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A Nasty Trick for Halloween. . .

Hi Everyone–

Sorry I haven’t been appearing much on these pages of late. Due to a nasty (and I mean nasty) computer virus, I haven’t had access to my computer for over a week.  My machine is currently at the shop of Computer Fix-It Guy #4.  If he can’t find the source of the problem, I’m just going to go out and buy a new computer.

The Girls are very disappointed to miss their usual Halloween post this year! I may just have to show you what they looked like in their costumes after the fact (once I can access photos again).

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this rerun of their very first costumed Halloween on this blog. 

Sorry to hear about the nasty virus, Mum.  Just let us loose on that *&^%$@! hacker, and we’ll make sure he never comes this way again!”

Hope to see you again soon!

Ricki xo


6 comments to A Nasty Trick for Halloween. . .

  • That sucks, Ricki. I hope your computer feels better soon — or is replaced. Hackers are %$%&*#@%+.


  • Poor you, computer issues are a real nightmare. So much more stressful than you realize until they happen..Love the dogs outfits and the captions are priceless!


  • Computer viri are the worst! Hope you can get the situation all cleared up soon.


  • ouch – so sorry to hear your computer is out of action and the girls aren’t able to show us their costumes – hope you haven’t lost too many valuable files – good reminder to back up yet again! look forward to seeing the costumes when you are back in business


  • Hi Ricki~

    Arg. So sorry to hear about your computer. Terrible. I hope things are up and running here again for you very soon.

    I forgot to mentioned that I voted for you on the Best Blogger awards. The other blogs are good, but I just found your blog and it’s 100% in-line with my eating and food lifestyle. Thank you for your wonderful site. And good luck to you!

    Be Well,


  • Looking forward to having you back soon, Ricki! A pox on the houses of all those who do evil to the computers!



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