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Wellness Weekend, January 31-February 4, 2013

Welcome back to Wellness Weekend! I am loving all the comfort foods I’ve been seeing on WW (I feel as if I really need those in this weather!). Last week featured warming breakfast bowls, soups, cookies and bars, yummy stews, and more. Thanks so much for your entries each week and for continuing […]


Kitchen Classics: Shepherd’s Pie

Some things just never change. As a result, there are certain aspects of our lives upon which we all tend to rely.

For instance, you expect that Wile E. Coyote will tumble down the mountainside (an anvil in hot pursuit), only to re-emerge the following week without so much as a […]


Six Degrees of Christy Morgan, Wellness Reboot Giveaway and Carrot Hummus!!

[This post is part of an ongoing series of interviews with cookbook authors, bloggers, women entrepreneurs and home chefs whose work I enjoy and admire. If you’ve got someone in mind you’d like me to approach for an interview, please shoot me an email at dietdessertdogsATgmailDOTcom, or leave a comment here and let […]


Wellness Weekend, January 24-28, 2013

Welcome to another Wellness Weekend! It’s been freezing here in the Toronto area over the past few days, so I’ve been focusing on cocooning with The HH and The Girls as I continue to recipe test until the end of the month.

Lots of your recipes from last week’s event focused on […]


Flash in the Pan: Savory Pan-Fried Oatmeal Wedges with Shredded Carrot and Green Onion

You know how they say there are more than 50 different Inuit words for snow? Well, anyone who’s read my blog though a season or two likely already knows how I feel about winter. I mean, if there were 50 (or more) ways to say “I loathe it with my entire […]


Wellness Weekend, January 17-21, 2013

Happy Thursday–and Happy Wellness Weekend! Welcome back to a week of innovative, delicious, good-for-y0u recipes, courtesy of all of YOU! 🙂

It’s been a whirlwind week here in the DDD kitchen (again!!), what with final photo shoots for the cookbook taking place this week. (This book does seem to be taking a lot […]


Sweet Potato-Lentil Pot Pie with a Corn Biscuit Crumble Crust for Attune Foods

As I mentioned last week, I’m now officially a new Attune Foods Ambassador, and today I’m sharing the first gluten-free, whole foods recipe I’ve cooked up for them: this warming, comforting Sweet Potato-Lentil Pot Pie with Corn Biscuit Crumble.

To me, this pot pie is the perfect incarnation of my favorite […]


I Sing the Broccoli Electric: Veggie-Full Sweet Smoothie

Before we get to today’s broccoli-filled smoothie, can we have a little audience survey? You don’t have to press any of the buttons on your phone, and this call is not being recorded for training purposes. Okay, here we go:

If you recognized the allusion to “I Sing the Body Electric” […]


Wellness Weekend, January 10-14, 2013

Newsy Tidbits:

Well, it looks like much of today’s news IS actually “news”! I’ve got lots to share, so here goes:

Diet, Dessert and Dogs has been nominated as one of the Top 25 Healthy Living Blogs by The Skinny Scoop! Whoo hoo! And thank you so much to reader Rose who first […]


Comfort Me with Cheezy Sauce: Vegan Mac and Cheese Casserole

[Perfect, homey, rustic comfort food. . . I feel better already.]

I’ve decided I want to be a computer programmer in my next life. No, scratch that: I want to be a computer programmer in THIS life. In fact, think I’ll take advantage of the free tuition for employees […]