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A Gluten-Free Holiday III: Gifts of Good Taste

Welcome to Week 3 of A Gluten Free Holiday 2011, the holiday event created by Amy and shared each week by yours truly (and four others–check below for all the participating blogs)!  This week’s topic, Gifts of Good Taste, is hosted by Alta of Tasty Eats at Home. Hop on over to see what edible gifts Alta has to share, or to link up your own favorite gifts-of-food recipes (and be sure to enter the giveaway while you’re there!).

I thought this would be a perfect week to share some of my own favorite recipes on the blog that would also make fantastic homemade–and edible–gifts.

Before we get to the food, though, we’ve got another cookbook giveaway! 

The book Alta is giving away this week is Artisanal Gluten-Free Cupcakes by Kelli and Peter Bronski.  So if you’re a cupcake fan, or if you want to win a great gift for someone else who is, enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on Alta’s blog or by linking up a recipe there.

And now, the food. . . .

In my younger years, I made almost all of my gifts myself (edible or otherwise).  Of course, the fact that I was a student living in penury (I won’t say I was a “starving” student, because with my love of dessert, that was never even a vague possibility) was one factor contributing to my motivation for making everything from scratch (unlike today, when the motivation is trying to remain free of the dreaded candida symptoms).

[Matcha Chocolate Truffles]

More importantly, though, I always believed that homemade gifts demonstrated how much you cared about someone, giving to them both your time and your thoughtfulness.  Since time is at a premium for all of us these days, we have to choose wisely–both what we’ll make, and to whom we’ll be giving it! 

For those very special people on your lists, you might want to mix up one of the following.  (NOTE: Some of these recipes are made with spelt and/or higher glycemic sweeteners such as sucanat or maple syrup.  Recipes with an asterisk * fall into that category; the rest are gluten free and lower glycemic.)

[Marzipan-Topped Shortbread Cookies]


[Raw Chocolate Almond Butter]

Condiments and Spreads:

[Spicy Nori Snacks]

Savory Snacks:

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“Mum, it’s great that you’ll be making some homemade gifts this year. . . so does that mean Chaser and I will be getting homemade peanut butter treats? Mmm!”

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