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Growing Naturals Protein Powder and Rice Milk Powder Giveaway!

growingnaturals on dietdessertndogs.com

[The different kinds of Growing Naturals protein powders, plus rice milk powder.]

Several months ago (I’m embarrassed to tell you how many), I received a lovely package from the folks at Growing Naturals.

Growing Naturals create amazing raw, whole food, protein powders and rice milk powder that are gluten-free, dairy free, corn free, soy free, and vegan. They are organic and non-GMO, carefully sourced and tested before they’re packaged and sold.  I love their motto, too: “Natural Products for All People!” That’s because they offer a great source of protein to everyone, vegans and omnivores alike (24 grams per serving!).


Squash Porridge on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

[A favorite cool weather breakfast–squash-based, grain-free porridge! I loved it with added pea protein powder.]

The raw rice protein powder provides a full array of amino acids and contains 90% protein, so you will acquire a good boost to your daily protein in each serving. I found it to be very smooth (not gritty) and blended well in smoothies.

If you check out the Growing Naturals web page, you’ll also see that they also recently launched the very first raw, sprouted pea protein powder (which I used in my new favorite spread, the Mocha Sunbutter I shared a few days ago). Unlike grain-based protein powders, pea protein is high in lysine (an essential amino acid) and branched chain amino acids (BCAA) which all benefit tissue, bone and antibody development while simultaneously boosting energy. I really enjoyed the pea protein, too, although it does have a stronger flavor than the rice variety. I combined it with other flavors (such as the sunflower seed butter) for a smooth, tasty high-protein treat.

Mocha Sunbutter Spread on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

[My new favorite Mocha Sunbutter Spread, with a protein boost from pea protein.]

And because I loved the Growing Naturals products so much,

I want to share them all with YOU!

Of course, the protein powders are great in smoothies, but I’ve enjoyed them as well added to pancakes and other breakfast foods, the sunflower butter, breakfast porridge, and more. I’m sure you’ll find your own creative ways to use it, too!

The Giveaway Scoop (this scoop is filled with protein powder!):

The prize: You’ll win your choice of 2 types of protein powder; a bag of the rice milk powder; a green logo bag; and a shaker in which to prepare the milk powder.

To enter the giveaway, do one (or all) of the following:

The giveaway will run until midnight (EST) on Friday, April 26, after which a winner will be chosen at random. (The winner’s name will appear on the form once it’s been chosen).

Anyone in the continental US is eligible to enter (so sorry to my international and Canadian friends! I have lots of other giveaways coming up in the next few months, some geared specifically for you!).

Good luck, everyone!  I know you’ll love these high quality products!

Note: I received free product from Growing Naturals for review, but my opinions are my own. I am not earning an affiliate commission from Growing Naturals (though I do think I should sign up!). 😉

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