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Wellness Weekend: March 29-April 2, 2012

Good Evening, Wellness Weekenders! This past week has been a crazy melée of writing, school prep, recipe development and dealing with a disconnected muffler (we found it dragging on the driveway)–which is why I’ve neglected the blog and missed all of you!

That’s why I’m so glad to have these weekly link-ups, […]


Together, We Are One: Spicy Sunflower Nori Crackers (Grain Free, Vegan)

Wow, it’s been a crazy few weeks since I returned back to work on March 1st. My, my–where has the time gone? Last night marked a true melding of my work with my avocation, with the first ever college-sanctioned tweet chat for my classes. The students loved it (and I must […]


Wellness Weekend March 22-26, 2012

Happy summer! Oh, wait, you mean it’s not summer? Surely this past week in Toronto (over 22C/72 F all week–and sunny!) could have fooled me. So that explains why I’ve been smiling so much over the past 7 days!

Well, it must be the sunshine–and all of your amazing recipes, of course. 😉 […]


Kitchen Classics: Chickpea Pot Pie

With our wacky summer-like temperatures this past week breaking records more than once, it may seem out of sync to post a pot pie recipe. And even though I first made this a few weeks ago, we’ve been enjoying it regularly since then. I like to think of it as my […]


Grain-Free and Green: Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

[Regular raw cookie dough balls mixed with a few Irish-inclined ones (green courtesy of spirulina)].

No, it’s not your imagination; there has not been a single St. Patrick’s Day-themed recipe previously posted on this blog. It’s not that I’m opposed to them–after all, at least […]


Wellness Weekend March 15-19

Are you feeling a little green (in a good way, that is!) on this Wellness Weekend Thursday? I rarely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s so close to today’s WW, how could I miss it?

So feel free to share all your GREEN recipes this week–and any others that are healthy, sugar […]


Flash in the Pan: Butterscotch Walco-Nut Butter*

* Or, CocoWal. Or, WalCoco. Or, Waco Nut**. Or, There is Really No Way to Combine “Walnut” and “Coconut” in a Cute and Catchy Contraction.

[Sometimes, you just want a dish that’s quick and easy–no fuss. I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly […]


Wellness Weekend March 8-12, 2012

Happy International Women’s Day! Did you tell a woman how much you appreciate her today (hint, hint, HH)?

And it’s Happy March Break to all of you who are off school this week, as well! I must admit, I do miss those March breaks (yes, as a teacher, I didn’t have to teach […]


“It’s a Keeper” Butterscotch-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I first met the HH way back in 1997, he was dabbling in astrology. I don’t mean the kind of horoscopes you read in the daily newspaper or receive each morning on twitter. No, I mean the kind of astrology that involves a mega-detailed analysis such as casting a natal chart, […]


Wellness Weekend, March 1-5, 2012

It’s the first Wellness Weekend in March! Whoo hoo!

As spring makes its (leisurely) way to our city, my thoughts are turning to different kinds of meals–faster, lighter, more powerful than a locomotive more springlike in their flavors. I was thinking about a theme from last week’s submissions and Genevieve suggested “raw foods.” […]