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Mum’s Original Review and Giveaway

[Disclosure: Mum’s Original provided products for me to sample at no charge. They were not promised a review in exchange for the products, and all opinions written here are entirely my own.]

[Yes, these Raw Caramel Cupcakes with Banana-Cacao Frosting are bursting with superfoods ingredients!]

As many of you know, I spend some quite a bit a crazy amount of time every day on twitter. I love that I’ve been able to strike up acquaintances with other bloggers, writers, nutritionists and companies that way. Well, several months ago, I began to notice tweets about a new (to me) company, Mum’s Original.  I was intrigued by how many people were waxing poetic about it. Since the products are carried at my local health food store, I purchased a bag of their hemp seeds and gave them a try.  And they were, indeed, great! So when the folks at Mum’s asked if  I’d be interested in sampling a bunch more of their products, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m already a proponent of “superfoods”–those foods that confer health benefits beyond the usual vitamins, minerals, fiber and the like. So even though I was previously famliar with the actual foods themselves, I hadn’t yet tried all of the Mum’s versions.  And there were a couple of very pleasant surprises, too!

Here’s what they sent to me:

This amazing stash includes Raw Cacao Powder, Delores Hemp Hearts, White Chia Seeds, Coconut Sugar, Goji Berries, Coconut Cacao Nibs, and Banana Powder.

One of the things I loved about the company was the integrity with which they source and manufacture their products.  As they write on their website, their superfoods “are grown with care at our sustainable family owned partnership farms using traditional and artesian methods of cultivation and processing,” even using heirloom seeds whenever possible. In addition, their products are never GMO, are organic, and are free of any man-made toxins in the way of pesticides or chemicals. The company’s owner, Ann Barnes, is herself a mother of two children, and concerned about her kids’ futures and providing healthy foods grown in an ethical manner. And let me tell you, their products are really top-notch!

I was already an avid consumer of cacao, hemp, chia, coconut sugar, goji berries and cacao nibs, so the product that intrigued me most was the banana powder, dehydrated and finely milled vine-ripened organic bananas. I immediately got to experimenting to create a pipe-able banana frosting that would hold up at room temperature (which I piped atop raw mini-cupcakes, as pictured at the top of this post).  Of course, those of us on the ACD don’t consume bananas, but at this stage of the game (more than 3 years on the program), I knew that a single bite wouldn’t really affect my condition–and that the HH would be more than happy to polish off the rest (which, lo and behold, he was, in record time!). 😉  The results were stellar, with an incredibly intense fresh banana flavor.  I bet you will love them, too. I’ll share that recipe tomorrow, so please come back to check it out!

After the cupcakes, I began to work my way through the other products as well.  I used the Coconut Cacao nibs as garnish on the banana frosting (see top photo). These are truly ingenious! They’re cacao nibs enrobed in coconut sugar, sort of the way sugared almonds or coffee beans are coated in sugar.  I use cacao nibs occasionally, but have always found them a bit too bitter on their own. Mum’s solved that problem perfectly with the cacao-coconut sugar combo! I’d use these in place of chocolate chips, sprinkled on granola, or even as a snack on their own. Again, it’s not something I’d consume on a regular basis on the ACD, but at the later stages, or for anyone looking to minimize their refined sugar intake, this is a brilliant solution.

I had read about the Delores Hemp Hearts, a uniquely Canadian-born form of hemp that an ingenious Manitoba farmer developed. And there’s even a love story involved. . . read about it here.   Apart from the story behind it, what I loved about the Delores hemp seeds was that they offer more protein per volume than other types of hemp. And they were, indeed, delicious!

The HH and I dug into the goji berries next.  Honestly, these were the biggest, plumpest gojis I’ve ever seen! They were eagerly approved by The Girls as well.  (What? Doesn’t everyone give goji berries to their dogs?). 😉  I’ve still got the chia seeds and cacao waiting to be used. . . I’ve been kind of hoarding them, since I know they will be exceptionally delicious, too! Overall, I was incredibly impressed by the quality, care, and thought that went was behind each and every one of the products.

“Mum, I agree-those gojis were delicious! Just look at this smile on my face!”

Now I want you to try out these superior products as well! And Mum’s has graciously agreed to provide TWO readers each with this same stellar pack of their superfoods, each worth more than $65!

This giveaway is open to anyone in the US or Canada (so sorry, International readers! I’ve got another giveaway coming up for you, too, next month!). And there are six ways to enter! For this giveaway, I’m trying out a new widget (the box, below) to make entering/picking a winner easier. To begin, just leave a comment on this post. It’s easy–just follow the instructions, below.  What do you think of it? Let me know!

And if you just can’t wait for the giveaway. . .SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR DDD READERS!!

Mum’s has offered a special 15% discount for any online orders for all Diet, Dessert and Dogs readers!! Just order your products via the Mum’s website and key in the code “RICKI” upon checkout. [This is an affiliate discount, so your orders will send a small amount of money my way.].  Go to the Mum’s product page to make your selections and start your purchase.



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