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Two Announcements, an Update, and a Question (for You)


[Carob Chai Latte]

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s also the beginning of the final month of the year–a perfect time for some announcements and updates (plus a request for your help–see last item in this post!).  With so much going on here at DDD these days, I thought I’d take the opportunity to collate some items in a single post.  But I warn you, this is a long’un–so grab a Carob Chai Latte (or, if you prefer, a glass of Holiday Nog), put your feet up, and read on!

I. Announcement Number One:

Hooray! One of You Wins 150 Best Tagine Recipes!

Yes, that’s right: it’s been so chaotically busy over here that I completely neglected to post the winner of last week’s giveaway!  As I mentioned last week, the book is great for anyone who eats gluten-free, and also contains a good number of vegan recipes.  And I loved the Beet Tagine!  A random selection from all entries resulted in a winner:

Number 8: Rick–the Health Sleuth!  Rick’s comment: “I have never had tagine, omg i would love this cookbook! please add me to the contest!”

Congratulations, Rick!  Please email me at dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom with your full name and address, and I’ll be sure the book gets out to you asap!

II. Announcement Number Two:

Hooray!  I’m Presenting at the Upcoming Nourished Food Bloggers’ Conference!

I’m giddy with excitement that I’ll be among the presenters at the brand new Nourished food bloggers’ conference, coming to Chicago in April 2012! The conference is the brainchild of Amy Green from Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, plus Jen Cafferty, the woman behind the Gluten and Allergen-Free Expos and the blog Gluten-Free Life. The conference is the first of its kind, “tailored exclusively to the needs of those on special diets, writing about special diets, and niche bloggers.”  These days, that includes more and more of us!

Some of the confirmed speakers who will guide you toward more fun, effective and popular food blogging include Susan Voisin of Fatfree Vegan Kitchen (one of my vegan blogging idols!), Silvana Nardone of Silvana’s Kitchen, Dianne Jacob of Will Write for Food and Cybele Pascal, renowned allergen-free cookbook author.  I’m thrilled that I’ll finally get to meet so many of my blogging colleagues at the conference as well–and I do hope I get to meet some of you, too!

Free Ticket Giveaway! I’d love if you can make it out to Chicago next April and join in the event.  The conference founders want you to be there, too, so they’re holding a giveaway for a free ticket to the conference, until Decmeber 8th! There’s still time to enter to win a free ticket.  Hop over to the Nourished blog and leave a comment to enter. 😀

III. Osteopenia Update:

Holistic Approach, -1.3; Conventional Approach, -2.2 (or, a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bone Density Test)

[My favorite medicine]

Some of you may remember my outrage a couple of years ago when my doctor unceremoniously informed me that I had osteopenia (a decrease in bone density that can be a precursor to osteoporosis).  As a person who studied holistic nutrition and takes pains to eat a balanced diet of whole, natural foods, I was appalled that I could even fall within that category (or anywhere else, in fact, since I’d probably fracture a hip or something if I did fall). Last year’s results were even more dire: my  T Score clocked in at  -2.2, just a hair’s breadth away from full-on osteoporosis!!

As a perpetual student who’s been accustomed to doing well on tests, I was really ticked off at that abysmal score.  Since I was in the midst of battling candida with my amazing naturopath at the time (I’ve subsequently continued the battle on my own), the first thing I did at our next appointment was ask how I could reverse the diagnosis.  (I had asked the same question of my family doctor as well, of course, but her response was: “There is no way to reverse it.  The best you can hope for is that it doesn’t get worse.  And if it does get worse, we’ll have to put you on Fosamax.”).

Well, um, no thank you.  Instead, my naturopath explained that “It’s not always what you’re eating that matters so much as how much you absorb from what you’re eating.”  In other words, women who take 2000 mg of supplemental calcium a day could still end up with osteoporosis if their bodies aren’t able to absorb and actually use that calcium.

