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Apple-Quinoa Breakfast Muffins

Quinoa Breakfast Muffin by Ricki Heller

Ah, how I love breakfast. It’s the one meal of which I never tire–and for which I can always find infinite varieties of foods to prepare. Well, when Wendy of Cooking Quinoa asked if I’d whip up something for a guest post on her blog while she tends to her gorgeous new little girl, I was thrilled to oblige! (And congrats, Wendy, and to all of you on the addition of Skye to your family!). πŸ™‚

For years, I attempted to perfect a breakfast muffin that contained whole cooked grains, but I found the results were consistently too moist.Β  (Whereas The Girls were thrilled, since it meant they got lots of extra tester muffins to sample.). When I began to experiment with psyllium in baked goods about a year ago, I knew I’d finally hit on the magic ingredient to transform those soggy muffins.

Head over to Wendy’s blog to see my perfect wholegrain breakfast muffin!

“So, Mum, does this mean Elsie and I won’t be getting samples any more?”

Chaser on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

“Zip it, Chaser. . . you know that Mum never gets it right on the first try.Β  Don’t worry, there will still be lots of failed baking attempts for us to sample in the future.”

Elsie on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

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