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Soft Serve Healthy “Bluster” with Chocolate Crunch and Chocolate Drizzle for Attune Foods

Though it sometimes seems like I’ve been on the anti-candida diet forever, it wasn’t that long ago that I first made the switch to sugar-free and gluten-free. And then, it wasn’t long before I started whipping up all the treats I could still enjoy, like cookies, brownies, cakes and more, all […]


Cherry-Oat Pancakes for Father’s Day and Yoso Love

Really, what tells Dad “I love you” more than cooking a special meal just for him?

When I was growing up, the only meal we could all count on as a family (since my dad worked crazy-long hours during the week, and we had all scraped the last bits of food […]


Wellness Weekend June 6 – 10, 2013

Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope you are having a great week. Well, it’s about to get better, anyway: time for Wellness Weekend! As always, thank you to all of you for dropping by and sharing your incredible recipes. I love seeing what you cook up each week!



Wellness Weekend May 30 – June 3, 2013

Hello Everyone! It’s Thursday once again, which means another Wellness Weekend, of course! And can you believe it’s the last WW of May?! How the heck did THAT happen?

Well, at least the weather is finally summery here in Toronto.  Your amazing recipes from last week really evoked the hazy, lazy days of […]


Wellness Weekend May 23-27, 2013

Hi Everyone! Welcome to this week’s Wellness Weekend.

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to this year’s Vida Vegan Con, the premier vegan bloggers’ conference! I’m really excited to meet up with so many vegan bloggers whom I’ve come to know via the internet. And, of […]


Wellness Weekend May 16-20

Hi Everyone! Welcome to this week’s Wellness Weekend. 

I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things over the past two weeks and glad to be back on track. With summer around the corner, I can’t wait to spend more time outdoors with The Girls! (Oh, yeah, and the HH, too, […]


Chocolate Caramel Slice for Attune Foods

I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Australia since I was a child. (I wrote a bit more about it in this post). From the charming accent of the locals, to the stellar weather, to some of my favorite actors, to the amazing food, that country resonates with me on a […]


Eight Tips for Cooking Whole Foods from Scratch–Quickly and Easily (Part 1)

Way back in this post, I asked you all if you’d be interested in tips on speeding up the process of cooking whole foods from scratch. Today, I’ll begin to answer that question. I realized there is so much to say on this topic that I’d need to split it up into two smaller posts. […]


Wellness Weekend May 9-13, 2013

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all having an awesome week and enjoying some down time outside (here in Toronto, it’s been in the high 20s/low 80s and sunny all week! Can’t ask for better than that.

I was a bit MIA last week, but did get a chance to check out your delectable […]


Wellness Weekend, May 2-6, 2013

Hi Everyone!  Welcome back to this week’s Wellness Weekend!

I’m popping in to say that I may be absent for a few more days on the blog. I hadn’t expected to be gone for a whole week this past week, but have been having some health challenges and I’m not sure when […]