As a result, my naturopath designed a specific nutritional plan which I’ve been following for the the past year.  The plan aims to (a) clear out as much of the candida as possible (I’m about 90% there); (b) improve my digestion; (c) increase my intake of the minerals essential for a healthy bone matrix through supplements;  and (d) increase my intake of specific foods that help to build bones as well. I also committed to exercising 6 days a week, walking and lifting weights every day. 

So, how did I do?  I’m happy to report that I’ve been totally consistent taking my supplements; I endeavor to drink wheat grass juice daily (I actually like the taste of the fresh stuff); and I consume dark leafys at least once a day. I’ve managed to keep up with the exercise routine about 80% of the time as well (I will occasionally slip to 4 or 5 days a week). 

I had my latest bone density test a couple of months ago.  I found it odd that I didn’t hear back from the doctor’s office, so I decided to take the initiative and call them.  The secretary (who read out my numbers to me over the phone) was clearly astounded when she compared them to last year’s digits: my score had risen from -2.2 to -1.3, moving me to the low-risk group (less than 10% risk for fracture)!  Whoo hoo!  The Mighty Kale triumphs again!* 😀

I must admit, I’m not sure which was more satisfying about the results: the fact that my bones are now stronger (which means I needn’t worry as much about falling while walking the dogs over ice and snow in winter); or (once again) proving to my doctor that natural, nutrient-based “medicine” can work as well as, or better than, the conventional kind. 

For once in my life, I don’t mind being called “dense.”  To celebrate my healthier status, I whipped up this calcium-rich  smoothie the other day.  Combined with cranberries and pears, it’s both festive and nourishing.  Hooray for holistic medicine! (See recipe at end of post).

IV. A Question–for All of You.

This last section is directed at all of you–all of the wonderful and much-appreciated readers who visit DDD on a regular basis.  More than anything, I write this blog for all of you.  Without your presence here, without you showing up regularly and reading; without your insightful, witty, supportive and empathic comments; without your feedback and input, this blog would really have very little reason for existing at all.

With the new year just beyond the horizon, I’ve been feeling a little restless with the blog and thinking about implementing some changes. In some ways, it seems I’ve lost sight of the original cornerstones of DDD and the types of posts that served to build the blog from the beginning. Too often, the focus has shifted toward events and giveaways–and, while I really do enjoy the latter, I don’t want to overlook the former.

So, I’ve decided to ask you what YOU would like to see on the blog.  I’m posting three questions below, and I’d love to know your answers to one, two or all three, as you like.  Instead of a survey, I’m asking that you simply leave your ideas in the comments section, and feel free to write about anything I may have forgotten to mention as well.   Here goes:

Question One: If I revamped the blog, which sections or aspects of the blog are essential to keep?  (Wellness Weekend? Stories? Recipes? Giveaways?  The Girls’ input?)  Let me know what you’d like to see remain as fundamental elements on the blog, or what you’d want to see more of!

Question Two: Is there anything on the blog you feel could be eliminated? (Wellness Weekend? Stories? Giveaways? Tabs at the top of the page? –etc.)  If there’s something you feel isn’t necessary, is merely taking up space or simply bugs you, take note of it in the comments as well!

Question Three: Is there anything not already here that you’d like to see added to the blog? Is there a particular feature or specific content that you wish I’d add?  If so, let me know!

I plan to introduce some updates and changes to the blog in the new year.  Look forward to improvements and a sharper look as well!

Thanks, everyone, for your help!  I can’t wait to hear what you think and read through your ideas.  

And if you’ve made it this far, I think you deserve a reward!  How about a big, frosty Cranberry Smoothie?  Enjoy!

“Mum, a new look for the blog is a great idea.  But you’re not seriously thinking of getting rid of US, are you?!  Besides, ‘Diet, Dessert and HH’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it. . . . Mum?”

