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Giveaways Gone Wild II: Strawesome Straws and More, plus Chocolate-Mint Milkshake!


[Summer has finally arrived, which means time for playing outdoors, fresh food, girls in bikinis. . . and giveaways! I’ve received several great products for review and giveaway the past few months, so I decided to catch up by offering a summer series–I’ll be giving away something every week this month! Here’s this week’s “Giveaway Gone Wild.”]

[Strawberry, kale, protein powder, chia and rice milk smoothie.]

It’s no secret that I love breakfast (I even wrote an entire ebook about the meal), and smoothies are one of my very favorite breakfasts–they’re a delicious, nutritious way to start the day that’s also quick and easy (and who among us doesn’t love quick and easy? At least, that’s what my old boyfriend, Rocker Guy–he of the black leather pants–used to tell me).

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to receive a sample from Strawesome, “the original glass drinking straw.”  The beauty of a glass straw, of course, is manifold:  first, it’s totally eco-friendly; reusable, non-plastic (and, therefore, also completely free of BPA or other toxins that can be associated with plastic). 

[My typical breakfast green smoothie]

Second, Strawesome straws are made of nonporous, ultra-strong glass (the same kind that’s used for Pyrex and space shuttles!), so there’s no worry about it chipping, breaking, or fracturing in the dishwasher (and totally dishwasher safe).  And while it’s still glass (and therefore not indestructible), the folks at Strawesome offer a Lifetime Guarantee for each of their handmade straws–if you ever do notice chipping, cracking, or any other breakage, you can request a replacement straw for no charge. Nonporous glass also means that it’s chemically inert (that is, won’t trigger any kind of allergic reaction) and doesn’t absorb germs, bacteria, or other microorganisms that might live in the minute pores and scratches of a plastic straw. 

Third, Strawesome straws are great for kids.  Their colorful, fun styles and shapes are a perfect way to encourage otherwise reluctant little ones to sip on a fruity (or perhaps vegetabley?) drink.  Children love the fact that they make drinking easier and that they can be taken along wherever they go.

[Now, isn’t this a beautiful way to start your day?]

Finally, Strawesome straws are beautiful! Each Decorated straw is adorned with a handmade glass accent that’s as unique as your morning green smoothie (or whatever flavor you choose).  And how great would it be to own a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork–that can also help you consume healthy beverages?

I made a few simple drinks with my straws and was delighted with both the size and decoration.  Somehow, drinking through a straw makes every beverage look and taste that much better.  In fact, it felt like a luxury to sip a thick, fruity smoothie through a lovely, sturdy, Strawesome straw. 


And now, Strawesome has offered to give away agreed to give a straw similar to mine (8-inch, straight straw) away to one lucky DDD reader (since no two are exactly alike, they can’t promise an identical straw).

Note: this giveaway is for Canadian residents only–apologies to all my international readers! (But there ARE a few other giveaways open to everyone at the moment–see below!)

Here’s how to enter this week’s giveaway: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED!

1. Go to the Strawesome page and tell me which straw you like best in a comment, below.

2. All the usual suspects:  “Like” Strawesome on Facebook; follow them on twitter; subscribe to this blog; “Like” DDD on Facebook; follow me on twitter.  For each entry, come back and tell me that you did so.

The giveaway will run until Friday, June 17th at midnight my time, after which I’ll randomly choose a winner.  Be sure to come back next week to see if you won!


  • Iris over at The Daily Dietribe is offering a copy of my new ebook, Good Morning! Desserts without Gluten, Sugar, Eggs or Dairy (until June 28th).  To read Iris’s lovely review and enter, click here.
  • The Simply Bar is giving away a copy of my first cookbook, Sweet Freedom: Desserts You’ll Love without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugar, until next week (about 30% of the recipes are gluten free; others use spelt flour). To enter, go to their Facebook page (scroll down to the entry that has the Sweet Freedom Cover image beside it).
  • Sweet Freedom is on sale for the summer! I negotiated a one-time discount with my publisher and have 150 books to sell–at the lowest price, ever, for the book! You can also combine the hard copy with any one of my ebooks for further discounts.  Details here.
  • And for those of you in the Toronto area, I’ll be teaching an “Anti-Candida Feasting” cooking class at the Body-Mind Centre in Maple (Keele and Major Mackenzie) on Thursday, June 16th at 6:00-8:00. I’d love to see some of you there!  (For full details or to register, click on the “News and Events” tab and scroll down). 

[Quick Chocolate-Mint “Milkshake”]

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