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Virtual Vegan Holiday Dinner: Carrot Pate (Appetizer Course)

No, you’re not imagining: here I am again, a mere day after my previous post–and proffering yet another holiday-themed recipe! I know: totally out of character. But it’s the holidays!

I mean, doesn’t this happen to you, too? You’re invited to a plethora of holiday parties and events; and, since you […]


Holiday Carrot-Pecan Nutroast*

*Or, A Meal Fit for a King

Show of hands: who watched the Royal Wedding this morning? (I won’t tell anyone.) I had set the PVR for 3:00 AM (Toronto time) just in case I slept through the alarm. . . which, of course, I did. But even pre-recorded, […]


Memories of Canadian Beef*

*Or, This Is Not a President’s Choice Product**

*Or, See How Much I Want to Attend Eat, Write, Retreat ?

[Voilà–homemade, veggie-based “beef” jerky. Well, it looks like beef. . . ]

The other day, I was bemoaning the fact that there are a bunch of cool […]


Sold on Old: My Mother’s Vegetable-Bread Kugel

Most of us are familiar with George Bernard Shaw’s dictum, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Well, of course I realized that saying was just a bunch of bunk. . . until I hit 40, that is. At that point, I realized, “Oh, woe, why did I waste my youth on […]


Virtual Vacation by the Sea and Appetizers for Two

[Giveaway Alert: Today is the last day to enter the cookbook giveaway! Post your comment by 12:00 midnight (Toronto time) to be eligible to win a free copy of Sweet Freedom!]

It seems impossible, but I returned to full-time work at the college this week after two months away. […]


Dr. Ornish, You Stole My Heart: Seven Grain Dirty Rice and Beans

[Totally tangential rant: When I woke up this morning, I was sure my eyes were playing tricks on me–it is snowing outside! Snowing. BIG snow. As in, “little white flakes that fly across your field of vision.” As in, “icy and slushy and boots weather.” As in, “everything is coated with […]


Raw Raw for Spring! Crimson Salad with Pecans and Pumpkin Seeds

Can it be that spring has finally decided to grace us with its presence? Tentative buds peek from beneath the scraggy clay, ennervated blades of grass sun themselves daily, waiting to transform from brittle, strawlike shoots to brilliant green fringes undulating in tranquil breezes. The sun is finally blazing overhead, causing […]


The Nerd Makes Good: A Double Ode to Okra*

* Or, Give Pods a Chance!

[Okra pods, in the raw]

I have a confession to make. I haven’t told you all about this yet because, quite frankly, I was afraid you’d reject me. Move that cursor elsewhere, and click. At best, roll your eyes. Maybe snort in disgust. Maybe gag, […]


Spiced Carrot Gnocchi in Creamy Sauce

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Gnocchi Who?

Gnocchi your socks off.


Gnocchi three times.

Excuse me?

“Gnocchi Three Times on the Ceiling if You Wa-ant Me. . . Twice on the Pipes. . .”

Okay, I think that’s quite enough.

You shouldn’t gnocchi a guy when he’s down.

I […]