* When my friend Eternal Optimist, who has also been diagnosed with osteopenia, heard about this reversal of fortune, she decided immediately to go on the same regimen.  I can’t wait to see how her results turn out next year. 

Last Year at this Time: Rutabaga Gratin (gluten free; ACD Stage 3 and beyond)

Two Years Ago: Anti-Candida Update: Holiday Edition (coping with the holidays on a restricted diet)

Three Years Ago: Raw Imitation “Fried Rice” (gluten free; ACD Stage 2 and beyond)

Four Years Ago: Dog Day: How Elsie Got Named

© Ricki Heller, Diet, Dessert and Dogs


52 comments to Two Announcements, an Update, and a Question (for You)

  • congrats on kicking the osteopenia to the curb! that’s very impressive, and I bet the conference will be awesome.

    I would love to see more of the girls…I miss having a doggie. just don’t tell my feline dudes.


  • I like every post you write – so keep it the same or mix it up; I’ll keep reading every day no matter what!


  • Tuuli

    Wow, great news on the health front! What I’d like to keep: recipes, particularly flash in the pan, and anything with a short and simple ingredient/equipment/steps list and cooking time. Also, stories, although I must confess that I don’t always have time to read them. You are a brilliant writer, though, and I’ve enjoyed your archives greatly. Perhaps more about nutrition and health concerns? (My own particular problem is hypothyroidism – tons of conflicting information on the internet and confusing signals from my body. I’d like to think veganism is possible but right now my body seems to disagree.)


  • Brilliant news all around. I’m also an osteoporosis sufferer and I’m v.young so I’m hoping I can also reverse some of the damage. Would you be able to share a bit more of the plan you’ve been following?
    As for the blog I love your recipes and stories most but I enjoy all your posts.


  • Marty

    Yes Ricki, I’d love to hear your NDs plan for you, if you don’t mind…or something you could suggest to all of us so it’s not so personal for you.

    I’ll get back on what/what’s not for the blog. Tho personally I love it all, ESP the dogs!


  • Hurrah for healthy eating – I love hearing about your stories about how good food can heal and strengthen the body. Makes me feel better about Sylvia and I not being so into milk – though I wish she would eat nice smoothies like this

    RE your questions, please keep your fantastic recipes, your entertaining stories and the doggies’ comments. That is what first drew me in and continues to delight me. Wellness Weekends is something that I love both for a place to share recipes and a place to find them – I like the way you give a little comment on them each week too. I am not so interested in giveaways but I like how you have a good balance of different posts.

    And that is exciting about the conference – wish they could hold it in melbourne so I could come along!


  • Leigh

    Thanks for posting this. My grandmother had osteoporosis BIG TIME. My mom is now meeting with her doc to work out her plan for giving herself a daily shot to stabilize her bone density and I’m 40 and worried but not willing to go the Fosamax route. PLEASE share your regimen with us. I’m sure there’s plenty of mineral and calcium deficient women amongst us!


  • Question One: I love Wellness Weekend because it’s a wonderful community event that offers so much suitable food for all of us, and also please never stop your delicious unique desserts 🙂

    Question Two: I can’t really think of anything to eliminate! Well, maybe the giveaways that are only for American and Canadian readers… 😛

    Question Three: Just after reading this post, I’d love to see more of how you use your diet to ensure calcium intake. I received a very, very low bone density scan when I was 18 and was pretty much told there was nothing to do, so I’ve really just been taking calcium tablets and choosing calcium-fortified cereals :S I’m really excited to hear you’ve truly strengthened your bones!


  • Congratulations! That’s amazing news Ricki! Yay Kale! Long live Kale and Ricki 🙂 A blog revamp sounds like a fun idea. Obviously the girls need to stay 🙂 Enjoy your holidays Ricki, hopefully you won’t be working too hard behind the scenes on your blog. xo


  • Great job with the test results! My mom has that, and she’s already on nasty drugs for it that she hates. But, could I get her to eat kale? No way. I JUST got her to start adding a little baby spinach to her iceberg lettuce salads. *sigh*

    Anyway, as for the blog,I love your recipes, and love the dogs comments. I must admit, though, that I often skim the explanations/stories/expository parts of the posts. I just don’t have enough time in the day to really read and digest everything that bloggers write.

