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Cuisine Camino Baking Kit Giveaway!


You’ll win all this–PLUS a bag of Golden Cane Sugar AND a bag of the new Camino unsweetened Coconut!  (I apologize for the old photo–the ones I took last week have somehow been eaten by my computer and I’ve already used most of the ingredients–sorry! Except for the two new additions mentioned above, though, the rest of the ingredients still look the same.).

My American cousin (hey! great title for a movie!), who,  as it happens, is also my favorite cousin, does not love chocolate.  I must tell you candidly, this almost ruined our relationship when we were kids.  I mean, he’s just so great in every other way

Okay, so I have a bit of an obsession with chocolate.  When I was 17 and Sterlin and I visited San Francisco, the first stop we made was Ghirardelli Square so we could try out the chocolate.  For our first Valentine’s Day together, I asked the HH to get me some Godiva truffles.  Whenever a new organic chocolate comes on the market, I’m one of the first to sample it.  And I’m willing to try just about any food if it’s chocolate-coated (I draw the line at garlic. . . that garlic ice cream I tried back in my twenties still haunts me).

Sure, the sugary, processed, artificial type of “chocolate” is what got me into this entire candida dilemma to begin with, but I’m not talking about that inferior specimen here. I’m referring to the organic, fair trade, high quality and (for me) unsweetened version. And Cocoa Camino products are at the top of my list. They’re not only top-notch quality and taste, but they’re ethical, too.  And organic.

I’ve reviewed this brand of chocolate and baking products before for a giveaway about a year ago, when I first fell in love with their rich, smooth unsweetened baking chocolate.  You can read a detailed review of the products here. 

Suffice it to say that I use Cocoa Camino unsweetened chocolate at least two or three times a week, either for baked goods, mousse, truffle coating, for flecks in a nut butter, or for some other confection when I crave something sweet (and flavonoid-filled!).  The quality is superior and the mouthfeel is gorgeous, silky and rich.  In fact, my first taste of the stuff was straight–no stevia sweetness to mitigate the 100% cacao–and I still enjoyed it immensely.  It’s that smooth.  

[I did manage a pic of the new bags of coconut!]

I was excited to learn about the new unsweetened shredded coconut the company offers, though, because coconut is also a favorite ingredient in the DDD household, both for sweet and savory cooking (in fact, my recent Coco-Nut Shortbread Buttons were made with Camino coconut). The result was fantastic.  So now it seems I’ll be stuck eating chocolate AND coconut on an almost-daily basis! 😉

[What I made with the new Camino unsweetened coconut. . . and a few other ingredients.]

While some of the ingredients in this giveaway package (the golden sugar, chocolate chips, etc.) are not permitted on the ACD because they contain evaportated cane juice (which means I can’t use them), there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them!  If you love to bake and have a bunch of holiday cookies or other treats on the roster this year, this Cuisine Camino pack is perfect for you.

I can’t wait for one of you to try these fine products!  I love my Camino chocolate and know that it will work wonders in your kitchen, too.

Here’s what you can win in the Camino giveaway: 

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this page telling me what is your favorite thing to bake for the holidays. That’s it!

If you’d like extra entries, you can tweet about the giveaway (include @rickiheller so I’ll see it), post on Facebook, post on your blog, subscribe to this blog (see buttons at the top right of the page), follow me on twitter, or “like” the DDD Facebook page.  Then please come back and leave a separate comment for each one you do to facilitate counting the entries.

The contest closes at midnight, Monday, November 22nd, at which point I’ll choose a winner at random. The contest is open to anyone in North America (with apologies to International readers–the next one is open to everyone, so please come back next Tuesday for that!).

PLEASE NOTE: If you win, you’ll need to send me an email with your full name and address, so please come back next Wednesday, November 24th, to check the winners announcement. I WILL NOT BE CONTACTING THE WINNER.  If I don’t hear from the winner within three days, I will choose someone else at random. 

Good luck, everyone!  And happy baking 😀


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