate Winter” post (even though it meant that a bunch of you are also having to endure it, too). Thanks, all. Despite my best intentions to abolish my abhorrence of winter, the Season of […]


Top Ten Tuesday (Recipes from 01/11 to 01/17)

Today, I’m delighted to be guest posting for Aubree Cherie, the blogger behind Living Free, to offer this week’s Top Ten Tuesday list of favorite recipes from gluten free blogs over the past seven days. All of Aubree’s own recipes are free of dairy, gluten and refined sugar (with many that […]


Three Cheers for Winter: Raw, Raw, Raw!

So: I’m going to make an effort to try to attempt to give it my best shot and strive to endeavor to maybe have a crack at liking winter a little more. I mean, I can’t complain about it right through until April, can I? (okay, don’t answer that). Well, with […]


This Bark is Worth its Bite

Okay, I have a feeling I know what you’re about to say. But just in case, let me clarify. I have heard all of these before:

“You just need to get some specially designed clothing.” “You should take up some outdoor sports, like skating or snowshoeing.” “But you get to wear […]


Olivado Review and Giveaway

Click here for the review and giveaway.

Why isn’t the review on this page? I’m complying with the rules of BlogHer, which state that I must post any reviews and/or giveaways on a separate page if I didn’t purchase the items myself.



Tofu Mole: Authentically Delicious

Before I even think about sharing this recipe (see, I’m learning: some things are more important than food!), I want to send out a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who left comments on my previous post and even to those who read it and chose not to comment. This is why […]


Living with Candida, Twenty Two Months Later: The Ugly, the Bad–and the Good

Grrrr! This beast will gorge itself on just about anything! [Source]

The Ugly: The Monster Returns

Here it is, 2011, and it’s already time for a confession (don’t worry, it doesn’t involve criminal activity). Once again, it appears the dreaded beast has reared its ugly little […]