    I love SOS and Wellness Weekend – mostly because they encourage me to get my butt in the kitchen and post something.

    Not sure if that really helps, but perhaps it does.

    Looking forward to whatever you decide to do, as I’m sure it’ll be great.


  • Ricki, first of all, thanks for the contest and i’m so excited I won! 🙂

    Second, about the osteopenia, I highly suggest you read into my blog and especially the new work I’m doing with RBTI. Dr Reams basically taught that you can eat tons of calcium every day but there’s actually 7 different groups of calcium, and you can actually be eating the wrong type of calcium for your body chemistry and that could actually worsen one’s health. I highly suggest you see a RBTI practitioner (which I will be soon) and get your numbers analyzed to see exactly what calcium(s) are right for your chemistry. The primary side-effect of adding Min-Col (a mineral colloid from soft rock phosphate) is the strengthening of gums and bones; in fact, a side-effect of the supplement is slight pain in the ends of the extremities because your bones actually grow causing slight joint pain as the body reconstitutes!

    Something to think about…



  • 1) Congratulations on reducing the osteopenia – that is awesome news that I must share with family and several friends. Now I understand that kale obsession that I wondered about 😉
    2) Elsie and Chaser have to stay!
    3) Wellness Weekend is Wonderful – So much inspiration; new blogs to read, new perspectives on cooking, health, and nutrition, new cuisines. It is like a mini-class every week.
    4) You’ve just convinced me that I need to pay more attention to kale and smoothies.
    5) Whatever direction you decide to take with the blog I’ll still be reading.


  • Weisserose

    Hello Ricki! 🙂

    Long time time reader, I am commenting today for the first time. Needless to say that I really like DDD! It´s one of the two veg blogs I read (follow) and COOK from (the other being Susan Voisin´s). Mind you, we are not a veg household here, we just like to eat healthy and sure like veg food! 🙂

    To answer your questions, I would like to see more recipes (desserts or not) and definitely more of the GIRLS! They are so sweet – oops, sorry, I mean, healthy-sweet, stevia-sweet maybe? ;-)!I have two furry girls myself, but of the feline kind.
    I think your Blog is rather balanced, regarding the contents of different posts, and the Wellness Weekends are a great asset to keep. Very useful to the cook here! 🙂
    I also think you write very well – do have something published somewhere?
    Hope your health continues to improve!
    Greetings from Germany (very cold!) 🙂


  • Laura

    I’m a new reader to your site. Thanks for sharing your success in reversing your osteopenia – that is absolutely incredible! I sent the link to my mother who is struggling with the same issue. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that conventional doctors don’t believe in their patients. Even if doctors are aware of alternative solutions, they think that many of the patients lack the drive to make change happen. So glad you showed us that it’s possible!


  • Ricki! Hooray on all fronts – osteopenia AND the conference AND the blog revamping!!! My two cents: I love your blog. The recipes, the stories, the giveaways. I ADORE Wellness Weekend. I’m not really sure what I’d change! But no matter what you DO change, know that I’ll still be a reader. 🙂


  • Congratulations on kicking butt on your test, Ricki! It must be a huge relief, indeed. May you enjoy such encouraging results for years to come!

    As for your blog, I’ll have to echo a few of your other readers: there’s nothing of which I could think that you could add to or change in your blog. It’s perfect! Thank you for all that you do, for the recipes you share, and the laughter you effortlessly bring.

