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Giveaway and Review: Spunky Coconut Sugar-Free, Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts


Now that I’ve been following the ACD for almost two years (I know! How crazy is that??), I’ve become accustomed to making more or less everything I eat from scratch (including nut butters, jams, condiments, some flours, and even raisin substitutes).  As a result, I’ve come to expect that, if I want a dessert, I will not only have to make it myself, but usually create the recipe myself, too.

So imagine my absolute delight when I received a copy of Kelly (of The Spunky Coconut)’s latest cookbook, Spunky Coconut Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts ! Not only are many of Kelly’s recipes perfectly compatible with the ACD, they also are all grain-free!

This beautiful volume, Kelly’s follow up to her wildly successful The Spunky Coconut Cookbook contains over 80 recipes, all gluten free and casein free, with many egg free as well.  Each is accompanied by a full-color photograph. Chapters include Pie, Cake & Brownies, Ice Cream, Cookies & Treats, Bread & Rolls and Breakfast.  In addition, Kelly provides information on ingredients, how to make nut milk, equipment and a full index.

Above is a photo of the Banana Coconut Cream Pie I made (topped with Kelly’s Whipped Topping from her first book).  I substituted pear for the banana in the original (I’m not allowed bananas on the ACD), and it worked perfectly–I loved this pie!  And, as Kelly tells us in the blurb to this recipe, she and her daughter Ashley “eat this pie for breakfast all the time”–so that is exactly what I did.  Since the pie is tasty without being too sweet and it’s full of nutrition, it’s a perfect morning treat!

Next up were these Buckwheat Biscuits.  They were terrific slathered with some coconut butter.

Finally, I simply had to try the Divine Vegan Chocolate Cake (Like chocolate much?  Who, me?).  I opted for the mini-cupcake versions, which were perfect topped with my Sugar Free, Soy Free, Nut Free Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (recipe coming up later this week). Aren’t they gorgeous?  Fudgy, moist and chocolately, these cupcakes were, indeed divine.

And Kelly has generously offered to give away a copy of the book to one of  you! 

Now that you’re drooling, I bet you’d love to win a copy of The Spunky Coconut: Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts for your very own! All you need do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this postSimply tell me what is your favorite dessert, or which dessert you’d love to try in a grain-free version.  Please be sure that your email address is connected to the comment (if you’re commenting for the first time, it won’t be visible on this page; if you’ve commented before, you won’t need to add it if it’s already linked to your name or blog). 


The contest will remain open until Friday, February 11th at 6:00 PM my time, after which I’ll choose a name at random.  I won’t be contacting the winner, so please be sure to return here to let me know if you won! If I don’t hear from the winner after one week, I’ll choose another winner.

Good luck, everyone!  🙂



130 comments to Giveaway and Review: Spunky Coconut Sugar-Free, Grain-Free Baked Goods and Desserts

  • Shari

    I would love to have a good recipe for ice cream cones:P Like the ones made on a waffle iron:) Great site- love it!


  • Sara Ross

    I love Kelly’s recipes! I’m always craving either something like a chocolate mousse, or anything lemony and tart.


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  • The banana cream pie (with pear!) sounds awesome! When we were in Ireland we had banoffee – banana caramel pie. Soooo good. I would love to try this grain-free and refined sugar-free! Can’t wait to see your frosting recipe Ricki!


  • Diane B.

    I have a sweet tooth (growing up, dessert was always part of lunch and dinner). Adult i limit my dessert intake – my favorite is date/nut/chocolate/coconut sweet.


  • Katrin

    While I love my chocolate, a tart cherry crumble is my absolute favorite!


  • Molly

    I love the rich and moist texture of chocolate beet cake. The beet flavor is hidden in the decadent chocolate flavor and it is always a winner for birthday cakes and special occasions.


  • This looks amazing! I would love to win! Thanks!


  • Leigh

    I would LOVE to win this cookbook, as we are trying to go grain free more and more. I’d like to see some grain free muffin recipes. They make a great grab and go breakfast for our whole family.


