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Wellness Weekend, February 28-March 4, 2013

Hey Everyone! It’s that time again. . . . Wellness Weekend time! (Wait, does that sound like a beer commercial?!).

Well, no beer in last week’s event (that would not exactly count as a whole food, would it?), but there were 32 amazing creations, all filled with good-for-you ingredients and many suitable for the […]


Anti Candida Diet Update and Nacho Supreme Recipe

[No, you’re not in a time warp or losing your mind. . . this is, indeed, a repeat of an earlier post from January of this year, that was lost when my blog was hacked. Luckily for me, two intrepid readers, Jayme and Cristina, printed it out and were able to send it to me […]


Wellness Weekend, February 21-25

Welcome to this week’s Wellness Weekend! I’m always so excited to see the incredible edibles you cook up each week. Last week was filled with creative yumminess, and I’m sure this week will be no different!

Newsy Tidbits:

Did you know it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday yesterday? To celebrate, Babble.com posted my […]


The Original Slow-Cooker Recipe: My Dad’s Vegetable Soup*

*Or, Enough Vegetable Soup for an Army

*Or, My Dad Actually Cooked this Vegetable Soup for an Army

Well, howdy! I hope all of you in the US had an enjoyable President’s Day on Monday, while we here in Ontario enjoyed a statutory holiday with Family Day (translation: “Sit-on-your-butt-and-relax-inside-while-the-frigid-snow-and-wind-whip-around-the-house-outside-creating-snowdrifts-taller-than-the-HH-Day). Before I […]


Wellness Weekend, February 14-18, 2013

Happy Wellness Weekend–Valentine’s Day Edition!

Yes, I am a total sucker when it comes to V-Day. Even when I didn’t have someone (human) with whom to share the day, I still celebrated, either by buying myself flowers (amazing how that will perk up your spirits!), or cooking a special meal, or just taking […]


Black Forest Cookie Dough Truffles for Attune Foods

As promised, today’s recipe is number three in this week’s list of sweet Valentine’s Day treats! Be sure to check out the healthy Butterscotch Pudding and Granola-Topped Blueberry Pie Bars, too!

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it:

A) Flowers? […]


Granola-Topped Blueberry Pie Bars

[Seems to be “dessert week” on DDD! Here’s another healthy recipe for you today, the second in a trio of “good for you” desserts that can all be served up to those you love for Valentine’s Day: the first was Butterscotch Pudding that can improve heart health; and the final installment is coming up on […]


Wellness Weekend, February 7-11, 2013

Hi Everyone–so glad to see you here for another Wellness Weekend! Hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is ONE WEEK from today! Do you do anything to celebrate? The HH and I traditionally go out to dinner. . . this year, I’ve been on a lower-grain diet, so we may have our romantic […]


Butterscotch Pudding For What Ails Ya

[A bowl of pudding, a cup of herbal tea, and forget about what ails ya.]

I don’t suppose that butterscotch pudding is the first food that comes to mind when one thinks of foods that can be eaten “for what ails ya.”

Then again, it might be. . . […]