    Cheers to you, and happy holidays <3


  • Question # 1 – Recipes and stories has to stay, that’s what a blog is all about!
    Question # 2 – Eliminate the giveaways, keep product reviews though!
    Question # 3 – I can’t think of anything to add…


  • Congratulations, Ricki! Glad you’re becoming more dense (LOL) – and yay for kale! This smoothie looks delicious.


  • Hello Ricki!

    Wow! One more thing we have alike! The Candida and now Osteopenia (I actually have Osteoartisis in other areas as well). You have given me hope though! I need to step it up on more exercise and kale (I do however, eat spinach everyday).
    I am so pleased to read that you will be presenting at the Nourishing event! That is Awesome Ricki! I hope that I win a ticket so I will be able to meet you face to face!
    Whatever, you decide on your web site, I will still be reading it!
    I hope that you have a Merry Christmas!


  • I love your stories and could do without wellness weekends and other events. You’re a talented, humorous writer and that’s why I follow your blog. Congratulations on your increased density!


  • Ricki,

    I just love hearing about your journey and quest to rid your body of candida and I loved today’s post about improving your bone density. These posts give me hope and inpsire me to do the same.


  • I really love your blog, it’s one of the few I follow religiously, even though my family’s dietary restrictions only overlap partially with yours.

    As long as the giveaways are related to your subject matter and don’t start to dominate, I think they’re appropriate. (And I know that you’re probably turning down ten for natural cleaners/supplements/air purifiers/etc. for every one you do.)

    As far as a makeover goes, I’m always in favor of cleaning up and decluttering the looks of a website (mine is overdue), but your content itself is wonderful! You and the girls must stay! (OK, the hubs, too!)


  • Definitely keep the recipes & stories! I scroll past the stories on most other blogs but I read & enjoy yours (though I usually check out the recipe first).

    I enjoy Weekend Wellness and SOS Challenge (which I feel has been put on the backburner since WW came into play). WW always gives me some ideas though I feel like Sunday should be the cut off date for submissions. I usually miss the recipes posted after that.

    I love the giveaways because you usually feature products I would like to have, plus it’s open to Canadian residents! I haven’t won anything yet but I’m hopeful 🙂

    Keep up the good work. Your blog is one of my go-to resources for healthy recipes!


  • First, that’s awesome about the bone density increase! Mine has traditionally been low, but I haven’t checked it in a while. Good info to know!

    Second, keep the Wellness Weekends and the girls for sure! I haven’t really participated in the SOS Challenge much, but it’s interesting, and I like when you participate in and inform us of other blog hop type things. Oh, and the contests. Who doesn’t want a chance to win free stuff?!

    I’ve only been following your blog for about a year, so if the formatting has changed, I haven’t noticed. I like the informationg you share (stories are awesome) and most of the recipes. Some aren’t for me, but that’s why I have my own blog. LOL!

    The one thing I’d like to see (more of) is the nutrition information. I think you’ve said you don’t track it for yourself, but it’s helpful for those of us who do. And although I always calculate my own NI, regardless of whether or not it’s provided, it’s nice to see to help judge whether or not a recipe is worth making/fits into my calorie plan.

    Just read the post above mine. I like the suggestion that Wellness Weekends be cut off Sunday evening. It IS Wellness WeekEND 😉 Sometimes I forget to come back and check the stuff posted after Sunday, which isn’t a big deal because they’re always availabe, but…

    Ok. I think that’s all I’ve got. Love the blog as is, so if changes are coming, I hope they’re for the better 😛


  • Anne

    Hooray for natural eating!!! I love your recipes and really enjoy wellness weekends… it exposes me to lots of recipes without having to look through a ton of other blogs (my blogroll is pretty long as it is.) The one comment I’d like to add is that sometime the locations of the photos disjoints the blog too much and makes it difficult to read, particularly on my laptop screen. Perhaps it would help if the formatting had the photos on the right instead of in-line with the text???