  • Your (and Spunky Coconut’s) pie for breakfast mantra is one after my own heart (or stomach)! I love the idea of a nutritious slice of pie for breakfast and coconut cream, whether pear or banana, sounds amazing. Must try that soon!


  • mmmm….
    I’d love to win, although if I add another cookbook to my collection I do fear that my co-workers may riot (and if I add one to my home collection, DH may riot…)
    I suppose I’d have to bribe them.


  • PW

    I’d love to have grain-free red velvet cakes! The past 2 times I’ve tried to modify a conventional recipe had failed miserably.


  • Meghan

    I love anything with fruit when it comes to desserts. It’s hard to pick a favourite dessert. Though I’m a sucker for carrot cake and fruit pies or pumpkin pie. But I would love to have a good grain free sweet bread recipe so I could make chinese buns or a good grain free cupcake recipe.


  • Hi Ricki! What a great giveaway! I think the dessert I miss most being gluten-free is Key Lime Pie. A vegan, grain-free version would be delicious I bet. 🙂


  • Jeanne

    I’m a chocolate nut too, and trying to find rich-tasting, grain-free, sugar-free, egg-free chocolate deserts is next to impossible. I love the various avocado-chocolate mousse/pudding recipes out there, but haven’t found the perfect one yet. I’m on a modified ACD diet as well. After going gluten/dairy/egg-free, I thought I was cured – until I re-introduced sugar. I went straight downhill until I went on the ACD diet. I think this is my “diet” for life – I have so much energy again.

    Obviously I’d love to win this cookbook.


  • Molly P.

    Now that I’m gluten and sugar free, I still have dreams of my grandmother’s cherry pie. She would cut me a cold slice out of the fridge, top it with a pat of butter and heat it up for me. Mmmm, wish I could get that pie to taste the same sans gluten and sugar!


  • Saskia Lytle-Vieira

    Anything pie or pudding related….seriously. Especially cherry or blueberry. yummy.


  • Sky

    A healthier version of sticky toffee pudding would be awesome!!!

    Although this is my first time posting a comment, I have been following you and Kelly for the past couple of months and both of you have been a great source of inspiration for alternative fare free of refined sugar and wheat.

    I always look forward to seeing what you will come up with next.


  • Oh my gosh I soooo want this book! I love The Spunky Coconut! Hmmm.. It’s hard to pick just one favorite dessert, but maybe ginger molasses cookies?


  • WendySue

    My favorite dessert has to have great quality chocolate, and nuts – pretty much in any combination. Brownies with walnuts, chocolate chip cookies with pecans, fudge cake with peanut butter frosting and chopped peanuts…


  • Kimberly Dunn

    Oh my. Oh My. OH MY!!! Banana Coconut Cream Pie??? Is this heaven? thanks for the opportunity and thanks for sharing! <3


  • My favorite dessert – the Lemon Creme Cake from Olive Garden – Yuummmm. I learned to make a variation of it and have pleased many a guest at our home. We are just starting this journey and I have been struggling… how can I make something as sweet, lemony delicious, and fill it and top it with creamy goodness – without a white cake, sugar, and cream? How do I make the crumbly topping?
    The Black Tie Mouse Cake isn’t bad either.


  • Laila

    Yum…this cookbook looks great! I would love to have a grain free apple pie recipe.


  • Josie

    Your recipes are so inspiring, it would be great to get hers as well!


  • JessBubbles

    I just love deserts, and I love baking. Being on the ACD, and needing to stay away from flours/breads, I would be really stoked to learn some grain-free recipes!


  • Linda Domiczek

    Waffles, cheesecake, and Polish crullers (Chrusciki)


  • Kay

    I’d love to eat rice pudding in a grain free form – which I dont think is possible. 🙁

    I love kelly’s website and her style of recipes. I’d be thrilled to win this. 🙂


  • Ann

    Not sure if the contest is still open, but….

    My favorite dessert, that would be awesome grain free is Angel Food cake with fresh strawberries.

    I miss it since having to go gluten free.


  • Rita

    Who won?


    Ricki Reply:

    Hi Rita–

    I just announced the winner today on the blog (home page)–it was Natalie. 🙂


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