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Soft Serve Healthy “Bluster” with Chocolate Crunch and Chocolate Drizzle for Attune Foods

Soft Serve "Bluster" with Chocolate Crunch on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

Though it sometimes seems like I’ve been on the anti-candida diet forever, it wasn’t that long ago that I first made the switch to sugar-free and gluten-free. And then, it wasn’t long before I started whipping up all the treats I could still enjoy, like cookies, brownies, cakes and more, all within the parameters of my new eating plan.

But it never occurred to me that, despite my love of creating every kind of healthy dessert recipe imaginable, I’d find myself missing ice cream. 

Of course, I haven’t had “real” ice cream in years, but for some reason, I keep yearning for those old Dairy Queen Blizzards. In today’s Attune post, I share my updated, healthy dessert version: a “Bluster” made with dairy-free soft serve ice cream and both chocolate crunch and chocolate drizzle mixed throughout.

Gluten Free Vegan Soft Serve with Attune Chocolate Crunch on dietdessertndogs.com

You won’t be missing a thing, believe me.

Hop over to the Attune blog to see the recipe. You’ll be digging your spoon into a delicious ice cream treat within minutes!

Note: this recipe is suitable for those on Candida Diet maintenance. If you are at an earlier stage of the diet, see the variation at the bottom of the recipe.

Gluten-free, sugar-free soft serve on rickiheller.com


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