  • Hi Ricki – I love all your recipes, giveaways, and recipe submission challenges (Wellness Weekends and SOS). I also think you have a lot of really good information in the tabs at the top of your page, but they are so small and a bit hidden away up there, that most people probably miss out on them! Also, if you are working in site updates, it’s always helpful to keep the blogroll up-to-date and eliminate any that no longer post – I always use this feature to find other vegetarian blogs that I might like! Thanks and I look forward to continuing to read your blog in the new year 🙂


  • Awesome news on your bone density test! It’s amazing how many people just believe their doctors and continue to take a pill while their bones keep getting more brittle without taking the matter into their own hands.
    It’s stories like this that I like to see here on your blog. It’s info we can share to help others or ourselves. I enjoy reading your stories, many are quite humorous.


  • That’s so cool how you reversed your diagnosis! I’m loving that. As for your blog, I say don’t change a thing. But if you feel restless, follow your heart and we’ll all follow after you!


  • congrats on the improved bone density!! you should make a call and speak to your doctor directly, just to boast about the naturopath way 😉 i always say do what you like with the blog, i’ll come back! it’s the recipes, stories, and girls that keep me here, but winning some chocolate doesn’t hurt, either 😉 and when you want to help out with my blog, let me know!


  • I think your site is perfect as is, but definietly don’t take out your incredible recipes 🙂 That is wonderful news about your improved bone density.


  • First off, congratulations on increasing your bone density! I love proving to doctors that leading a healthy lifestyle, especially by eating a nourishing diet, combats disease infinitely better than any pill.

    Second of all, I think that Wellness Weekend is definitely essential to the blog, as are your wonderful and creative recipes, on which I can always count to be free of refined sugars and other nasty stuff. I also love your information about the anti-candida diet, both for interest in preventing candida in my own body and general curiosity.

    As for the giveaways, I’m not a huge fan and am not too interested in entering them, but I understand that they certainly must drive blog traffic.

    Thanks for the wonderful blogging! I’ll for sure continue to follow DDD in whatever direction you decide to take it.



  • Noooo. Please don’t change the Wellness Weekend deadline. Some of us (well me anyway) are not that punctual.


  • Janis

    I like your blog just as it is. You have so much useful information all in one place! I wouldn’t change a thing.


  • Courtney

    Yay Ricki–I knew you could reverse the osteopenia! I am so glad you were able to do it. My doctor couldn’t really believe it when I did it either 🙂

    Oh, man, I wish I could be at the conference to hear you speak. How cool is that?! Congratulations again–it sounds like it will be wonderful.

    Finally, I *love* your recipe posts, and I have become a HUGE fan of the Wellness Weekends–they are brilliant! Really, I think your blog is great and I wouldn’t change a thing…I love it!



  • Congrats, Ricki so happy for you; can’t wait to see you in Chicago! Yeaaa.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!


  • Ok, so much to cover. #1, congrats on the conference. I am not surprised. Being a ‘normal’ person and sharing your information is what makes me and I think most people come back for more on your blog.
    Ok, so I love your blog and don’t think a thing needs to be changed. I love the girls, recipes, giveaways, wellness etc. Maybe you can do something different with the wellness contests. That is all I think of as I love your blog and the content is informative, very well written and hilarious. Loves.


  • Way to go on the osteopenia front, Ricki! That is wicked awesome! 🙂

    Btw, I love your blog just as it is… although my favourite is always your flash in the pan recipes.. well any recipe, really – don’t lose those!! 🙂


  • Great news on the health front and the conference! hope things keep moving towards even better results and proof of a great diet solving everything!! one year back i dint even know what kale was.. now it gets added to pretty much everything!

