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End of an Era. . . Bye, Bye, Google Reader.

Happy Canada Day!

Elsie and Chaser on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

“What?! No more Google Reader? Gulp!!”

Since Google Reader is no more as of today, here’s my version of a quick Public Service Announcement to help those who’ve been using it find alternatives.

These are the three top options I’ve found:

1) Email subscription. I’ve finally introduced a custom email subscription box, up there at the top right sidebar on every page of this blog. Just fill in your name and email address in the “Never Miss a Recipe!” box to receive automatic updates. You’ll get blog posts with recipes and health information, plus any updates on my cookbook(s) and special events. I love getting posts and weekly updates from my favorite blogs right in my Inbox–hope you do, too!

2) Bloglovin. Just click this link to Follow my blog with Bloglovin . It’s not exactly like GR, but it does show all your favorite blogs in one place and it shares some features with Google Reader. I’m using it for many of my favorite blogs that I didn’t want to lose.

3) Feedly. This reader uses a magazine style setup, with your posts organized according to topics. I didn’t find it quite as easy to use as Bloglovin’, but I know lots of other bloggers like it, too. See it here.

4) BlogHer. I’m part of the BlogHer bloggers network, and just found out this morning that there’s a whole page devoted to DDD posts! You can browse older posts and read new ones here.

Kale and Swiss Chard Salad with Toasted Pepitas on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

And if you’re looking for a great recipe for that Canada Day BBQ, check out yesterday’s post, with recipe for Kale and Chard Salad with Toasted Pepitas (plus my video interview with Allyson Kramer!).

Have a fantastic July 1st, everyone!



4 comments to End of an Era. . . Bye, Bye, Google Reader.

  • I’ve heard everyone being sad about Google Reader, but I never used it. I mostly just use my blog roll on my own blog to keep up on people’s posts. I guess I might miss some that way… but I like going to the actual blog and seeing the layout and all that. Does that make me super old-fashioned? 🙂


    Claire Reply:

    That makes me feel so much better! I don’t use any sort of reader. I follow a few blogs through WordPress, and subscribe to the rest by email (including both of VE&T and DDD!), but I always click through to the actual blog too – it just feels so much more personal 🙂


    Ricki Reply:

    Thanks so much, Claire! And we bloggers really appreciate that you click through, too–I LOVE when readers leave comments! 😀 Thanks for subscribing, and for continuing to read. 🙂


    Ricki Reply:

    Well, I’d say if anything it makes you very committed! I used to do that but kept forgetting to check often enough, and by the time I did, I’d be waaaaay behind. I like the idea of receiving posts right in my inbox so much better! That way I know I’ll actually see them. 😉


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