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Chocolatey Fudge (Anti-Candida Friendly)–and Let The Giveaways Begin!

[In a bit of unrelated news, I’ll be doing a guest post on Amy’s blog tomorrow. Hope you can drop by and check it out!]

[Looks pretty decadent, doesn’t it? Tastes that way, too.]

Okay, so who WAS that woman who wrote my last post?! I do apologize […]


Love Bites* for Valentine’s Day

* that’s “bites” in the sense of, “little tidbits that can be eaten in one mouthful,” rather than the sense of, “really sucks” (as in, “reality bites”) or even “little nibbles on the flesh of the one you love” (though, to paraphrase our most famous Prime Minister, DDD has no business in the kitchens of […]


Gastronomic Gifts I: Fudge Two Ways

[There’s just nothing like a homemade gift for the holidays. This year, with the purse strings a little tighter than usual, I’m determined to make at least a few in my kitchen–and thought I’d share my ideas in case you’d like to partake, too. ]

Back in the day […]