    Please do keep all the ww and sos challenges.. its a great resource to find so many other similar minded bloggers!

    maybe some more quick recipes and a slight layout change to highlight your popular posts a list of your faves or something. The recipe index is helpful but is quite long and difficult to find the recent favorites, or in season recipes.
    and yes dont let the doggies go anywhere:)


    Ricki Reply:

    I love the idea of an in-season section. . . of course, that would be “my” in-season, but still! 🙂


  • Barb

    Please don’t get rid of the dogs! OMG! They’re so adorable. I don’t do the give aways. When you have over 100 people vying for a prize, it’s not worth reading. I admit that I skip the posts with the give aways completely. I’ve learned so much about nutrition. We are not veg by far but it is good to learn about the healthy recipes.


  • Congrats on the health news!!!! That’s phenomenal. And it’s actually super encouraging for me to hear right now.


    I’m so thrilled for you!


  • Robin

    First of all, thanks for the blog! I’d read it no matter what — but the parts I like the best are recipes, stories and “the girls’ input”. I don’t participate in the giveaways. I like to read your cookbook reviews and often follow links to recipes you highlight from Wellness Weekend, though I wouldn’t be one to enter a recipe for Wellness Weekend. I think you could skinny down the tabs a bit, but I like having one place to go for a list of recipes, and the recipe tab gets me there. I’d enjoy a fresher look, I’m sure, but as I said, I’d be a faithful reader anyway. Oh! One other thing I enjoy are the photographs (food photos plus Elsie and Chaser); I think the food photos add a lot to the recipe posts.


  • Love reading your blog and happy to hear that osteopenia can be reversed with nutrition! My only comment is that I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of information, so maybe simplify the look a bit, if you really want to change something – that being said, you have an extremely successful blog and I really enjoy reading your stories, being inspired by your food ideas and occasionally I even enter a contest 🙂 Thanks for all you do to promote healthy living!


  • Dangit! I had the opportunity to go to that event. Had I known you were going to be there I would have taken it!!! It is alas a super inconvenient time for me. Oh well, next event 🙂


  • Well, you know my thoughts already, but I like the recipes, stories, and the girls the best. That is what keeps me coming back! I guess I like the “all things Ricki” stuff!


  • Ricki, I forgot to ask, I would love to know what specific supplements and amounts you have been taking to reverse your diagnosis. I am in a similar situation and after hearing about your great results I am dying to know exactly what you did re: supplements – thanks so much!


    Ricki Reply:

    A few others have asked, too. . . I’m working on a post! 🙂


  • That’s so exciting that you’re going to be a presenter at the conference!! 🙂 That’s amazing that your bone density improved, I love hearing stories about how a healthy lifestyle can reverse negative health effects. My favourite thing you post about are your recipes. 🙂 And dog photos!


  • This was so helpful for me! A few people directed me over here after I just recently posted about spraining my wrist and being told that I am on my way to osteoporosis. I have been getting injured now about every 6 months and it has been so frustrating to me, especially when I feel like I have been the healthiest ever. Thank you for the info about it’s not what you eat but how you absorb it. I will be meeting with a nutritionist soon to figure out how I can better absorb the vital minerals and vitamins needed. Until then, any other advice would be so appreciated!! xo, Cara


    Ricki Reply:

    I am SO glad to read this, Cara! Best of luck with it and do come back to tell us how you’re doing!


  • Ricki

    Ricki, I don’t have much to add. I am at the same place you are … trying to figure out where I go after year 2. Just keep up those incredible recipes!!! Looking forward to your revamp 🙂



  • Cori

    Question One: If I revamped the blog, which sections or aspects of the blog are essential to keep?

    My favourite part of the blog is definitely the stories, and the discussions about health and nutrition.

    Question Two: Is there anything on the blog you feel could be eliminated? (Wellness Weekend? Stories? Giveaways? Tabs at the top of the page? –etc.)

    I tend not to read the ‘Wellness Weekend’ and other special event posts, but they seem to be an important part of the blog.

    Question Three: Is there anything not already here that you’d like to see added to the blog? Is there a particular feature or specific content that you wish I’d add?

    I have a couple of friends with candida issues; the more you want to talk about this, the happier I’ll be.


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