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We’re Baaaack! A Gluten-Free Holiday–2011 Edition!

Some of you may remember that last year, I participated in the Gluten-Free Holiday event hosted by Amy from Simply Sugar and Gluten Free.  Well, our gal Amy has done it again, and we’re going to embark on a second year of celebrating the holiday season–totally gluten-free!

Read on for all the details about this fun and exciting event!

How Does It Work?

Each week, we’ll offer a themed link-up event and fabulous cookbook give-away!

Why a Special Event? 

The holidays are stressful enough without worrying about whether your gluten-free pie crust or your Upside Down Apple Pancake will turn out. We want to make this season as easy as possible by sharing our favorite kitchen tested gluten-free recipes.

Who Are We?

The event is being hosted by Amy and five more gluten-free blogging friends (including yours truly!). Since not all of the blogs involved are vegan, please note that some recipes submitted may include animal ingredients; this is an omni-inclusive event. Nevertheless, last year I was able to find lots of great recipes I could enjoy. 🙂

And, of course, all of you are invited, too!  If you weren’t part of it, it just wouldn’t feel like a holiday celebration.

So Here’s the Scoop….

On Thursdays in November and December, a different gluten-free blogger will host a link-up event where you can also share your best gluten-free holiday dishes and browse for recipes to add to your menu.

Every week we’ll have a give-away, too! Just link up or leave a comment to enter.

Here’s a list of dates and themes (so you can mark your calendars!):


With cookies and rich meals all around during the holiday season, it only makes sense to consider how you can stay healthy amid all the indulgence. Bring your favorite healthier dish to SS&GF. Or, share your secrets for maintaining your sanity and health during the holiday hustle and bustle.

It’s American Thanksgiving! Share your favorite gluten-free Thanksgiving dish, from appetizer to dessert at Kim’s lovely blog! We want to see your stuffing, tofurkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, cranberry jelly…anything Thanksgiving goes. (Regular DDD readers know that we’ve already celebrated here in Canada, but don’t let that stop you from sharing all the great recipes you enjoyed!).

There’s nothing that says love like a gift from the kitchen.  I love giving homemade gifts to people and they are some of my favorite presents. Share your top tips for making treats to give, along with how you package them too!

  • December 1nd – Holiday Entrees & Sides  Dishes at Daily Bites 

Bring your family’s favorite entrées and sides for Christmas and Hanukkah. We want to see the savory dishes your family loves the most. Or, experiment with a new recipe and bring it to Hallie’s blog!

I’ve said many times:  breakfast (or brunch) is my favorite meal of the day! And holiday brunches are even more special, sitting with loved ones around the morning table after sleeping in post-holiday celebration, sharing waffles, cinnamon rolls, scones, scrambles and all the other fantastic AM fare. Help someone else find the perfect dish for their holiday breakfast or brunch!

Just like it sounds – bring Maggie your favorite gluten-free dessert for all to share.  Cookies, pies, truffles, cakes, and candies….we want to try them all.

What’s next?

Get your recipe box and cookbooks out.  Start browsing…then get in the kitchen and start cooking for the best ever gluten-free holiday! Stay tuned for the first post coming in November–hope you’ll join us! 😀

And check back later today for a pre-holiday treat that you can whip up in less than 5 minutes!

“That sounds great and everything, Mum, but if it’s the holidays, does that mean you’ll be dressing us up in those silly costumes again? *Groan*. “


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