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Holiday Carrot-Pecan Nutroast*

*Or, A Meal Fit for a King

Show of hands: who watched the Royal Wedding this morning? (I won’t tell anyone.) I had set the PVR for 3:00 AM (Toronto time) just in case I slept through the alarm. . . which, of course, I did. But even pre-recorded, […]


April in the Raw: Shaved Asparagus Salad and Lemon Poppyseed Bars

[Raw Frosted Lemon-Poppyseed Bars–heavenly!]

Whew–where has the last week gone? Between end-of-term marking and a long holiday weekend, it’s been pretty busy here in the DDD household. I hope you all enjoyed a stellar Passover and/or Easter holiday! This year, the HH and I celebrated both holidays, first with […]


Coconut Pancakes

[Guess what? Deanna over at The Mommy Bowl is giving away a package of all three of my ebooks! Hop over there to enter–after you read this post, of course! 😉 ]

[Topped with Macadamia Spice Butter from Good Morning! ebook plus fresh pineapple chunks]


Mock Chopped Liver and Last Minute Recipes for Easter and Passover

Today marks only a few days before the start of Passover, and Easter is right around the next corner–it’s time to cook for the holidays! Since the HH and I are invited to a friend’s house for a seder this year (and since her niece is a vegetarian), I decided to […]


Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Easter Ovoids

[Perhaps imperfect, but recognizably egg-like in shape, right?]

One of my first paying jobs was working as a cashier at the local drugstore in a strip mall near my house, where, as it happened, three of my closest friends and I all got jobs. It wasn’t unusual […]


SOS Asparagus: Andalusian Asparagus*

*Or, would a Synstylae smell sweeter?

A couple of days ago I was sent a tweet by someone who had noticed my email signature (“Ricki Heller, PhD, RHN”) and commented on my doctorate degree (I guess she hadn’t realized I have a PhD). The funny part is that I usually consider […]


Flash in the Pan: Strawberry Chia Fluff for Spring

[Sometimes, you just want a dish that’s quick and easy–no fuss. I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly or else is so simple to make that no recipe is required. Here’s today’s “Flash in the Pan.” (For other FitP recipes, see “Categories” at […]


SOS April Ingredient Reveal!

It’s April–which means the cruelest month love is in the air another SOS Kitchen Challenge!

This month, with so many of us thinking about spring and green shoots finally making their way toward the sky, Kim and I have chosen an ingredient that is itself a harbinger of spring. With its […]


It’s Here: Good Morning! Breakfasts without Gluten, Sugar, Eggs or Dairy

It’s been months in the making, but I’m thrilled to announce that my latest ebook, Good Morning! Breakfasts without Gluten, Sugar, Eggs or Dairy is finally here!

The recipes are all great for anyone following an anti-candida diet (ACD); for vegans ; those on a gluten free, refined sugar free, […]


Memories of Canadian Beef*

*Or, This Is Not a President’s Choice Product**

*Or, See How Much I Want to Attend Eat, Write, Retreat ?

[Voilà–homemade, veggie-based “beef” jerky. Well, it looks like beef. . . ]

The other day, I was bemoaning the fact that there are a bunch of cool […]