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Wellness Weekend, April 25-29, 2013

Hello there, Wellness Weekenders!

We had 38 mouth-watering entries last week, with everything from TWO Banana-Based pies to Earth Day Rice to Gingerbread Almond Butter (mmm!) to shakes, soups and sandwiches. As always, your recipes impressed me with how delicious and creative they are! Keep ’em coming! 🙂 And now, for this […]


Apple-Quinoa Breakfast Muffins

Ah, how I love breakfast. It’s the one meal of which I never tire–and for which I can always find infinite varieties of foods to prepare. Well, when Wendy of Cooking Quinoa asked if I’d whip up something for a guest post on her blog while she tends to her gorgeous […]


Growing Naturals Protein Powder and Rice Milk Powder Giveaway!

[The different kinds of Growing Naturals protein powders, plus rice milk powder.]

Several months ago (I’m embarrassed to tell you how many), I received a lovely package from the folks at Growing Naturals.

Growing Naturals create amazing raw, whole food, protein powders and rice milk powder that are gluten-free, […]


Wellness Weekend, April 18-22, 2013

Hi and welcome to this week’s Wellness Weekend!

I couldn’t start tonight without mentioning the horrific events that have touched so many people across the US this past week. I’ve been walking around with a heavy heart and keep thinking about all the victims whose lives have been changed forever (and those whose lives […]


High Protein Mocha Sunbutter Spread (Nut-free, Dairy-free, Grain-free, Gluten-free, Sugar-free)

Special Note! There’s a giveaway on now of Growing Naturals Protein Powder–the very powder I use in this recipe! Once you’ve seen the recipe, head over here to enter the giveaway!

What’s the most dreaded question ever asked of a vegan? Go ahead and guess. Here are some to […]


Wellness Weekend, April 11-15, 2013

Hi Everyone and happy Thursday! I’m still sulking because it isn’t *quite* spring yet here in Toronto (in fact, as I mentioned this morning, we had snow today!! SNOW. On April 11th! Yes, that was me you heard sobbing in the background on your way to work. . . . ).

Well, at least […]


Tex-Mex Black Bean Burgers for Attune Foods

Can you all believe it’s SNOWING here in Toronto today? Anyone who knows me (or even anyone who’s met me for more than 30 seconds, at any point between October and April) knows how much I hate winter. As soon as the tiniest hint of spring arrives, I’m ready to throw […]


Grain-Free, Bean-Free, Oil Free Vegan Pizza Crust

I’ve got a new Facebook page–and I hope you’ll visit me there! I’m perpetually grateful to all of you who’ve “liked” my Diet, Dessert and Dogs page, but it’s time to move on. With a new cookbook on the horizon and lots of other cool sugar-free, anti-candida and allergy-friendly offerings in the works, […]


Wellness Weekend, April 4-8, 2013

Thanks for visiting Wellness Weekend again this week! I love, love, LOVE all the good-for-you dishes you share here each week.

Last week featured some amazing coconut waffles, Italian kale chips, Apple Cinnamon Buckwheat Granola, Grain-free Cinnamon scones, and all kinds of yummy Easter treats. Totally delicious!

Newsy tidbits:

Did you […]


All Hail–It’s Kale! Crazy for Kale Ebook and Ten Kale Recipes

After my post on Wild About Greens the other day (and don’t forget to enter the giveaway here!), I thought I’d extend the Greens Love one more day. So today’s post is all about my very favorite leafy green in the bunch. . . KALE!

As you may remember, I’ve aimed to consume […]