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Did You Win the Cooking Classes? And Chocolate Peppermint Bark with a Protein Boost!

Chocolate Peppermint Bark from Diet, Dessert and Dogs

[Mmmm. . . . a dessert-like treat that provides healthy carbs, fats and protein. . . great post-feast snacking!]

Hello everyone! Hope those of you who celebrated yesterday had a relaxing, stress-free holiday filled with the love of family, good friends, and fabulous food!  We had a bit of an adventure over here (more on that next post), but suffice it to say we deferred our Christmas feast until. . . today!

Before I flit off to enjoy the meal, I wanted to let you know about our cooking class winner, mention a great Boxing Day Sale courtesy of Heather, and post this recipe for quick and easy (and all-too-yummy) chocolate peppermint bark with a protein boost! (Because really, isn’t it great when you don’t have to feel guilty about having two three pieces of chocolate bark?

Congratulations to Lisa Zerbe–you won all 24 online cooking classes!

And. . . if you didn’t win, you can still enjoy the classes at a massive discount! Heather is offering a special discount for DDD readers only until Friday (December 28th) at midnight.  You’ll get all 24 classes plus the bonuses for $80 off (that’s a 55% discount)–or $67 for the whole package.  Check out the details here, and my sample recipe from the courses here. [Note: I am an affiliate for Heather’s classes. If you purchase after clicking on a link here, I will receive a small commission that will go to maintaining this blog.]


And now. . . on to dessert (or, perhaps, a really good snack)!

I wanted to create a holiday-themed chocolate bark, but one that would offer more than empty calories and sugars.  After I received a bunch of amazing products from Growing Naturals a couple of weeks ago, I began to play in the kitchen with their rice and pea proteins.  I loved the fact that their rice protein is quite fine and didn’t feel gritty to me at all when I blended it with my other ingredients.  So then it hit me: why not add it to my chocolate bark, and see what happens? The result was this very decadent-tasting bark that is reminiscent of milk chocolate and will stay firm for up to 30 minutes at room temperature (after which point it begins to soften because of the hemp).

With hemp seeds and protein powder as two major ingredients, this is a sweet treat that actually provides calories from all three macronutrients (protein, carb, good fats), so it should help to satisfy a sweet tooth without triggering sugar cravings.  And it contains 7.5 g of protein per serving–about 1/6 of your daily needs, almost unheard of in a sweet treat! I loved this flavor combination with peppermint and gojis, but that’s the beauty of a recipe like this one–you can add whatever you like in the way of dried fruits, chopped nuts, or flavorings (I think coconut flavoring and chopped candied ginger would be spectacular if you can have it).

I’m going to be taking it easy over the next few days, but will be back with a holiday recap and new recipe before the new year. In the meantime, I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves as the year winds down.

Happy Holiday Hugs,

Ricki xo

PS No, I am not an affiliate of Growing Naturals, and I did not receive any payment for this post. I am looking into becoming an affiliate, though, since I enjoyed their products so much! 🙂

I’m sending this recipe to Amy’s Slightly Indulgent Tuesday.

Chocolate Peppermint Bark from Diet, Dessert and Dogs

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